10 Cricketers with Successful Side Businesses



    Virat kohli is the reigning caption of the Indian cricket team and has successfully endeared the youth of our country owing to his looks and talent. He is regarded as the most aggressive and amongst the strongest cricketers of the present time. The young cricketer has been playing for the Royal Challengers, Bangalore since 2013 in the Indian Premiere league. He continues to be the star player of the team. He has shown exemplary skill on and off the field as well. He has invested in a gamut of ventures so as to keep the money flow steady post retirement.

    Virat Kohli has invested in a line of gyms called Chisel, which is in sync with his passion for fitness. Chisel is a luxury gym and fitness centre and has branches in various cities across the country. Kohli has also ventured into a London based tech start up called Sport convo which acts as a platform for sports lovers. He is also the brand ambassador of the venture. Virat Kohli also has an online clothing store called Wrogn which has started to become a rage amongst the youngsters. Virat kohli has grown as a cricketer but has also matured a lot as an entrepreneur as well. Kohli is just 29 years old but has managed to amass a huge fortune because of his entrepreneurial acumen.

    Besides investments, Kohli is also a hot favourite when it comes to endorsements. The cricketer, in fact met his wife, Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma during one of his ad shoots. He currently campaigns for numerous brands including Audi, Puma, Manyavar, Philips and many more. The cricketer has a very encouraging perspective towards start ups. Virat Kohli is amongst the highest paid cricketers and has immensely added to his earnings owing to his endorsements. The Cricketer charges a handsome price of over 5 crores per day while shooting for advertisements.



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