8 Instances when Rahul Gandhi proved his mettle

    Rahul Gandhi – the mere mention of the name is sufficient to help flash a smile across your face, right? We completely agree that the man has committed more than his share of gaffes. From his mix up of ‘balatkar and bhrashtachaar’ to ‘Steve Jobs of Microsoft’, enough has been said and made fun of, about the President-in-waiting of the Indian National Congress. He has been trolled to no end and every speech he makes and every interview he gives ends up adding more fuel to the fire. But if we were to take off our tinted glasses and look at him from a new perspective, a perspective unadulterated by various trolls who are at work incessantly to make a parody out of him, we would be able to notice that Rahul Gandhi is a much better politician than he is ever given the credit for. Agreed, he is and maybe cannot ever be as good an orator as Modi is, but he can be the leader that India so desperately needs now to help put an end to the diminutive and regressive politics that is being played out. To put it mildly, the man is a target for the ruling party. And it is an uphill task for him already to climb out of the ‘battle of personalities’ and change the narrative towards the policies. And in order to help burst the bubble of fake news about Rahul Gandhi, we bring to you just a few instances when he absolutely poked glaring holes through the policies of the current government/ripped the current government a new one.


    8On demonetisation

    Rahul Gandhi had been vehemently against demonetisation ever since the announcement back in November 2016. He was quoted as saying in December 2016,”I want to tell about the biggest scam committed by Narendra Modi single-handedly and present the voice of people, especially poor, who have suffered due to this move. “Initially the government spoke about black-money, then moved to counterfeit currency and then again to a cashless society campaign. The prime minister took this so-called bold decision. The bold decision can also be a foolish decision. And this was a foolish decision, it has devastated the country. More than 100 people have died. Farmers, fishermen, daily wage earners have been hit hard.” He has continued with his barraging of the government over the notes band and demonetisation recently tweeting,” Dr Jaitley, the economy is in the ICU because of notes ban and GST” and followed it up with , “Aap kehtey hai aap kissi sey kam nahi/ magar aapki dava mein dum nahi.”

    Rahul Gandhi has been proven correct in his assessment of the demonetisation decision. The major objective of the government when it announced demonetisation was to curb all the black money. But with RBI recently stating that 99% of the money had made its way back into the banks, it is a status quo with regards to the black money proposition. At the end of the process, RBI gained 16,000 crore having spent more than Rs 20,000 crores in the printing of the notes. The second target of demonetisation was terror funding. Though terror activity did go down during November and December, 2016 a long term effect has not been witnessed so far as terror incidences have been on a rise in the past few months.

    As far as the effect of demonetisation goes, the populistic view of the economists is that the GDP was hit by at least 1% due to demonetisation. Then, the corporate performance for Q3, Q4 for YoY 2016-17 was muted especially consumer durable goods, automobiles and real estate. Demonetisation affected employment rate as well when the paucity of cash on hand meant that production in SMEs had to be stopped and workforce laid off. It had an adverse effect on banking as the build-up of cash resulted in a higher carrying cost for the banks.

    Indian households still continue to be dependent on liquid cash and this bold move to ensure a wide acceptance of digital and cashless economy seems far from reality!


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    1. Demonetisation was sham and by design to distract nation’s attention from Modi failing to live up to his pledges on any issues. Demonetisation has not changed Indian character nor created deterrents against culture of corruption how can black economy be uprooted ?

      • Mr Chauhan you have a lot to learn yet – “Abhi tum Bachcha Ho,” it takes time in country of Indian size.

        “Woh Kaya Hai Na Andhe Ko Ujjaalla Dikhta Hi Nahi”, you have to study economics to understand – Bhai Saheb

    2. Views on the above:
      Looks like an article with as much Pro Rahul and Anti Modi bias.
      Demonetisation: why would Modi disrupt the apple cart unless he was advised so by the bureaucrats.
      I agree that the implementation and outcomes were not fully thought through with the benefit of hindsight.
      GST: why implement it in 2017…. could have been delayed for e.g.. to 2020…
      That is a ridiculous argument.
      GST implementation for a country of the size of India, with its state vs centre contradictions, will always remain a work in progress, with periodic course correction/tweaking to accommodate the various partners in the successful evolvement.Even small countries like Singapore and Australia that had recently
      Regarding: Gujarat Model being fake and that Modi had taken everyone for a ride!! That is a cynical view of a critic. Why would he do That? Is Modi stupid, is he a foreign agent wanting to destroy the very fabric of our nation or for that Gujarat I his precious avatar. I don’t think so
      I donot see the rationale in this line of thinking. He may have got somethings wrong
      Don’t we all. Imagine the Congress …did they get things wrong.. yes horribly… to the extent they felt they were entitled to a share of the nation’s revenues.
      Giving land for industrial development is for industries and employment generated thereafter. It is done by every government..
      And why does Modi favour large industrial houses. It is because they ha e the money, manpower and technical know how to implement large projects. E.g. Jindal during congress times. And this is not wrong.
      Farmer woes: The policy of loan waiver of farmers is a erroneous policy implemented by every successive government of the past and present ( Congress & BJP included).The congress had the opportunity to have a long-term farmer poverty alleviation mechanism and a long term transparent agricultural support mechanism policy rather than doleouts. The solution is to have a good & transparent market procurement mechanism better water management practises, improving the crop type to the soil type and also decreasing dependence on night water requirement crops such as paddy cane and other such crops. To provide a fair and proper Agricultural insurance.
      To improve road connectivity and finally to digitalise procurement and bids to remove the unscrupulous politically linked middle men that do nothing but make a big chunk of arbitaarage profits. The current government came to power with 2 successive bad monsoons… it seems it took them a while to understand the long term needs and the prioritization that needs to be given for agriculture.
      And how many issues from the past can a government sort out in under 4 years.
      A correction of the burgeoning fiscal deficit that the current government came to inherit.
      A correction of the Huge NPAs in the banking sector.
      A huge distress in the power sector metal sector and real estate sector has further compounded the economy and not to forget the stalled road sector that was left to be resolved by the current government.
      So the excess from the low global fuel prices were used to correct the fiscal deficit, infuse capital into the public sector banks , find solutions to the failing industries and to kick start the infrastructure projects.
      Women’s Reservation Bill:
      This is the pot calling the kettle black. Both the parties are run by men in their 50s and 60s with regressive mindset. If such a reservation is indeed implemented then it should be time limited to say 30 years (2048) by a constitutional decree with no scope for extension. This is a call to be made by the parliament and so is the Lokayukt bill.
      Unemployment: The policy of Make in India etc will take a good 5-10 years to fructify…
      The organised sector employment has been poor due to the earlier stated reasons. The only thing the government can do is to provide skills towards self employment. It is not the government’s business to provide employment; rather it needs to create an environment that leads to employment through empowerment such a SSME , Education and skill development + creating an environment for overseas investors to set up industries to manufacture in India.
      So where is the Modi government failing
      Singularly in letting the narrative be dominated by fringe elements and the media further amplifying this. This is sure to hurt the BJP badly in the next elections should the narrative not be changed to development soon and the party machinery effectively communicates the progress the limitations and the time needed for achieving results without NOW focussing directly on the Congress misgovernance as this us now in the past.

    3. Rahul’s opinions confirm that he is an i.d.i.o.t. Demonetisation, GST, Make-in-India, Mudra Yojana etc have been very successful, i.e. if you seriously look at the results. BJP should be coming out with their yearly Reports soon, then it should be time to compare 4 years of Modi with 10 years of Dr Moonga Goonga, or perhaps 50 years of the failed dynasty rule.

    4. Why all these 8 questions have not foreseen by this dynasty congress son being an MP and leader of the party of UPA rule for 10 years and 50 years own dynasty rule of India. As if all these are emerged within 3.5 years of Modi rule interpretation is very bad and mischievous. Any problem of India is inherited due to corrupt and inefficient rule of dynast party is a forgone conclusion in1/2of the people of India. An emergency declared and justified party preach us about intolerance is a sheer shot of matter!

    5. It’s amazing how more than half a century of neglect, rot, corruption and inefficiency and resultant multitude of entrenched and worsening problems, such as open daefication, abject infrastructure, abysmal defence preparation and farmers stress to name thd few, suddenly are highlighted now as requiring instant solution!

      • He has companies in foreign country and no doubt he may have foreign accounts as well. Rahul in his speech in Gujarat said “IS KO KABHI MAAF NAHI KARNA”, tells me he is vengeful and he is resentful that he lost last election. He goes abroad and says negative things about India. Would you call that being a work of great Human or sensible person, who tried to divide people by stirring trouble between Maratha and Behari in Mumbai.

      • Hindu people treat their mothers, sisters, daughters and their wife with equal respect that makes us a great human beings and sensible people!

        You must Admit Hindus are just, fair and truly secular in nature

    6. The writer belongs to the congress scam gang. How can we trust these congress guys. They will go to any length to bring down the BJP government and start the loot once again. Can any one ever allow a bunch of thieves into your house again.

    7. Rss stands for READY FOR SELFLESS SERVICE. Study of its History of last 92 years of its existence will show that is far from what ABCD is stating.
      The total loot of the national treasures under gandhi/nehru dynasty is not any less than under the Mughal or the British rule.


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