10 Things at your Home that are Dangerous for your Cat

    Cats make for adorable and cute pets. Although they may not be as expressive as dogs but these furry little creatures are a source of joy for their owners. But you may not realize that a lot of items lying around in our homes can be extremely dangerous for your kitties. There are a variety of plants, foods, drinks and medications that may be very handy for us but can wreak havoc for the health of our animal friends. It is important to recognize these items and per proof our houses to avoid causing any harm to the little furry creatures. Here is a list of ten very common such things which are dangerous for cats.



    Who does not love a bunch of flowers, especially lilies! They make for a handy gift on occasions and look beautiful growing in the garden as well. However, the story is quite different for the pets at home. Lilies are extremely poisonous for cats. Even little quantities like a couple of lily petals have turned fatal in many instances. True lilies or Lilium and Hemerocallis varieties of the plant are the most dangerous ones causing nephrotoxicity or in simpler words kidney failure in cats. Another problem here is that many different plants are referred to as lilies.

    Another variety of the plant called, Convallaria (lily of the valley), has toxic effects because it has strong cardiac glycosides similar to digitalis. Even more confusing as to which lilies are toxic is the fact that many hybrids exist. All parts of the plant are poisonous – this includes the flowers, the leaves, the stem, the pollen and even the water in the vase or the water used to wash them will contain enough chemicals to cause damage.

    Common symptoms of lily ingestion are loss of appetite, lethargy, depression, vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration and excessive urination followed by none for 1-2 days. Even with a slight chance of lily consumption, it is imperative that you pay a visit to the vet. The fast rate of toxin absorption is a huge problem and hence the sooner the treatment is received, the better are the chances of survival.


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