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Today, we are a part of a society which has become hugely capitalistic in nature. Companies are literally shoving new and newer products down our throats. There is no realm of our life which has escaped from the brunt of capitalism. From traveling in a subway to listening to music on our headphones to watching television, there is a never ending interaction with products which keeps on happening at every level. And it’s not just the established companies like Chevy, Mc. Donald’s, Walmart or Ikea which are affecting the way you lead your lives through not just their products but also through the way they are marketed at/to you, the upcoming brands like Airbnb, Lift are also fighting for the same chunk of those eyeballs. Through ages of experimenting and through glaring examples of companies like Nokia, these marketeers have come to realise that they need to know their audience much better. There is this undying and unwavering need to know all the aspects of their customers’ lives right from the first thing they do when they wake up to the last thing they do before calling it a day. To gather this information, a huge number of companies are willing to reach out directly to the end consumers and pay them for it as well. And this is where all the survey companies step in. These companies have a huge database of loyal users who get paid for tasks ranging from filling up surveys to using products and reviewing them before they are launched in the markets. The user who would be the one taking the survey gets paid in cash or gift cards or physical prizes depending on the company for whom you are filling up the survey. But, there is a lot of chaff which ought to be removed from the grain in order to have a rewarding experience while you spend your time filling up the surveys. A few stumbling blocks that you might face would be the scams which would not pay you anything in return for your information or some other websites which would just sell off your data for money and you would be harassed by calls and texts from people selling you random stuff. Also, we would urge you to not believe that you will get rich by taking these surveys but it can definitely be an extra source of income for you. Today, we would be reviewing 5 survey sites that are hugely popular and pay well and see how they stack against each other.

#1 Vindale Research

Vindale Research has to be one of the most reputed survey companies in the market. These guys have been able to make a huge name for themselves in a short span of time. For someone who has never made money through filling survey forms, Vindale Research is the best place to start from. Having started in USA, they have been able to expand to Canada, UK and Australia. The major USP of Vindale Research is that they are not too cluttered with needless promotions and subscriptions. The website is extremely easy to navigate and devoid of any experience destroying pop ups. Also, the surveys that they post are thoroughly vetted and there is close to nil chance of scams creeping up on you. Although they are not the highest payers in the survey market, the guarantee that you would get paid and steer clear of the plethora of scams that other websites in the market seem to be propagating should be the clinching factor while deciding upon the best website to start filling up surveys at.

Their interface is very modern and intuitive with an extremely easy to understand layout. The navigation on both the website and the app is free flowing and gets you up to speed within moments of logging in. Vindale Research is supported on all operating systems on laptops or desktops and on both Android and iOS on mobiles. In paying the user back, there might be a slight delay sometimes but you can rest assured that you will get paid sooner than later. Having said that, the time on return is till on par with the industry standard. Their privacy policies are very fool proof and they make sure that your data is not sold away to third party vendors. You would not be beleaguered with unsolicited phone calls once you have started filling up the surveys at Vindale Research.

#2 Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel

Nielsen is one of the global stalwarts in the marketing research space. It is the company which is hired by the bigwigs like Proctor & Gamble, Unilever, Coca-Cola to carry out the market research in order to maybe conceptualize a go to market strategy before launching a new product or for several other reasons. Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel is an endeavour from Nielsen to be proactive in their efforts as they need to understand the consumer behaviour when he/she is digitally active, which inherently means that Nielsen wants to know what websites you access, how long you stay on these websites, which apps you have downloaded on your cellphones etc. The information that Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel would collect would be absolutely safe and cannot be tracked back to the consumer. The user is not paid in cash. Gift vouchers are the payoff currency with all major gift cards like Amazon, Ikea available. In essence, you have to install their software on your laptops or their app on your phone and you would be paid as much as US $50 per year for using your mobile phone or your laptop as you would normally do.

Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel is available for laptops, mobile phones and tablets. To earn more, you can register a greater number of devices and have their application or software installed for a longer duration of time. As long as you have a laptop or a smart device, you are eligible to join. The best thing about the Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel is that you can register as many devices as you want. The rewards that you earn are used differently for laptops and mobile phones/tablets. For laptops, you can only earn entries into sweepstakes for US $1000 or more. These sweepstakes keep happening fairly regularly in a year and your entry is automatically submitted into the sweepstakes without you having to do anything, as long as you have the Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel software installed on your laptop. For mobile phones, you have to install their application and let it run in the background. We have noticed that the Nielsen Mobile Panel does not make your mobile phone or tablet tardy and can be easily installed and allowed to run in the background. Once you have installed the app on your mobile phone, you can let it run in the background and if you come back and check after months, you would be surprised to find that you have been accumulating points all along. You can cash our once you have reached a minimum of 805 points (US $5). If you leave the app running for a year on your mobile phone, you can easily make US $50 without having to do anything! To reiterate, the data that is collected is very secure and cannot be tracked back to you.

#3 Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is one of the best survey sites out there. With clientele boasting of companies like Netflix, Target, Walmart etc, Inbox Dollars is one of the few survey websites which are devoid of any scams. Almost all of the surveys that they post are thoroughly vetted and ensure that the users do not have a torrid time once they have filled up the survey. Another advantage of Inbox Dollars is that they pay up in actual cash as against the gift voucher model. They have an easy sign up process where the user is not charged to become a part of their community. The user signs up at Inbox Dollars to take a small cut of what Inbox Dollars gets from the various advertisers. Sometimes, all you have to do is read an email from Inbox Dollars and you get paid.

The sign up process is fairly simple. Though the interface of the website is quite basic, you would get the job done without facing any hassle. You would be able to navigate through the website and get your surveys done with any hurdle. They are accessible through all the major Operating systems and have their own Apps for both Android and iOS. The returns or the cash that you get from filling up the surveys or doing other tasks through Inbox Dollars would never be too great that you end up leaving your desk jobs and ‘consolidate’ your careers in ‘survey filling’. Having said that, all the surveys through Inbox Dollars would make sure that you get paid for the time and effort you have put in and can become a passive source of income for you when done properly. A major advantage of using Inbox Dollars is that your information is kept secure and not sold away to third party vendors. There would be no barrage of unsolicited phone calls once you have started filling up the surveys on Inbox Dollars. Word to the wise would be to be wary of the links which divert you away from the Inbox Dollars website as their privacy policies may differ from those of Inbox Dollars.

#4 Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the most well-known and safest survey sites around. Owing to their aggressive social media marketing coupled with transparency in all their surveys and dealings, they have shot to huge popularity and prominence in a short while. Swagbucks enables consumers to earn rewards not only through filling up the surveys but also through other online activities like searching, shopping, playing online games and discovering online content. The users are awarded points for their contributions which can then be redeemed for PayPal cash or gift vouchers. Based out of California, Swagbucks has managed to expand its reach to countries like Canada, Australia, Germany and India. Swagbucks has managed to take advantage of the huge loophole in the way other survey companies used to operate by letting the user know upfront where their information will be circulated. By introducing the level of transparency in the process, Swagbucks has managed to win the hearts and trust of a huge number of users. The website boasts of more than 12 million users and has awarded more than US $200 million in gift cards to its users so far!

Their interface on both the website and the applications is seamless and easy to navigate. With a minimalistic design and very easy setting up process, a new user is able to enter the website in just a few steps. The paid surveys are thoroughly vetted and the user is informed before-hand about how and where the information that they fill up would be disbursed. The quality of the surveys that are included on the website is unmatched. Swagbucks is supported on all operating systems and have their own applications for cell phones on both Android and iOS. The pay-out system is top of the notch with a plethora of gift vouchers options available along with PayPal cash option. The USP for Swagbucks has to be their privacy policy though as they let the users know upfront how your information will be used before every survey. As long as you stay on Swagbucks, rest assured that you will not receive any spam through email or calls. As with other websites, Swagbucks does contain a few links to other websites which have their own privacy policy and you should be wary while navigating to them!

#4 Ipsos i-Say

Ipsos is one of the largest global market research firms which features among the Top 5 according to the yearly revenues across the world. Founded in 1975 in Paris, France, Ipsos is present in almost all the major nations in the world through their subsidiaries or acquisitions. Their major areas of specialization are media and advertising research, marketing research, opinion and social research and client & employee relationship management. I-Say which is a part of their marketing research wing offers the opportunity to the users to earn money for filling up survey forms. Unlike other major companies in the online survey space, i-Say pays users only for filling out the surveys and not for watching videos, shopping online or completing offers etc. Ipsos i-Say is one of the most reputed and safest survey companies around because of their legacy, transparency, reputation, privacy policy and reliability. As Ipsos is deciated to market research, their survey requirements are way more specific than other companies but it can only translate to more return on investment for your time and effort.

The sign up process is a bit more tedious than other survey companies. Typically on other survey companies’ websites, a user needs to just input his/her email and choose a password to login. At Ipsos i-Say though, the user would need to input his/her physical address as well as your name to start off. In the world of one click sign ups, it does seem a bit tedious but with Ipsos present in all major countries in the world, it is important for them to classify their users in a much better manner. The sign up process is still very quick and painless. The website both for laptops and mobiles is very crisp and easy to navigate. The App for both iOS and Android has all the features as the website and notifies you when paid surveys are added. You can easily take surveys and cash out from your mobile phones. Though the number of paid surveys available is slightly lower than other leading survey websites, the pay-out process is very smooth and the users get paid enough through filling surveys to qualify as more than just a passive source of income. They have a transparent privacy policy which leaves you nothing to worry about as you will not be hassled by spam calls or emails.

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