8 Instances when Rahul Gandhi proved his mettle

    Rahul Gandhi – the mere mention of the name is sufficient to help flash a smile across your face, right? We completely agree that the man has committed more than his share of gaffes. From his mix up of ‘balatkar and bhrashtachaar’ to ‘Steve Jobs of Microsoft’, enough has been said and made fun of, about the President-in-waiting of the Indian National Congress. He has been trolled to no end and every speech he makes and every interview he gives ends up adding more fuel to the fire. But if we were to take off our tinted glasses and look at him from a new perspective, a perspective unadulterated by various trolls who are at work incessantly to make a parody out of him, we would be able to notice that Rahul Gandhi is a much better politician than he is ever given the credit for. Agreed, he is and maybe cannot ever be as good an orator as Modi is, but he can be the leader that India so desperately needs now to help put an end to the diminutive and regressive politics that is being played out. To put it mildly, the man is a target for the ruling party. And it is an uphill task for him already to climb out of the ‘battle of personalities’ and change the narrative towards the policies. And in order to help burst the bubble of fake news about Rahul Gandhi, we bring to you just a few instances when he absolutely poked glaring holes through the policies of the current government/ripped the current government a new one.


    8On demonetisation

    Rahul Gandhi had been vehemently against demonetisation ever since the announcement back in November 2016. He was quoted as saying in December 2016,”I want to tell about the biggest scam committed by Narendra Modi single-handedly and present the voice of people, especially poor, who have suffered due to this move. “Initially the government spoke about black-money, then moved to counterfeit currency and then again to a cashless society campaign. The prime minister took this so-called bold decision. The bold decision can also be a foolish decision. And this was a foolish decision, it has devastated the country. More than 100 people have died. Farmers, fishermen, daily wage earners have been hit hard.” He has continued with his barraging of the government over the notes band and demonetisation recently tweeting,” Dr Jaitley, the economy is in the ICU because of notes ban and GST” and followed it up with , “Aap kehtey hai aap kissi sey kam nahi/ magar aapki dava mein dum nahi.”

    Rahul Gandhi has been proven correct in his assessment of the demonetisation decision. The major objective of the government when it announced demonetisation was to curb all the black money. But with RBI recently stating that 99% of the money had made its way back into the banks, it is a status quo with regards to the black money proposition. At the end of the process, RBI gained 16,000 crore having spent more than Rs 20,000 crores in the printing of the notes. The second target of demonetisation was terror funding. Though terror activity did go down during November and December, 2016 a long term effect has not been witnessed so far as terror incidences have been on a rise in the past few months.

    As far as the effect of demonetisation goes, the populistic view of the economists is that the GDP was hit by at least 1% due to demonetisation. Then, the corporate performance for Q3, Q4 for YoY 2016-17 was muted especially consumer durable goods, automobiles and real estate. Demonetisation affected employment rate as well when the paucity of cash on hand meant that production in SMEs had to be stopped and workforce laid off. It had an adverse effect on banking as the build-up of cash resulted in a higher carrying cost for the banks.

    Indian households still continue to be dependent on liquid cash and this bold move to ensure a wide acceptance of digital and cashless economy seems far from reality!



    1. The Gujarat Accountant General had faulted the government for Gujarat Gas – Modi was the CM. When the whole media has been conducting media judgement of Vijay Mallaya for his failure in the business of running Kingfisher Airlines. Public money was mismanaged by state of Gujarat ? Hold Modi accountable for Rs 20000 crores of public money. Where did the KG Gas fields disappear. Bhakts Modi should accept failure of demonisation – why the whole government did not fix 2G accountability – the CBI found there was no scam. This brought down UPA -2 ? BJP has to explain the 2G as creation of creative minds.

    2. Forget all parties. Discuss what good can be done now.
      BJP may not exits after another five years.
      Congress will remain for eons.

    3. Hello,
      I agree Neharu done wrong decision split of India. I agree Congress done nothing last 50 Year in Rule.

      Are bhai ap kya kar rahe ho ab rule me akar hame Zoote promises Karke hamse vote liya ache din ache din kya ache din bhai kaha hai ache din ?? Baat Baat pe congress ne 50 saal liye congress ne 50 saal liye , matlab ap b 50 saal lenge ab ?? Note jakar badlo , ab GST bharo , her chiz me 5% Tax bharo.. aur 5.5%Tax Bharo, are yaar 6% bharo.. fir b nahi 18% bharo .. kab khatam hoga yaar ye .. muje ye nahi samjta after 3 lac we are paying Tax for extra income. Uske baad her ek chiz Lena hai Tho Wha b tax bharo .. then income pe tax kyon laga rahe ho bhai up to 10 lac.
      4 jan ka family manage Karne saal ka 10 lac b kam pad rahe hai aj mumbai me … rent fees loan emi medical her Jaga her Baat pe tax pay kar rahe hai fir b 3 lac pe salary k uper b 10% le rahe hai 5 lac k uper 20% le rahe hai. Kya logic hai ye .. petrol ⛽️ 80 Rs hogaya. Business sab ka loss me hai .. kab ayenge ache din ??? ????

    4. Democracy is not there in India
      u are forced to vote for any one of the corrupted politicians who works first for his party and its ideology’s
      ultimately it is the same and what people want remains unnoticed.
      It is best to start from the root select a leader in your street then block ,panchayath and village and state then go to country.

    5. Regarding Demonetisation, few words. Our country citizens always envy other countries like Canada, Singapore, USA etc and lament why India is not inching towards the same. Well, until and unless, we the citizens, cooperate and follow the changes Government brings for betterment of our country, we cannot dream of growing. The same is applicable for Demonetisation. The main aim of the Government was to curb Counterfeit currencies, bring out the hoarded cash by big sharks (money made out of corruption and anti national activities) abolish illegal havala activities and streamline the money flow through banking and electronic transactions. It was very painful to note that no one including Media, citizens, politicians showed their willingness to make the scheme a success and with a mind set that the scheme will not work they acted. Media, went to the level of hiring leftist/minority journalist to write statistical figures, which were irrelevant and absurd, just to prove that the scheme was total disaster. I am from Bangalore and no one can refute the fact that one of the minister of the state went to the level of hiring thousands people for standing in the queue to exchange the old notes to new one. This served twin purpose for him, one for exchanging his black money hoarded in cash and at the same time these unruly people never allowed common people to encash their money. We had to come back most of the time frustrated and empty hand because of the Goondaism. How could have common men encashed money against those type of unruly mob. Further there was no problem existed for depositing cash in to the accounts, which we did as our money was accounted money, and withdraw the same whenever cash required or paid our outgoings through cheque or electronic transfers. Why there was big rush for full encashment of the allowed limit per day. Media never interviewed poor people about their difficulties, instead interviewed opposition big leaders, including Mr Gandhi. People gave verdict to one Government based on an expectation that they may turn the path of the country, which went bad to worst over the past 70 years, and when the new Government tries to implement a drastic change (which nobody else in the world would have done) we should have extended our full cooperation and then commented on the success or failure of the story. Instead, media (mainly owned by leftist), opposition leaders and minorities took it as challenge to prove demonetisation was a failure. No one can under estimate the experience of Mr Gandhi and with such experience he should have stood with the Government and instructed the states where his party ruled to make the scheme a success, which act would have been nationalistic approach and would have been lauded by everyone. This country is now torn in between leftist, anti nationals and minorities, cannot think of any development, because of their vested interest. Forget Mr.Modi, no one can make our country grow towards progress. Minorities have started crying loudly all of a sudden about the no growth or non development of our country. Where were these people when corruption was to the core, national was sold to foreigners and defence requirements were only from outside countries and no one bothered to manufacture even a small weapon indigenously. Instead of commenting on any one, let us take a lesson from the past and give a chance to the elected Government (unlike united fronts where the partners ruled their say) and watch the present Government does in their term. Let us join hands irrespective of class, creed, colour or religion and work for the development of the country.

      • No all congress politicians are better orators but their motives are wicked and ill that we should not trust them as they are an expert and convincing liars. They are the master of deception and that has been their politics. They have never been straight and they never will. Most Congress is Anti-Hindu and [1] Rahul has said in the past he is shamed to call himself Indian, [2] Sonia Gandhi said party comes first, that means people comes last, [3] Sonia Gandhi goes America for her Medical Treatment (She has every right to do that) but it’s a clear admission in her opinion that the Indian Hospital under congress rule were kept third class and were not good enough for human treatment. [4] Rahul Gandhi went to Arab OPEC countries to say bad things about India and its government to influence increase in petrol price to lower Indian GDP. [5] Rahul went to south Asia and says bad things about India. [5] Rahul says when he saw terrorist been captured, tears came out of his eyes, but we never saw it. [6] Rahul never said he had any tears or sympathy for those innocent 161 civilian people who were killed or murdered. [7] Congress never bought Rafal when they were required and left it for BJP to buy from their budget [8] Congress passed food bill just before they knew they were going to lose election. [9] Congress had highest inflation rate and food price rising to sky the limits and he never addressed it [10] Rahul Gandhi is not telling truth about his view on GST, as it is only means to reduce inflation and stop food price rising to sky the limits. [11] Congress and Rahul Gandhi has failed to keep Indian defence head of the game. [12] Rahul Gandhi tries to divide people eg Marathi against Bihari and low against high caste, Hindu against Muslims to make them fight each other for sake of VOTES gain. [13] Rahul Gandhi does not like Hindu Dharma and he does not believe in right to practice Hinduism for Hindus. [14] Rahul & Sonia ji are influenced by Ahmed patel. [15] Rahul does not believe in True Democracy and secularism for Hindus. [16] Congress believes its crime to say we are Hindustani in Hindustan. But its OK to say we are Pakistani in Pakistan. [17] Congress Hanged Afzal Guru and he does not talk of unrest due to that, where were tears then? [18] He tries to hide Congress scam by attacking currency change to stop fake notes! [19] There is no point talking about notes change, it has happened long gone now, England change their currency notes frequently. So what?

    6. This article only speaks about what Rg spoke against about, and basis that it concludes that we need a leader like him. Criticizing something or someone is quiet easy, especially with the help of script writers. How about we discuss his real achievements other than getting kicked out of Harvard that too from a paid seat? What good has he done as an MP in his constituency? On which projects has he utilised his ministerial funds? Are we so deprived that now we have make someone who thinks India is bigger than Europe, our leader?

      • Sir you are going away from the issue. Note ban & GST has affected india and we are suffering from it till now. Yes its a fact the congress was against this move and its a fact that this move didnt hit the goals. And well you should against RG its ok but if you want to see his work than lets ask a question how come he the only person in india asking questions to BJPs actions today this is enough to prove RG. And thousand of allegations have been made against RG by modi and bjp members which to date have note been proved bjp can is only doing allegations but with their full majority also they couldnt prove any allegations or file a FIR against any congress members , Modi & BJP members were shouting all over india about 2G & Augusta scams but what happened recently court freed all members from this case than why did modi shout for 6 years and misguided we indians on which bjps won elections

        • Take out your tinted glasses and wait for stern action against corrupt Congress. You will not be disappointed!

        • Sir just because 2G & Augusta scams are not proved that does not mean that it has not happened. The only way the truth can emerge is if congress themselves admit the truth and they are not going to increment them-self. Secondly NOTES change happen in all over the world, only India was not able to until today. Yes some hardship was felt but Indian MEDIA made it worse by keep scaremongering people. The GST and NOTE change was the only way of knowing effect of fake notes, But with RBI recently stating that 99% of the money had made its way back into the banks is just too high figure in reality it should have been less than 90% that means a lot of fake notes also made its way. Talk of people dying should not be blamed, people die all the time, even during congress rule but it was not monitored effectively as today. BJP is the best government India has had and Rahul can not be trusted as yet and MODI should be allowed another 5 year term to see the difference. Congress fear that if MODI stay in power for another 5 year, he will make real difference, so they will have NDTV bias on their side to help fool the Indian people remove MODI and then regret.

      • mr.Facttalk,
        you are not talking facts .which politician in this country (excluding the freedom fighters)has done to the country are to his constituency.Only spill overs after satisfying their personal needs.With in 3 years we are facing much bigger scams like SBI , PNB etc.If govt audit takes up defence there will not be less.

    7. Most of the actions initiated by the modi govt fall short of general expectation. Except much hype and granddur statements , nothing concretd follws to gauge. Merd pomp and publicity do not bring result. Demonetisation is at best be described as ” a tale told by a unbaked leader , full of sound and fury signified nothing. “

      • Congress failed expectation of minimal for 60 years, to day everybody is hyped by media to ask for more money from BJP Sarkar, you have to be fair. What Modi said is that if all “Kala dhan ayega toa” but not all black money is in India, so it will take time. BJP is the first Government to introduce help of 5 lakhs for poor for medical cost and treatment. This is something congress could not do in 60 years!!!!!!!!!!

        Instead Sonia ji went to America for her treatment ( That’s her right) but its a clear admission that congress ruled Hospitals were third class as Rahul goes a round world saying bad things about India. Mr A. Jailani Basha I wish you were a poor worker for 60 years, then you would have known what congress did for you! Talk of farmers I remember in 1967 congress took excessive rice grown by farmers were taken of them at half the market price in village at mill. Now farmers are asking for free money in agitation lead by media! Where is the fairness?


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