10 Wealthiest Lawyers in the World

    Lawyers. One hears the word and is instantly reminded of courtroom based movies like ‘The Jury’, ’12 Angry Men’ or in recent memory the acclaimed TV shows ‘OJ Simpson Vs the People’ and ‘Suits’. We have this image in our minds of lawyers fighting it out in the court rooms for their clients. The process of becoming a lawyer is not only rigorous but also, arduous. And at the end of the day, the earnings that these high profile lawyers make are reflective of the killings they make in the court rooms. But the picture is not this rosy for all the lawyers. At the entry level, the path is strewn with struggles for the lawyers. They have to put in long hours which might sometimes translate to sleepless nights. But once a lawyer has risen through the ranks based on his/her own pedigree, only sky is the limit for him/her. We have put together a list of the wealthiest layers in the world. Expectedly, 9 out of the 10 lawyers hail from the United States of America.


    9Ana Quincoces: (net worth $8 million)

    This reality TV star best from the show Real Housewives of Miami, the Bravo television series boasts of assets worth $8 million. Before her stint into fame, she was a practicing lawyer for 20 years. Currently she appears as a speaker on TV shows and events, food label owner, author and brand ambassador for multiple brands.

    Ana was born to Cuban parents in the city of Miami, Florida. She completed her law education from Florida International University in Criminal Justice and Corrections. Post that she went ahead and did her doctor of law program in real property at Nova South-Eastern. Ana realized her passion for food, especially the Cuban cuisine in the form of her first cook book in 2005 called “Cuban Chicks Can Cook: The Indispensable Guide to Basic Cuban Favorites”. In 2011, she was voted as the Hottest Chef in Miami by Eater.com.

    2012 was the year Ana catapulted her way into the world of TV celebritydom when she was cast in the show Real Housewives of Miami for seasons 2 and 3. Since then she has not looked back. Till date she has three cookbooks to her name, the other two being “Sabor: A Passion for Cuban Cuisine” and “The Versailles Restaurant Cookbook”. She keeps her law roots alive by participating in multiple speaker events for female lawyers and is a member of Cuban American Bar Association and Florida Association of Women Lawyers. Ana has also launched her own line of barbecue sauces and marinades called “Skinny Latina”. The products are available at Whole Foods, Target and The Fresh Market.


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    1. True. And you have no idea of how they used smart moves and arguments to win cases that looked impossibly lost.


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