5 Reasons Breaking Bad is a Must Watch


    1. The Thrilling Plot: Breaking Bad is about Walter White, a chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with lung cancer and how he decides to choose the meth-making business to secure his family’s future financially. The path he chooses takes him on a journey that even the viewers are confused about deciding if it is going uphill or downhill. It takes unexpected turns that are bound to have you hooked from the very first episode. The plot is a major reason a show is termed as interesting and Breaking Bad deservingly scores high on this front.

    2. The Stellar Cast: Bryan Cranston who plays the lead as Walter White on the show will make you shed tears and smile at the same time. His performance is beyond exemplary and he even won several awards for his portrayal of White. The series also stars the incredible Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman, White’s former student. He plays his role so extraordinarily that we are left astonished. Paul brings his character that vulnerability and naivety, which was of paramount importance for Breaking Bad to become a success. The rest of the talented cast, like Anna Gunn, Dean Norris, and others will never fail to leave you impressed after every episode.

    3. Underlying Philosophy: ‘Breaking Bad’ is a show that goes way beyond the superficial representation of the story. The themes are subtle yet put across in a definitive unique manner. Morality is a theme that is evident throughout the show, with the issue of the ‘right’ reasons to do something wrong being questioned at every twist. Death is also dealt with, in such a strong way that will push us the audience to think beyond the usual conventions and notions.

    4. The Relatable Script: A man with a terminal illness who decides to enter the dangerous world of dealing drugs; this may not seem relatable for most viewers yet somehow you connect with the script at a deeper level every time you watch the show. The story talks of the struggles of a man who is fiercely protective of his family and how he needs to make difficult decisions at various points in his life. Walter White is an embodiment of the struggle that all of us go through, with our fears, insecurities and uncertainties, and this is what makes the script touch a chord with every viewer.

    5. Originality: It is simple. It is relevant. It is novel. There is nothing that an ingenious series with the above qualities cannot achieve. ‘Breaking Bad’ not only brings all of them to the forefront but also improves with every episode.

    ‘Breaking Bad’ is as much a gift to creative thinking as it is to the people of the 21st century and it is here to leave an impression. A must watch that will indisputably stand the test of time!

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