10 Achievements of the Narendra Modi Government

    Narendra Modi government recently completed 4 years at the helm of the largest democracy in the world. The report card for the Modi led government has been largely positive so far. Good governance and foreign policies have been the areas of emphasis from the beginning of the Modi government. The efforts towards making India a more lucrative destination for companies has pushed the ranking of India from 140th to 100th in ease of doing business as ranked by the World Bank. A large chunk of government offerings has been made digitally available to everyone so as to make living slightly hassle-free for the Indian citizens. More than 40 million households below the poverty line have received LPG connections under the Ujjwala Yojana. GST was introduced to do away with a host of other taxes and make lives easier for business class people. We have listed 10 out of a huge number of achievements of the present government under Narendra Modi.


    9Digital India:

    Digital India was a campaign that was launched by the Narendra Modi led government on 1st July 2015 in an endeavour to make the country digitally empowered. Digital India would ensure that the Government services are available to the Indians electronically through better online infrastructure. Through the initiative, the Government of India would ensure that the rural areas are connected with high-speed internet networks. The Digital India initiative has three major components – development of secure and stable digital infrastructure, delivering government services digitally, and universal digital literacy. There is a huge number of services that would be made available to the Indian citizens under the Digital India initiative.

    mygov.in is a platform which would enable sharing of ideas and inputs on matters of government policies.  ehospital application would make important services like payment of bills, online registration etc through the portal. eSign allows Indian citizens to sign any document using the Aadhar authentication. To enhance the transparency in government offices, attendance.gov.in was launched to keep a track record of the attendance in government offices on a real-time basis. eSampark was the initiative to have the email portals like Gmail, Microsoft Office, Rediff offer their services in local languages in order to have more Indians in the rural areas with their own email ids.

    Digital Locker facility helps Indian citizens to digitally store their important documents like PAN card, passport, mark sheets etc. The reception for Digital India has been fairly positive with more than the US $3.3 trillion being committed by Indian and foreign CEOs towards the groundbreaking initiative. The corporate bigwigs from San Jose, California (Silicon Valley) had provided their backing for this humongous project. The Digital India initiative has also been fundamental in furthering the interests of the Indian Railways.


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    1. what wrong modi is doing ……and this is for every indian who criticize modi for no reason…

      Have you recently purchase some large home appliances or a car or bike etc. or find bride or bridegromm for your daughter or son…and so on and so forth …!!!!

      Please be patient and kindly rethink just for the sack of a moment ……The house which you own since last twinty thirty years and your are a part of the house for a more longer term … you are taking so much time , what ever it may be …now think of the same thing if you have been replaced as father figure of some one else family and you need to take all these decision in a hurry or in a said time frame if you are truly honest you first understand the cons and pros ….all the nitty gitty then you try to find the issues and problem area then you may take the decisions try to look at the deeper end ….many things are happening first time in our country they may have usually happen twenty thirty years ago….

    2. As far as common man is concerned none of these achievements have been of any use. On the contrary what is experienced is price rise,no job opportunities, life struggle increasing, fear among the people increased poverty and malnutrition and so on. What the common man want is a peaceful co existence with people around, no matter caste and creed the neighbour belongs.
      Modiji has totally failed in all these matters. Wastage of money on huge statues while the people of the country do not have two square meals a day.Development doesn’t seem to be the concern of Modiji unless he has queer concept of development.


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