10 Achievements of the Narendra Modi Government

    Narendra Modi government recently completed 4 years at the helm of the largest democracy in the world. The report card for the Modi led government has been largely positive so far. Good governance and foreign policies have been the areas of emphasis from the beginning of the Modi government. The efforts towards making India a more lucrative destination for companies has pushed the ranking of India from 140th to 100th in ease of doing business as ranked by the World Bank. A large chunk of government offerings has been made digitally available to everyone so as to make living slightly hassle-free for the Indian citizens. More than 40 million households below the poverty line have received LPG connections under the Ujjwala Yojana. GST was introduced to do away with a host of other taxes and make lives easier for business class people. We have listed 10 out of a huge number of achievements of the present government under Narendra Modi.


    10Make in India:

    Make in India was a type of Swadeshi movement which was launched by the Narendra Modi government in September 2014, whose aim was to encourage Indian as well as Multinational companies to manufacture in India, as well as to increase their investments. Foreign Direct Investment was increased to 100% in all 25 sectors except for space, defence and news media. As a result of the launch, a plethora of established companies decided to set up shop in India. The Japanese car company, Kia Motors invested the US $1.1 billion towards a car manufacturing plant in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh. This would be the maiden foray of Kia into the Indian automobile sector. The plant is expected to hire 3,000 people and manufacture 300,000 cars annually. Kia would eventually invest the US $2 billion in India and end up generating more than 10,000 jobs in the Indian market. Thurst Aircraft Pvt Ltd has also signed a MoU with the Maharashtra government to build an aeroplane manufacturing plant with an investment of US $5.2 billion.

    Indian Army also announced an ammunition production project worth more than Us $7.5 billion. Under the project, 11 private firms will manufacture and supply ammunition for the Army’s tanks, rockets, air defence system, artillery guns, infantry combat vehicles, grenade launchers and other field weapons. Foxconn would be investing Us $5 billion in the next five years for a research and manufacturing facility in Maharashtra. Saudi Arabian oil giant, Aramco has also signed a deal with a consortium of Indian refiners to build a US $44 billion refineries on the West coast. As a result, India was instated as the top destination globally for foreign direct investments in 2015 with Us $60.1 billion received in FDI. India was able to rise 42 places on ‘Ease of Doing Business’ index, and 32 places on World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Index.  


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    1. To give the devil its due, I think BJP has been trying too hard to make things happen too fast and trying to prove their credentials of having achieved what the previous Govts couldnt deliver through some astute media management. The truth remains that if one starts running inside a moving train they’ll not reach their destination ahead of the scheduled time. The BJP is trying to tell the nation that they delivered a baby in 4 months instead of 9. As a nation also, we need to be patient with giving Govts enough room and time to deliver. Lets not forget that given the overall literacy levels and the majority of the population waiting to give in to populism and hype, no Govt can be candid to admit their shortcomings and non delivery. To their credit, they’ve made an attempt and an honest one so far. Its for us now to be patient and graceful.

    2. PM Modi Ji had promised, “Na Khaonga Aur Na Khane Donga.” Unfortunately, we have to take this promise with a pinch of salt. This was really a very revolutionary claim which impressed many including me. The ground reality is far from the aim. Individuals have swindled our banks to astronomical figures. Corruption remains in our DNA. But there is a silver lining to this black cloud. PM is more active, more dynamic and full of enthusiasm to see the country does progress faster than ever before. 4 years is too short a time to judge the achievements when we realise the enormity of the problems. We as individuals are a dishonest lot. We cheat the Govt. when we hide our real income. We adulterate food items although we know the consumer of the product may suffer sickness or even die. There is a parallel economy which exists because of us. why blame the BJP or the PM. Hats off to PM Modi. Let us give him his due. To run the country for another term. Jai Hind.

    3. The most unfortunate thing in India is no one sees ground reality which is the most basic and logical way to evaluate everything. All the promises made during the elections are never turned into reality which is the reason that this nation is far from even the most basic facilities like toilets. Further, Modi was the chief minister of Gujarat for a decade and a half but still nothing was improved or created in the first place. All the states which announced for Metro Projects became successful except Gujarat and even before commencing the project, the corruption had reached on the 7th sky. No new university was opened or improved to have better functioning. 7th pay commission is still kept far from the reach of government employees in Gujarat and teachers in villages are earning as low as 3500/month.

      No action has been taken against those willful defaulters who are 1000 approximately and have borrowed no less than 1 lakh crore but still nothing is being done to recover from them which shows the biased standards of the government.

      China has the largest population in the world but still they have managed to do everything superbly whereas in India, politicians are more busy in finding the obstacles they could use as excuses rather than the solutions to overcome any problem.

      The citizens are also equally responsible for this pathetic state of India as they never question these authorities for anything and the latest trend is, if you ask any question, you are an anti-nationalist.
      Launching programs or schemes do not make any nation great but implementation from the grass root levels is the key which India must learn from China.

      But, in place of infrastructure, government is more interested in building statues like Sardar, Chhatrapati Shivaji etc which is not needed at all. History will always remember them for their incredible contributions. Public Private Partnership was implemented in erecting these statues but this never takes place in making roads and other infrastructure needed utmost.

      This nation is literally RAM BHAROSE.

      • Waiting to see India, overcome its obstacles, poverty, injustice, inequality, mismanagement, and above all selfish politicians and corrupt govt officials.. .. Where do we begin? Who are we to trust..? Wish someone will rise up, to what India and Indians deserve, decent living, and secure at all times.

      • 40 crores at the time of independence became 125 crores. More the people, more resources will be used to provide necessities of life. No government, BJP or Congress or any other can satisfy the demands of a burgeoning population. Progress has certainly been made it is negated by ever increasing population.

    4. If you like aman you willnot find any negative thing. If you dis like the man you willnot find any good thing from him. The like and dislike is measured by ballot in India. We will wait and see.

    5. Government has to stop Sliding of Rupee. I remember 1991, when the imports were summarily stopped. Government may provide incentives to those who curtail imports substancialy. Government can equally provide incentives to those who increase Exports.
      Now, let us talk of Expenditure. Government should ensure that only those tours are undertaken by Officers and NETAS, which can not be avoided. This applies to PM also. Foreign travel for tourism , which is a craze these days, involve lots of “Dollars”. These should be minimised.
      Travel expenditure- is another large expenditure. All foreign travel by Ministers, Businessmen, Officers should be by Tourist class, and their overseas expenses should be heavily curtailed.
      Indian people are traveling to foreign destinations. Our own travel and Tourism destinations, which are better are not being exploited. The recent all out increase in AC travel by train within India, the curtailment of Circular Tour Tickets, Break Journey, BPT Tickets for long distance with telescopic fares, are going to lead to large scale cut by train in India. Even foreign tourists are also feeling the pinch of this.

    6. I think that looking over whole the speeches during as PM candidate , Honorable PM Shree Narendrandra Modiji who had promised is quite baseless and beyond to be realism on the ground.whenever the result show after 4.5 years. Where is their report cads of each department which was exposed after his one year government. No doubt, what he has tried to do the things what were not in the manifesto of the election of 2014. What he was , is not in present. We are living into a social groups should not be forgotten where there is subsidies for the medium classes must have possessed,is necessary to be enthusiastic. If it doesn’t , nobody will have interest of saving, what is so necessary to save us during the inflation time, has been proved so far when UPA government was leading us. Due to lack of experience and over boasting habits, this government has been completely failed and vein. We donot seem any single line of silver line in the blue sky and dark cloud.
      No, doubt the Modi may be honest but team is surely not appropriate to fulfill his dream.

    7. Sincerity, Honesty, Good Governance, Nationalism & Patriotism etc have drawn more attention of the larger public like never before! Self-respect as an “Indian” is growing as an important identity & characteristic of individuals across the nation. Majority of the population are growing and becoming tech-savvy and aspirational. CSR is now an important item of consideration among corporates. But long way to go on “corruption” front – as huge population employed in the government sector got used to earning many times the salary without working. This particular population has grown proud of what they should be ashamed of…a pathetic & pathological condition that needs “ruthless surgery”. Despite having been cheated for many decades, a large population still are vulnerable, susceptible, gullible & incorrigible…a condition that can only be resolved by “good education”.

    8. the corrupt practice has become order of the day.we citizens do not believe the side effects of this misery.modi wants to cleanse the mechanism.let us support him.our younger generation shall reap the benefits.

    9. Narendra Modi achieved:

      1)Power which BJP could not do so far in 60 years;
      2)Demonetised 500 nd 2000 notes and made rich and poor to stand in queue to get their own money;
      3)Gave credibility to RSS
      4)Encouraged lynching for alleged killing of cows;
      5)Could not control price of fuel;
      6)Achieved fall of rupee
      7)achieved in creating more terror in J and K
      8)Hugged Pakistani PM
      9)Gave credibility to rapists
      1)Created more corruption

    10. I am not surprised by the advertise now Modi govt. doing before poll . pl.see what we are got and getting after this govt. price of market items, rise is in peak as petrol and desel price rises in peak responsible for
      rise in diesel price and which is due to decrease of price of indian money and the oil have to purchase by dollar needed much money so oil price becomes high.so why rupees value become less? due to the fullish steps taken by Modi govt.


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