8 Instances when Rahul Gandhi proved his mettle

    Rahul Gandhi – the mere mention of the name is sufficient to help flash a smile across your face, right? We completely agree that the man has committed more than his share of gaffes. From his mix up of ‘balatkar and bhrashtachaar’ to ‘Steve Jobs of Microsoft’, enough has been said and made fun of, about the President-in-waiting of the Indian National Congress. He has been trolled to no end and every speech he makes and every interview he gives ends up adding more fuel to the fire. But if we were to take off our tinted glasses and look at him from a new perspective, a perspective unadulterated by various trolls who are at work incessantly to make a parody out of him, we would be able to notice that Rahul Gandhi is a much better politician than he is ever given the credit for. Agreed, he is and maybe cannot ever be as good an orator as Modi is, but he can be the leader that India so desperately needs now to help put an end to the diminutive and regressive politics that is being played out. To put it mildly, the man is a target for the ruling party. And it is an uphill task for him already to climb out of the ‘battle of personalities’ and change the narrative towards the policies. And in order to help burst the bubble of fake news about Rahul Gandhi, we bring to you just a few instances when he absolutely poked glaring holes through the policies of the current government/ripped the current government a new one.


    8On demonetisation

    Rahul Gandhi had been vehemently against demonetisation ever since the announcement back in November 2016. He was quoted as saying in December 2016,”I want to tell about the biggest scam committed by Narendra Modi single-handedly and present the voice of people, especially poor, who have suffered due to this move. “Initially the government spoke about black-money, then moved to counterfeit currency and then again to a cashless society campaign. The prime minister took this so-called bold decision. The bold decision can also be a foolish decision. And this was a foolish decision, it has devastated the country. More than 100 people have died. Farmers, fishermen, daily wage earners have been hit hard.” He has continued with his barraging of the government over the notes band and demonetisation recently tweeting,” Dr Jaitley, the economy is in the ICU because of notes ban and GST” and followed it up with , “Aap kehtey hai aap kissi sey kum nahi/ magar aapki dava mein dum nahi.”

    Rahul Gandhi has been proven correct in his assessment of the demonetisation decision. The major objective of the government when it announced demonetisation was to curb all the black money. But with RBI recently stating that 99% of the money had made its way back into the banks, it is a status quo with regards to the black money proposition. At the end of the process, RBI gained 16,000 crore having spent more than Rs 20,000 crores in the printing of the notes. The second target of demonetisation was terror funding. Though terror activity did go down during November and December, 2016 a long term effect has not been witnessed so far as terror incidences have been on a rise in the past few months.

    As far as the effect of demonetisation goes, the populistic view of the economists is that the GDP was hit by at least 1% due to demonetisation. Then, the corporate performance for Q3, Q4 for YoY 2016-17 was muted especially consumer durable goods, automobiles and real estate. Demonetisation affected employment rate as well when the paucity of cash on hand meant that production in SMEs had to be stopped and workforce laid off. It had an adverse effect on banking as the build-up of cash resulted in a higher carrying cost for the banks.

    Indian households still continue to be dependent on liquid cash and this bold move to ensure a wide acceptance of digital and cashless economy seems far from reality!

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    1. RAGA keeps on shouting against Modiji for all reasons available true or false because He and the Congress is badly hit by the anti-corruption movement of Modiji.All things he is barking against are merely a passing phase and as expected as ever.If coming back of Black-Money (i.e. unaccounted money) into the Banking system i.e. Accounted Money deemed to be a failure of Demonetization then it is nothing but stupidity of RAGA.

      • Modiji anticorruption???modiji n shah bhai recruiting all d most corrupt leaders of congress party…Narayan rane in Maharashtra,mukul roy in westbengal, hemanta biswa Sarma in Assam…why is not talking about vypam scam, jay shah scam n lalit modi n specifically ballary bros…so all r same…

        • Rajesh is full of Cateract in eyes or blind. He can’t see good as he is used to see congress for decades as close devotee. Ha.ha..

          • U r blind stupid…
            Where is the black money
            And gst is wrongly implimented.?
            Where is religious intolerance?
            GDP is has dropped people lost their jobs and even died during demonitisation…for what??for up election and not black money
            You moron if you love India open your eyes…This goverment is turning India into a socialist country like china… Mahatma Gandhi sacrified his life for this beautiful nation so we can be free…now British Janata Party is back…they support industries only …

            • it cheap propaganda that people died during demonetisation. pl remeber here that we have longer ques at many temples in India but no one has died ever there????how come? the honest tax payer is always takencare by this govt and it is only dishhonest peope who are in majority are shouting loudly on demonetisation and GST… Unfortunately congress and its office bearers,ministers ares largest looser in demonetisation with triliions of dollars rceived by it thorugh corrupt practices

            • Thinking black money sits in same account is unfortunate. GST took more than 4 months to settle down, and will teething problem further as well. If possible you can suggest for better ways instead of complaining. Now restaurant bills have come down by 10% in tax part. GDP has come back to its expected figures in past few days as we see. People were losing jobs due to jobs offered black money/tax evaded people, which can’t be given back. Other jobs losses were due to automation. So please avoid biasedness and have proper inputs.

            • What bullshit……Gandhiji…sacrifing his life for India…..r u out of ur mind….he has done the biggest damage to India by allowing the country to split…..next u will say the british left india because of him….of what use is education if u continue to parrot the lies of the congress….

            • Black money has no doubt come back to the system but now there is an audit trail for the IT and ED to track them to recover tax due. This is some thing beyond the understanding of stupid people like you.Only people who were surviving on black money lost their jobs temporarily.Mahatma Gandhi made a mistake of trusting Pakistani Muslims at the expense of India after partition and paid with his life.Don’t call it sacrifice.Read papers, today no country trusts Pakistan ,even their friend China. This is also beyond your understanding.You blind congress slave.Why don’t you ask Rahul gandhi where he hides his scam money ?

            • Arun Sir, You deserve a loud applause for exposing mr. modi & co.pvt.ltd. Thank you. The blunders that mr. modi made have been fatal; hundred humans died during demonetisation and millions and millions of commoners/poor were /are tortured by both demon and gst! bjp shall surely receive a heavy drubbing in Gujarat. Away from the theme, for publicity/promotion purpose of my video , I invite you, Sir, to view my video – Homage to Pandit Nehru by p g joseph – in youtube. If I have already invited you, kindly ignore and please recommend the video to your friends. Thank you.

          • Don’t u think you are putting things up side down. They called bad when in congress but ever since they changed sides they have become clean.

            • Dear it is political agenda. The politics is the game of chess.Without
              using its power if someone is become yours why you will use yours
              power or extra energy to sideline the powerful.

        • You forget the get away of Vijay Mallaya. The way the bugger skipped the country was a shame and the Govt of the day was completely rsponsible or they are a bunch of stupids I agree Raga is not the alternative but I do not agree that Sushma Swraj and Ms. Scindia continuing still now. They should have been replaced immediately after Lalit-gate. The parliamentary affairs minister should also have gone after Vijay Mallaya’s escape.
          For reasons unknown they continue and are rewarded. The Govt. is in no hurry to explain the reason for these actions.

      • All are observing at small level like hawkers and provision store, but at large scale, government know very well that they are flopped for this dare full but headless decision. For poor and middle class, there were no Black money at all but in proving of demonotisation success, each and every give example only of poor and middle class. It is dufferness of ourselves only.

            • Congress traders are conspiring and raising price, congress news reporters present bias report, Congress supporter police kill innocent people so that BJP gets blamed! But all these crimes been happening since 60 years only now media can report.

              If congress ruled so well in free market then why are so many people so poor. GST did not create job loss but black marketeer feared getting caught for not paying past tax, so they stopped numbers employed, and congress supporter media started propaganda to have bigger impact. Indian Media and news reporters can cause more damage than GST. Infact GST is better than Inflation – indirect tax by devaluation of your money.

        • Francis, Rahul and Sonia are leaders of the anti nationalist party which the Bishop of Gandhinagar is supporting. Demonetization was an excellent move. If 99% of the currencies have come back it was a good. You want Hindus to join anti national Congress. It is like signing their own death warrant. We know the international agenda of evangelists and Rahul and Sonia are part of that agenda.

          • 99% of currency back , OK ,which people were having this money , currency was beautifully exchanged through this person or other person.Dr. of Currency Mr Jailtely & Guardian of Curreny Mr. Modi deliberately allowed process of loot in the style of EXCHANGE . Actually there should be no exchange. Honestly notification should had been issued in a patriotic sense such as ” DEPOSIT YOUR CURRENCY IN YOUR OWN ACCOUNT & GET EXCHANGE OF CURRENCY THROUGH YOUR A/C ONLY ” Exchange was made a FAIR (Mela) for business. Just Color of Currency should had been changed , not Size BECAUSE SIZE IN CURRENCY NOTE WAS MADE TO MANUFACTURE & INSTALL NEW ABOUT 287 LAC MACHINE BOXES IN ATMs & WHO WERE THE PEOPLE WHO GOT THIS CONTRACT. WHY 2000 VALUED NOTE. ONLY ONE 500 NOTE WAS DEFINITELY SUFFICIENT. ALL THE LEGISLATORS WERE INNOCENT WHO HAD NO CURRENCY TO GET EXCHANGED.

      • Sahaji andhe bhakt to tum Kya chavanni chor modi ki vakalat kar rahe ho.abe anpado ye chutiya logon ka jamghat bjp sirf pure time ye hi kahate rehenge ki congress ne sab barbad kar diya. Bjp bahut talented chootiyon ka group hai Talent 1. Congress ko gali dena Talent 2 congress ko gali dena Talent 3 congress ko gali dena. Bjp chootiya party congress ke bhawanr se ka bhi nahi nikal sakti

        • Shekhar Ji you are wrong. He not a chavani chor. He has made the country fool and made his fortune for life. He has well obliged his friends by way of Demonetization. All of his friends were well informed.

          • How could you forget ex governor Raghuram Rajan, appointed by UPA? Do you think he has not given Demonitisation to his bosses in UPA? Congress is not at all affected except lower level leaders of all parties, and most leaders of TMC, AAP, ShivSena?

        • Who is this Rahul? What is his contribution to the nation? Just because nobody in Congress has guts to stand up against him and his mother, as there can be immediate expulsion, Rahul claims President in waiting for Congress. Rahul and his gang of corrupt thugs are hurt in their groin by Notebandi and common man understands this. No wonder there was no outrage though these goons went out thumping their chests. This Pappu has not proved anywhere how Modi is benefitted by Notebandi. Modi has guts to take decisions, what about his Grandmother and Man Mohan who could not take this decision. Why Indian Express is so pro Rahul even after knowing National Herald scam of this moment and beta duo and land scam of Vadra. Come clean on this matter

          • Knowing all this only nation gave chance to Modiji !!! But what are his achievements??? Abusing and digging the past of congress and inaugurating the projects done by them….

            He should have shut his mouth and created jobs… bridged the gap between societies and created harmony among the Indians.

            It is like for showing your line is taller than the others you are erasing the line of others. the wise would not do this he would draw a taller line alongside.

            • Crippled economy? Except for black money dealers like construction, gold merchants, shops, hoarders of money, politicians, it has not affected anyone.


      • Mrityunjay Saha, people talk of 99% money returned to bank as failure to track Block money. Do they understand that it is still not accessed as to how much of this is tax paid money. I T is assessing this and takes time. Howling will stop once unaccounted money for tax is established and different howling will start on the pretext of victimisation. The writer is over sold on RAGA and let time prove whether he is right or wrong. RAGA should reflect properly instead of attempting to take on Mofi every day and hour if he has to be relevant and to be successful. Slogans alone without concrete governance plans will be short lived for sure.

      • If black money has been taken into the system, that should have resulted into increased revenue income. But it has not happened. If the revenue income has gone up, what was the need for high tax slabs? ? Instead of blind raga bashing, please look into the reality …Most of renowned economists such as Prabhat Patnaik and Arun Kumar have been unequivocal in exposing the foolishness of demonetisation.

      • What you are missing is that with over 99% of banned currency coming back into the banking system, the obvious conclusion is that huge amounts of unaccounted money was legitimised by this move. In fact, it could have been a back door entry for converting black money into white by crony capitalists, corrupt bureaucrats and politicians and crooked businessmen.

      • BJP as no leader accept “liar”
        That Bafon “bhogi” never respected women freedom,relegious freedom shame to this Guys, who support them blindly

      • Mrs Meira Kumar Ex Lok Sabha Speaker is a suitable candidate to become Future Prime Minister but AICC is not allowing her to come up. RSS Government is taking advantage of this and people are unnecessarily calling RAGA as joker

        • General: India is a democratic secular country which require strong presence of ruling as well as opposition to ensure preservation of our valuable Constitution, freedom & respect. Otherwise we shall also be heading just like our neighboring state Pakistan. Currently, we have only two national parties BJP & Congress, of which BJP is yet to ensure presence in all corners of India and Congress presence is diminishing day by day. This situation is very dangerous! No doubt, currently we lack presence of national leaders except Mr. Narendra Modi & the next option, although far in reach, is Rahul Gandhi. It is up to the leaders from your own state & others to climb the ladder & grow beyond his/her region with national interests & integration as priority. Sadly, almost all leaders, cutting across all parties, are more interested in themselves, their constituency /region & not beyond that. Arvind Kejriwal failed due to heavy baggage on his shoulder & unilateral decisions with less of accommodating others.

        • 1. do you know Sonia had refused to take reign of the party after the tragedy death of Rajiv Gandhi? Post-Rajiv there were infighting among the regional leaders of national Congress party with many opting for their own political forums. It was disastrous for Congress under Sitaram Kesri.
          2. SG was compelled to join politics in 1998-99 to bring back all old guards back to party as united force & further Congress ruled the nation again from 2004-2014 period.
          3. Since 1989 NO GANDHI members joined the executive benches of the Government under Congress party till date! It means they are out of Executive benches for the last 30 years! It was BJP who have allowed Gandhi to be in Governance during the period 1997-2004 & in the current govt too (Maneka Gandhi!).
          4. SG was considered PM candidate before the election but MMS was our PM. It may be the case post 2019 election too.
          5. Election of President of the Congress party is the sole right of workers & leaders of the Congress party & no other is having any moral right to question their process except complaining to Election commission in case of violations, if any!
          6. We, the citizens cum voters of India, are entitled to decide & opt the right candidate & party of our choice through voting process for Parliament, Assemblies and other local bodies.
          7. Many have opted to revolt against the leadership of Congress & some of them have been succeeded too. However, it is also a fact that majority of them have returned back to Congress fold either merging their outfits or aligning with the party,to be back to power.

          • Sonia Gandhi had to leave the post of PM because of Sharad Pawar otherwise she would not have left it.

            Congress has not ruled on merit. It’s a c grade party who wins on doles like reservation, NREGA, loan waiver. Do they have courage to fight election on merit.

            Their policy is sell the nation but give vote to me.

      • Modi cabinet doesn’t have able ministers in bjp that’s why 2-3 portfolios to one minister. Just explain me how many from bjp stand up against amit shah in president election? One man army and two men party as per yashwant sinha

      • Have you listened to election speeches of Modiji these days? Talking mostly about Rahulbai and Congress. No talk of vikas, etc. Seems quite desperate, poor fellow. With Congress giving him sleepless nights for once in his home state!

    2. I am not an economist to analyse and make a statement that Demonetization was necessary , whether it was failure, or success. But one thing that I know is many black money holders deposited large sum of money paying 35% tax during the stipulated period allowed to disclose money . Once that got over there are few took the opportunity submit their undisclosed cash at a higher premium , which i think it was varying between 45 to 60 %. So these deposits are all a part of black money.
      Now a days small snack shops and pavement food sellers do hang a board “pay time” accepted . In supermarkets ladies do their errands and settle their bills using ATM cards. No worried about shortage of change. These changes took place after 2016 . In short I feel, when a drastic step been taken you must give at least a year’s time to evaluate the situation. World bank says it’s a smart move. Many other prominent economist around the world appreciated this move. So whom to believe ? One thing is evident, the soaring real estate price have fallen and prices of properties & land become with in the reach of middle class & upper middle class people. This is my personal view and I understand some may differ which is their view.

      • Perfect analysis & 99% cash returned in bank is from black money included & govt is able to know ppl who hv deposited back money & they r segregated & sent notice

        • So any money remitted to bank account is white? What type of analysts is this? In that case anybody can earn in black put that into bank no need to pay taxes as the same has become white😊

          • yavonappa, any transaction through the banking channel leaves a trail of movement of money and it is either white money or will be taxed. The account holder has to prove that the money so received is from a legal source and if it is laundered money he or she will have to face the music. So, enlighten yourself rather than acting RaGa who is known fool

        • Ha,ha,ha. Not a single case of prosecution so far. How come not a single crony capitalist caught so far? In fact, some privileged guys knew months in advance about demonetisation and took evasive action!

      • The biggest part of note ban/demonitsation SCAM is that till today, 24th November, 2018 neither the Government nor the RBI has given citizens of india what money has been realised as counting is still on.Has any citizen asked the Government how much money RBI and or Banks (in various categories that were to receive such notesspent on its counting)? if the sceme was a purely one to to mop “black money” and so it continued for a few weks, then why makeit a ‘voluntry disclosure sceme’ by giving these persons chance to declare by paying flat tax (which included all interest and/or penalties). Nothing prevented the Govt to come out with VDS where similar schemes have come earlier5/6 times under Congress/UPA Governments.



      • RG may be anything but a better human-being than so called present-day political masters. No case of corruption can be made out to him at the personal level.Yes, i agree Congress has not covered itself with glory during UPA rule but we must understand that they were dependent on more corrupt regional parties. The tragedy is the present political dispensation in spite of being given clear majority have not got a single paisa out of money deposited in foreign lands. Rather they are more interested in saving their business masters from Panama or Paradise leaks. Demonetisation was just a malicious way of winning UP elections by making paupers out of the regional parties and playing communal card. No other purpose has been served by DEMO. The policies being followed at present by Govt is no different from what was being done by predecessors by a new name. The benefit which India should have reaped from low Petrol prices have largely been wasted. The systems of checks and balances on the Govt. is being stunted by managing press and managing other constitutional authorities. Today, we are not hearing of anything about Inflation or unemployment or corruption but about cow protection, Taj Mehal, Tipu Sultan OR Maharana Pratap. May our country be blessed.

        • Funny. Biggest joke on joker is by this JAIN and most idiotic. Rahul is not corrupt at “personal level” ha..ha.. Badmash Jan. New feather to the clown of India. He was the epicenter if All scams for 10 years during UPA rule.whom this crook jain is supporting and he feels ppl will are for his stupid comment

        • Sir, since June, 2014 prices of crude oil have fallen from high of US$140 to around US$40 -45/-. Yet, we are paying almost the same for petrol and diesel todaupy. Why? Because Modi govt has been quietly increasing excise and other taxes on petroleum products. It’s revenue from petroleum products rose from 98k crores in 2014-15 to over 2.75lakh crores last year. Mahaloot by our own sarkar.

      • So u r ready to forget what happened in 60 yrs but not 3 yrs ?
        Congress is a cancer to the country needs eradication and it may time some more time
        But surely will be eliminated sooner or later for country’s good

        • if u believe in statistics then u can see what has happened since independence, what was the poverty ratio. illiteracy ratio. people without own house ratio and all other things. u have to see what was there 50 years back near the place u live and work. what it is today. then u can comment what we achieved in 60 years

      • One doesn’t have to burden in talking of what Congress/UPA has done in last 60 years because Ms Sushma Swaraj has already said so and told the whole World (leave India alone) in the UN while addressing a debate and in reply to Pakistan’s state of affairs.

    4. Kapil dev should know what is he in INDIA. we should watch and vote judicisiously in election and not use
      bad words against any politician. After all all the politicians are our brothers and sisters and above all indians. I dont think any politician in india can swear they are above board. The skeleton in the cup boards will tumble only when they are out of power.

    5. I just see Modi is the best PM so far India ever had from every front. Other PM’s had their qualities but Modi outshines. India looks in good shape. People were only making money from
      real estates sending land prices sky high. Imports were increasing. Indian Rupee lost a huge
      value against foreign currencies resulting higher prices in India. Foreign companies are running India and they work on really high margins as their share holders wants more profit every year resulting higher prices for services as well as goods. People are really lazy and expect everything from the Govt. Mr Gandhi have no clue of running the country apart from condemning everybody.


    7. Rahul Gandhi has been correct in predicting demonetisation a failure. It has failed in all aspects. It has killed lot of small businesses. First I think government should think about spending on education and health which are being still neglected. Rahul Gandhi has proved in every aspect that he is capable of leading the country

    8. No way i have to feed this comment on this post as there is no option ,
      One dont know exactly but believe that In India Rajya Sabha was created to support and correct the system ,and lok sabha to frame and amend laws etc …..But we often notice Rajya Sabha MPs giving statements against the govt and while doing so they go against the system/degrading existing system or govt machinery which is working for nation under the constitution accepted by president to the last citizen or layman.Most painful thing we notice is such act indirectly goes directly against nation and against the Oath that he takes before resuming his office .
      After nomination does he remain under the control of party president or under Rajya sabha speaker ,
      Such behaviour from very responsible senior politicians cannot be stated as response to system where they themself had led the same system and same department in the past working for the countries development ..

    9. What mess Rahul’s 4 Generations have created in this country can not be repaired in 3 years. Modi should be given another 10 years to clear the mess and make India great and I am sure this will happen.

      • By harebrained demonetisation and hasty implementation of a highly flawed GST, look at the setback to our economy and millions who lost jobs,means of livelihood etc. Present leadership had created bigger meds in last three years than previous govts in sixty years.

    10. RaGa may be right but holding Modi responsible for everything gone wrong will backfire on him someday
      The Congress always credits any victory to him but failures are attributed to other leaders.He should learn to accept failure too.As PM Modi is first choice of every Indian,if India were to have a Presidential system of government Modi would be invincible

    11. The blame for the corruption and economic mess must be accepted by the Congress leaders but they don’t have the decency to do so but expect Modi to take blame for everything going wrong.MMSingh and PC must first apologise for the loot and plunder in 2g and others scams as they kept their mouth shut.
      MMSingh has done what other extremist Sikhs could not do with even violence,he has made the Congress bite the dust by keeping his mouth shut.Had he opened it at the right time Modi might never have come to power



      • Rahul Gandhi as a PM? God forbid. He may be a very sweet person but it will be a disaster if he should ever be the PM. Is it his birth right to become the president of the congress? Isn’t there anyone else in that party? It would be best for him and his mother to go back to Italy and open a chain of pizza restaurants.

      • Just read the history of modi how he destroy keshubhai Patel advani in his way. After some years modi will start chain ka dukan and amit shah is a waiter. Hahahaha

      • Hi f you are watching and listening to the election speeches of Modiji in Gujarat these days, people are wondering what’s happening. He is not talking of thebpast, what happened thirty , forty years ago and making below the belt attacks on RaGa. No positive campaign.

    13. People talk about RG as if he is the prime minister ,, he has not held any office and cannot be faulted for curruption or misuse of office ,, yet BJP is scared of him and has paid workers to make fun of him with doctored Vedio clips !
      Fact is NM is loosing his grip his arrogance and mistrust of his own panel is his downfall

      • There is no need for any party/anybody to be paid for making fun of anyone like RAGA PA.PU.(Param pujya) of any party party.Its like a kid in the crowd shouted loud “THE KING IS NUDE” for any media watcher/news paper reader or for that reason watching the defenders in his party defending him out of compulsion (god knows what it is?).Probably they are job seekers when & if he comes to power.A stark day dreaming.

    14. Rahul doing good job in Gujarat.All Modi did by demonstrating was a devil’s job.He detailed the Indian economy which was on the track and performing well.
      An exercise that has failed where it was tried.Moreover government and its henchmen are bent upon to prove it successfull and celebrating tragedy caused upon the people of this nation.

    15. What is Rahul Gandhi ? what did he do for the country till date ? It is just Congress Party’s hype and they want him more than the country needs him. Why he did not serve any government till date ? Why he did not become a minister in their previous Govt ? Because he knows once he becomes a minister, there is nothing he can do as he is not capable of doing anything. The great grand party has encouraged corruption as their party’s philosophy and ensured that Corruption and black money stays in this country forever. At least PM Modi has attempted to do so many things and some might have worked and some may not have – but at least he continues to attempt. To all those who are reading this post, I am not a BJP supporter now nor in the past. Just look with common sense !!!!

    16. Instead of justifying Rahul Gandhi’s few droplets of brilliance out of the ocean of his stupidity, it is high time to portray the capabilities of other INC leaders, currently in the party, who are far more capable than the Gandhi family. I just wonder, when will the common man of India realize and take a bold stand saying that “Indian National Congress is not the family business of Sonia Gandhi and family” and ask them to leave way for other leaders to lead. And, I am wondering how much money was paid to publish this article to support RaGa’s brilliance, that too on a single point like Demonetisation.

      Agreed, demonetization implementation could have been better and many critics have pointed that out well before RaGa was spoon fed to talk about it.

    17. Instead of justifying Rahul Gandhi’s few droplets of brilliance out of the ocean of his stupidity, it is high time to portray the capabilities of other INC leaders, currently in the party, who are far more capable than the Gandhi family. I just wonder, when will the common man of India realize and take a bold stand saying that “Indian National Congress is not the family business of Sonia Gandhi and family” and ask them to leave way for other leaders to lead.

      Agreed, demonetization implementation could have been better and many critics have pointed that out well before RaGa was spoon fed to talk about it.

    18. Demonetisation & GST are two such decisions which can be assessed only after two to three years span. These are reformation of entire country’s economic condition. How can one expect quick results?? Check with those salaried class person. He works with an organisation. Co sets some goals and moves in that direction with supportive actions. In such scenario, do we expect immediate result?? R we educated people such fools?? Things are related to each individual of this Country. For time being, this Gujarat elections will decide one simple direction. Do we honestly would like to pay the taxes or not?? Each & every small businessman should ask this question to himself. The answer would be result of election.

    19. If 99% cash comes back into system, the system will review and slap a tax where the cash cannot be explained as “tax-paid cash”. It may take time, but govt. is set to get a bonanza going forward. But whether BJP govt will enjoy that bonanza or a kichdi UPA govt. does, will depend on a number of factors, including the mis-propaganda that is so successfully happening nowadays.

    20. Rahul Gandhi is a very kind hearted and very nice person.He also a very good politician.and he is young youth of our country.Next chance will be given to him because everyone knows that in this bad corrupt world new youth fresh set of mind changes the mind of the others it’s the quality of the our youth.so after our independence all experience aged person took decisions for our country.and its time to choose right and logically path for our country development .so now its time to give responsibilities in youth hands like Rahul Gandhi. 🙂

      • Fareeha Khan, so sweet of you to thing that youth should be given a chance. With all due respect to you, Heading a nation and running it efficiently is not an easy task. It takes years of experience climbing up the steps of various ministries and handling the portfolios assigned to you and learning the ropes of administration and governance.
        What can you expect from a person who says he will give you a machine which turns potatoes into gold, in whatever context it may be. God save the Congress party.

      • Yes He is Young . He will be 50 in two years. Yes India should make him PM. India logon Kii baaap Kiii JAAAGIIR hain. U should also have added sons and daughters of Laluu, Muulayam, Karunanidhi , Badals , Abdullah , Mufti , Mamtas nephew, Sharad Pawar

      • Rather than giving back to Congress especially to Pappu’s hand, it is better to give back to British for their ruling. I believe, they will do something good for the Indian citizens. please take some time to listen to Pappu’s speech. He even did not know what he was speaking. There is no clarity in his speech. I do not know whether BJP is doing good or not. But we can not object everything be done by BJP is wrong.

      • That Fake Gandi Family is built on corruption. This RaGa is a big Budhu. These scamsters like in the Congress want to put Raga in front as a statue and then will indulge in all shorts of scam and start looting the nation.

    21. It’s more like an advertisement to promote a complete imbecile incapable coherent thought, lacking common sense and even mediocre knowledge of an average citizen. Yet he is being given so much publicity and promoted as potential PM. God help India if this buffoon’s family owned party even gets majority!

      • It is a failed discussion now to discuss whether Rahul Gandhi is capable or not or if Modi is able to put us up in acchhe din, because that’s the game plan of Modi, BJP & RSS. Instead we should discuss what policies & plans does today’s BJP & INC do have in store for us Indians. I fail to understand what narrative are running on TV channels & media, Cow -vigilantes / gobar, Taj Mahal, Triple talaq, Hindu-Muslim, Ram Temple, Shamshan-kabristan, China- Pakistan, rank of Modi as per some fake U.S agency, bla, bla, bla. Stupid Indian democracy, I think Whole of India has gone crazy……… India gando thayo cchhe…..!

      • People like u highly educated have very very narrow opinion about Gandhi family. What u think Gandhi family only to die by bullet and bomb. Power only to modi and shah
        regretteble. Read the articles which has Nehru legacy. Indiras courage decisions for nation. Don’t be a victim
        All MODIS current policies conceived by congress. Nothing new. Have civilised approach to Gandhi family
        Remember their sacrifice for the nation. Don’t support pm who had a blood on his hands.

    22. Can we know the author of this totally biased and ridiculous article, trying to champion and promoted the imbecile called RaGa as an intellectual thru the backdoor.
      Again, all his accusations are half-baked, lacking the intellectual rigor of a MMS, Chidu, an Anand Sharma or even a Jyotir/Sachinpilot or a Susmita Deb.

      And may I ask, is there a single alternate narrative, an alternate vision or a solution that he offers.?
      Will he able to survive even 5 mns into an impromptu head to head debate on any of the topics?

      All he parrots is half baked and ill gathered snippets and catchy accusations coached and narrated to him from one of the senior Congis (diggy, kamalnath, maniayyar or maybe mms,sibal chidu combine ).

      The intellectual bankruptcy is too glaring to ignore.

      The nation is not entirely happy with Modi’s vision, esp on the nonsensical aggressive Hinduism, cow and mandir politics front, even the dodgy DeMon/GST implementation desperately wanting an alternative vision and path.

      RaGa unfortunately is making a total hash of it, in fact serving ironically as the most important reason why we should never vote the BJP out of power.

      Imagine him standing in front of a Piyush Goyal or a Smriti Irani or a Sanju Verma or a Poonam Mahajan. He will be eaten alive, will be worse than the Arnav disaster.

      If he is truly democratic, the first magnanimous thing he should do is continue to function as VP, not go off the scene, but work under the aegis of a brand new President, several giants in the Cong, who can function effectively, and use the Gandhi family name to support him/her to the hilt
      To start of, make his own sister a VP, she actually holds promise, one wonders what skulduggery is afoot from that mischief monger hubby of hers to keep her in the closet, certainly an evil undercurrent somewhere..

    23. Demonetisation ILL EXECUTED andG S T (good scheme) hurriedly executed with out proper planning are the reasons for bringing Down
      the. G D P to 5.7 More over attorcities made by Cowvigiliants to poor Thalits in the B J p ruled states is increasing World famous Tajmahal is removed from the Tourist map of U P

    24. If congress was so brilliant then why it lost the last elections.
      They had their 60 odd years. Now let Modi have his 10 years.
      By the way, congress report card is also not so encouraging.
      Let’s not go back to the bad timeline of Gandhi, Nehru and congress.
      This very same party had done politics on lpg cylinders, which we get today at our doorsteps. Just for an example.

    25. i feel that Rahul gandhi is correct or not it is a political,but the real thing is that what a reality on ground of economic situation and what govt. sya aboslutley differenace.Before three years there is a problem of a common man to live but now it is very difficult to survive.Ony at the time of election people comes in to the trap of political person and the past is not good for congress.so the ruling party is win more and more states.Ultimately i lkit to say that in a key post of minister education must be required.

    26. I am an Indian origin residing in Malaysia. I had been following Indian politics over a long period of time. To my knowledge I believe that PM Modi has done a good job better than the Ghandi family who ruled India since independence. I also believe given the time, PM Modi will make India a major economic power with equal footing with China, US and the European Union. Give him time and he will fulfill it

    27. -From a person for time pass for a person for time pass. Rahul Gandhi desperately needs someone to spread himself in this country. And both know it is not possible. MMS and Sonia gave him 10 years and all he did was to learn and use how to loot. Now he needs some steady income to give him black money which stopped due to demonetization. He is as angry as Kejriwal and Mamta and the Yechury. I am surprised how he can stay without his girlfriends all over the world.
      The easiest way to be seen before election is to criticize and abuse Modi and that’s exactly what he is doing.

    28. If RG is capable of being PM then each Indian is more than capable of being PM. I don’t understand why any senior leader from congress is not at all showing their capabilities of becoming PM candidate. Why these Italian Donkeys are so promoted for not a single reason. And those who are saying he has changed, everyone changes start looking into yourself. Don’t promote such a dumb person. After all, its the matter of Future of India. If not NM then its definitely not RG(not in this eternity).

    29. All positive comments in favor of RG are from his troll army. I m not saying that demonetization was good. But Modi has been able to shake up the system. Which is important. Unlike Manmohan.

    30. Sweet words of RG will never do any good for India. The best rulers in the past have their own decisions and ruled the empire. Sweatness of RG will not help. Then there are so many sweet persons available for the post. Mighty China and inappropriate Pak will chew for sweetness.
      GST and demo have given some kink effect. These are corrective economic measures.We all Indian have taken the pain to contribute towards the Govt’s stand.
      We so far in the habit of thinking for our own. Thus we expect that how much is coming to our pocket. So this ihave been our characteristics so far. Now the Govt has provided every citizen a chance to contribute for nation’s building. Few people find this was wrong due to their brain washing and love for the party.Few cong followers do approve RG’s support to Kanhaia. Its ok when he proves the manority. Let another swiss bank be opened by India. Nothing wrong. Yes, Modiji is arrogant. but a ruler has to be single minded. There is nothing wrong to make India and Indian proud around world. His personality speaks every thing. Few people the cong followers have the digestion problem. It is the govt which has given such freedom to expess our own idea the way we like in media.Similar mistakes have been in the past but no one has blamed a single person.
      Divide India and call another Ghori to attack India 17 times and kill the self. Then there will not be any time left for realization that what went wrong.

      NOR NOW…….
      JAI HIND

    32. It’s very easy to point fingers at what others are doing and criticise and ridicule them. But its very difficult to take up responsibility and be accountable for every decision made and to put in honest efforts for something with great conviction. If Rahul Gandhi knows so well how to help the people of this country, why didn’t he do something useful when congress was in power ? So many years wasted ! There was no GST and demonetisation back then. People are screaming about these two decisions as if they are the worst things that ever happened to us. But how can everyone forget about the widespread corruption prevailing for decades of congress rule from grassroot level, from every gram panchayat right upto the MLAs and MPs. Why didn’t Rahul Gandhi ever give a speech about that ? Do Indians seriously think this person should be given a chance to be PM ? What has he done so far for the people of this country even though he has been an MP from Amethi ? Where is his report card ? What moral right has he got to hurl insults at the most hard working PMO and cabinet this country has ever seen since independence ? Shame on all those who still are against the present government. You people are the worst kind of hypocrites.

    33. This man Rg is a liar of sorts.
      He lacks common sense and at times he seems to be unbalanced.
      His thinking is not coherent ,as he talks without verifying facts.
      He can be a good son to Sonia but he cannot be a politician.
      He can not take any decisions particularly during crisis.
      All above was observed during election rallies in gujarat

    34. Rahul Gandhi is not my favorite at all, but as a human being he is thousand times better than Modi. Modi can never rise above being a will politician. His utterances and body language are not proper for a PM. But we Indians are hero worshippers of winners, whether by hook or by crook. Also the tragedy of India is that unlike other people majority of Indians, especially the young educated upper class , like autocrats and even military rule. This has been proven in many surveys. So even though Modi is the worst PM India has seen our people will still vote for him. What a pity. Dr. Mohan

    35. Wish the young man Rahul Gandhi the future PM of this great nation with the same cool minded thoughts of his great grand father Pandit Jawaharlal Nehrew the first Prime Minister of India. and give him a chance to root out Poverty not by movie like dialog but practically eradicate it with a clean hand and brave decision.We know the present govt’s hollow promises. Rahul is the Grandson of Mrs Indira Gandhi the Godess Durga (as per erstwhile PM of India the Great Atal Behari Bajpai of BJP) who saved Bangladesh from the Pakistani armies brutalities and safe guarded India’s eastern boundaries and made long term friendship with Bengladesh is a great achievement. Therefore let the Present Govt do the best and Rahul fulfil the rest. I wish Rahul Gandh’s Agricultural adivisers help him to declare Rs 5000 with DA PM to the poor farmers who cultivate less than two hectors of land as a remuneration for their 24hour vigilance to bring out the best results of their cultivation as that of soldiers who is awake when other Indians are sleeping. With out kissans India cannot become strong. A Healthy Farmer is a Healthy India Jay hind.

    36. The very fact that some of the businesses suffered indicates that they are not transparent businesses. Software or fiance industry did not complain. Neither major manufacturing businesses. People who have dubious distinction of being tax evaders seem to be complaining. And then propaganda machine is working overtime

    37. Except for house holds not getting cash for daily expenses, no major harm was done. Even then , digital transactions were at hand to help. The demonetization exercise is very long due. As a matter of fact, there is a need of one more round of demonetization.

    38. Rahul has not been able to prove his mettle in his own personal life and even within his own party, how can such a guy lead a nation towards growth and development. In a long span of his political career till now, he has not been able to become the president of his own party. This proves, how unworthy, he is in every sphere of life.

    39. Ra.ga. is having few good thinking points like, not supporting the ordinance that would have saved corrupt politicians to contest ..( likes of lalu).
      Also asking to bring down GST max limit, to bring petroleum under GST.
      Unluckily none of those good points are highlighted in article.

      Otherwise, all the 8 claims…. you have shown in this long article… are rubbish only.

    40. Congress and its entire team, after independence ruled over 60 years and during this span, we Indians saw, many strong leaders upon whom, every Indian believed blindly, that, yes, this party got us independence and would surely do something very good to put the nation on tracks of growth, development, prosperity, equality, full employment, good GDP, but all those leaders and the whole Congress party completely failed to deliver on every front. Firstly, due to Nehru’s faulty policies, complete ignorance of the advices of fellow party members, having no belief over the capability of our defence forces, decision making incapability, India lost a major war against China, which gave the, at the time almost nothing China an upper hand over India, on the basis of which, it continuously tries to threaten India till now, it was very fortunate that, during the 1965 war with Pakistan, Nehru was not the PM, otherwise, the result of that war would be surely disastrous for India, due to such an incapable leader like Nehru. Thanks to the good leadership skills of Lal Bahaadur Shastri ji, that we won that war. In 1971 war, the bold Indra Gandhi showed good leader ship skills, but in 1975, she put the whole nation in a situation of complete chaos and dictatorship, which proved, that, she was not at all different in ideology from Nehru and has the blood of the, throne hungry incapable Nehru, in her veins and she did it only for her selfish political gains. She even didn’t hesitate to show her political dictatorship to her own party members, which proved that Congress is the party of only Nehru-Gandhi family and no one other in the party has the right to be the leader of the party, even if that member is more capable, honest and more liked by people. And after Indira Gandhi, it has become a party with a dynasty rule only and no democracy, as we are seeing it till today. Even after all this messup by Congress, we Indians believed in them and gave them opportunity for the next 10 years from 2004 to 2014, but what Congress party did ? They thought that, there is no other party and nobody exists to challenge their rule, their dictatorship. The scandles upon scandles, the frauds upon frauds, which the Nehru-Gandhi family was doing since independence were unearthed, one by one during these 10 years of their rule and this good happened because, the Congress became fearless of being caught, so their corruption crossed the limits and almost every Congress person was involved in that, but thanks to our media efforts, that, this time, the corruption and theft of the Congress came into limelight and Congress along with its allies was kept red handed. When media, court and people started raising objections about all those scams, the shameless Congress and its members were seen saying on national television that, “We do not have a magic wand”. Instead of taking actions against the culprits, even the top leadership used to give the same response. Our country was feeling ashamed and embarrassed in front of the whole world due to this party. Our exports were down, manufacturing was negligible, there were no new policies implemented to boost the economy and business, during those days, and there was a complete policy paralysis, only the policies of Congress members and allies to loot the country, were very frequent and also very successful during those 10 years. Even, the international community started thinking about our citizens, working in their countries to be frauds. The ranking of India was all time low in various global indices, such as Human development, transparency, business, etc.. Only the Congress and its allies were prospering on the hard earned money of we, Indians. In the name of equality, the Congress party gave the issue of caste based reservation to us, which is now a major problem for our country and a big reason for the dismal performance of our country in growth and development as compared to other countries which got independence during that period from 1930 to 1955. From the last few years, the Congress is making every effort to spread communal violence in the name of secularism by associating the most heneious crime in the world, that is terrorism, to religion, such as Hindu aatankwaad, and favoring the terrorists like Yakoob memon, Ishrat Jahaan, in the name of atrocities over muslims. For the sake of all political parties, primarily Congress, I want to say that, no religion or caste is indulged in any kind of crime and terrorism. Only, some very greedy, selfish and money hungry people are involved in this business, who brainwashes the youth in the name of Islam and Allah and make them fool by telling false stories of jannat and hoors, which are never true, and such people are not followers of any religion in the world, they are just the most evil people on this earth. They follow only money for their family and theirselves and we have to understand their cleverness and cunningness. Last, but not the least, is the issue of Jammu and Kashmir, which is another example of mismanagement, ignorance and incapable decision making by the Congress, the country is still bearing this issue. Even the partition of our country took place due to the clash of the selfish interests and ego of Jawahar Lal Nehru and Muhammad Ali Jinnah which took away millions of lives and formed 3 nations. Nehru also used Mahatma Gandhi to cater to his own ambitions of becoming the premier of our nation and once his motive was achieved, he started neglecting Gandhiji and his suggestions completely. This is the major summary of Congress party’s more than 60 years rule in India. I am not a bhakt of Narendra Midi or the BJP rule, but, the only question, I want to ask is that, does a party like Congress after doing such a damage to our country in every respect, worthy of being elected to the centre and that too, under the leadership of Sonia Gandhi, who does’nt even know anything about our country, our language, our geographical heritage, our traditions, our ethics and values, our preferences, our problems, and she even doesn’t speak properly, etc., or under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi, who is one of the most laughed at politicians of the world. Seriously saying, he doesn’t have the aptitude, the knowledge, the kind of maturity required to be a good and strong politician. He lacks all the qualities of a successful leader. He can’t speak for more than 2 minutes on his own, most of the times, he is not even able to properly read the speech scripted for him by his party workers. If some of us are trying to praise such a person for his political and leadership skills, then, I am shocked, how they praise such a person, who should never be in the role of a leader or a politician. As far as his party is concerned, then there is a desperate need of a big change in party leadership, but there should be no scope for the Sonia-Rahul-Priyanka-Robert quadruplet as leaders.

      • Why don”t you write the same thing to AICC, Present AICC is spoiling the image of Congress.This is not the time to train Rahul ji. During the period of UPA Rahul could learn more by joining the advisory committee of Planning Commission.This clearly shows that Rahul ji is not at all interested to learn the facts.

    41. We gave more than 60 years rule to only one party, that is Congress, which proved fruitless, now let us give atleast 10 years to this BJP government to clear all the discrepancies from the system which prospered during Congress rule for more than 60 years and have now become unbearable. Atleast, now we feel proud to be Indians. NRIs are gaining confidence in our economy and they are feeling closeness with their soil for the first time after independence. The whole world is praising our country. Our leader is the most sought after leader in the world. Even China is feeling the heat and strength of our country for the first time. Both Pakistan and China have faced a new India recently. We have figured prominently in the international arena through many schemes, and efforts like Make in India, etc. We have surpassed Chinese economy in terms of growth forecast for the first time. This government took many bold steps like Demonetisation, GST implementation, surgical strike over Pakistan, standoff at Doklam issue, etc. Every step was a successful one and it represented our country as a strong and bold country. Such bold steps would take some time of 4-5 years to give fruit. We waited for more than 60 years under Congress rule, but we got nothing or meagre development with no such bold steps taken. Now, when we are seeing that this person, Narendra Modi, as a leader is of great calibre, as he has proved till yet, we should give him some time, not 60 years, but atleast 10 years. And I think, these 10 years would be quite enough to push India on the path of growth, development and prosperity along with secularism and harmony all across the country.

      • Very well said ! We Indians are like that only- we tolerated the Bris for 20 years, the Moghuls for 200 years and the Looter party INC for 60 years yet we cannot give even 3 years to a man who is hell bent on Making India great once again and is spotlessly clean in his own personal life. We should be ashamed of ourselves.

    42. BJP has learnt that social media crazy people are easy to fool and create easy votebank. Come elections, and all social media will again be flooded with Modi sarkar bluff promises and actors cursing Congress of how they made their life miserable since independence. None of the common man had benefited from the so called demonetisation, and have been awaiting their account to be credited by 13 lakhs as promised by our respectful Modiji. While the common man waited in line, and the rich had the bank executives and managers hand delivering cash at their residence. Where is the list of people who had their accounts in Swiss bank? Where is Vijay Mallya after getting away with 1000’s of crores of loan taken from public sector bank? What happened to Lalit Modi? How did Baba ramdev’s Patanjali grow to mamoth turnover? Where are the so called ache din? Where are the basic facilities that all taxpayers should get, when people are dying of stampede?Do we really require a bullet train to Gujarat? Should we contribute to growth of Gujarat now when our own basic needs are being compromised? “Baaton se pet nahi bharta” is a Hindi phrase that correctly suits the BJP governance,only talks and promises is what the Government has give to the common man. People calling themselves as Modi bhakt should be blind.

    43. Rahul is a paper tiger who reads from the script and hardly uses his brain.. if he asked for an interview.. he will end up insulting himself and the party he represents is rougue and hopeless, which is only good in propagating false news and crate religious riots and difference for political gains.. only a fool will vote for Congress who believes on corruption, backwardness for the country

    44. Congress has ruled India for sixty years true and what have they done ? listen please read Sushmajis speech in UNO that was achieved by the so-called corrupt govt. when India became independent there were only thirty six Crore people but more than eighty percent of people were starving After sixty years so-called corrupt rule hundred and twentyfive crore people are not starving and Sushmaji was able to stand up straight and challenge Pakistan
      I am not connected to any political party I was born before independence I know the facts figures Jai Hind Jai Bharat

    45. What I know is, that it was Indian parliament that forced Nehru to attack China. Chinese P M was In India for a week, persuading Nehru not to do sot. China never attacked India.
      Also in 1965 Pakistan attacked the disputed Kashmir. Indian forces were almost defeated on that front. To save the situation they attacked Pakistan. Pakistan never attacked India.

    46. Congress is crying now that मोदी has done this modi has done that. But what they have done to the county for the last 60 years of their rule the number of poors has Increased in many fold poolitics have become den of corrupt politicians. Politicians are going rich day by day and public is going poorer and poorer due to all self centered/corrupt and criminal background politicians

    47. Until 1977 India and China were at par as far economies are concerned. Between 1977 and 2017 both Congress and opposition ruled for equal years. During these years China leaped frog.particulaly in the when opposition ruled India. Don’t forget it is only during Congress rule India grew faster. What RG is talking about Most is absolute truth,may be he is not that articulate in his expression. BJP is changing its expression and narration on daily basis. Only issues now talked about are Pakistan, Hindu Muslim s.Common man in this country does not have anything to do with.

    48. No doubts that Democratisation was the gravest error for which we Indians are paying a very heavy price ….an act which can be only done by a man who prides himself with a 56 inches chest and brains of a chsiwallah…. We have elected him and we are paying the price for it…. Rahul just has the gall to call such a man’s bluff …. We miss you Dr. Manmohan Singh.

    49. A miserable attempt at trying to revive the fortunes of a failed politician. In your own words his gaffes are countless..and yet you want him to be seen after removing tinted glasses.. Can political acumen be decided only by the number of times you feel he was right? And you claim him to be dead right when he says Demon was a bad thing.. and does your saying so make him right? To be fair, on merit, Demon is yet to be decidedly proven wrong or right. So far it’s been called good or bad depending whether you hate Modi or not. Finally, you need to remove your tinted glasses and ask, would Rahul Gandhi ever get fielded into the electoral politics had he been born in any other family??? Forget it..use your efforts wisely.

    50. Surprisingly,RAGA and Congress party is trying to coin Anti Incumbency.The do not tell what they offer to people of Gujarat or comparison with Karnataka vs.Gujarat performance.Because they had not worked in Karnatak and made Model state.No positive ,

    51. Mr Rahul Gandhi may be brilliant, or may be a fool: I’m not commenting. But this article makes no contribution at all. I agree that demonetization seems to have turned out to be a grave mistake. But from what I can see, Mr Gandhi simply criticizes everything that Mr Modi does. When there’s nothing left to criticize he starts making senseless comments like “Suit-Boot ki Sarkar”. If Mr Gandhi had praised Mr Modi’s correct actions, and criticized wrong ones, we could have determined Mr Gandhi’s ability to judge. Right now he shows as much discrimination as a tape recorder. Heck, Mr Gandhi has even criticized the Swacch Bharat Campaign!

    52. Rahul goes overboard in remarks, NOT at all aware of ground conditions in our , country; ONLY talks big using USURPED surname of Mahatmaji; Let him go to RIGHT original surname GHANDY, ParsiMuslim
      and talk; Best for him go back Italy his mother’s land and enjntoy life with amassed assets in benami accounts abroad; Not fit to be in politics !

    53. Lot of comments have found a place in your Publication about Raghul Good But we have to understand why people have written these comments because they have faith in Indian Democracy which should work in the ensuing Rajasthan and Gujarat Elections sending a strong MESSAGE to the politicians An Indian Loving Democracy

    54. So many comments, ooh! Friends, please don’t waste time on criticising political parties and politicians. Don’t get carried away by political party Alka. Instead share ideas, views and actions to be implemented to bring back glory to India. Share thoughts, which will inspire every Indian. Friends, Media is powerful, use it constructively. Don’t blame people, fix the system, so that no one can do wrong or get away doing wrong. For example, let’s make Swachbharath successful for our own self. Iam sure, all of us agree that our surroundings can be much better than what they are today. Let’s discuss and act to improve our glorious country, let’s help each other build self esteem and let’s help each other to be better human beings and let’s see the glorious India again.
      Jai Bharath.

    55. Please, here I see people supporting openly to BJP. Is this make any sense supporting Modi government for failure of every decision either demonitization, ache din, etc, Where is ache din when every BUSinessman is struggling to earn and people are losing JOB, farmers dying etc. Do Not Support BJP like this blindly when people are struggling n dying. That’s why people started seeing options to replace The current pm to RAhul Gandhi. We need a PM to boost our economy and do good things to common man n wellbeing of every citizen, not to particular 3 or 4 elite persons.

    56. Questions:
      Did India develop in the 70 odd years of Independence.
      What was the Human Development Index (HDI) before and now.
      Did the standard of living of common man increase over the years.
      If you said No to these questions stop here and leave.
      If yes then proceed.
      Were the developments enough. Or the developments planned and resulted were they in concurrence.
      The answer should be NO. Everyone knows. We had not developed as we should have or as we planned.
      What were the reasons. Politicians alone ?(Congress alone). Who were congress men at the States who implemented the development schemes. The very same community or people that have changed their hides to the present ruling power. So it is not the politicians alone that are to be blamed. It is the ruling community.
      What better programmes than IRDP would be enough to change the economic status of the marginalised.
      Why did it not succeed.
      Do we really want seamless community development. How many would say yes. Not many.
      So it is not Congress alone that is to be blamed for the poor showing. Indira, Nehru, PVN.Rao, Manmohan haven’t they done their best. All the developments you see is only because of them.
      Think about the present party. How much do you trust them to take up the cause of marginalised, poor, economically and socially downtrodden. If you say you can trust them you are dumb. They are the ones who did not tolerate the upward movement of the marginalised. They were the people who sabotaged the welfare schemes. Better Congress than this divisive party.

    57. This word famous Pappu Panipuriwala man’s outbursts are just a sure shot sign of desperation of being out of power, of not being able to shout orders at MMS, who he considered nothing more than his private servant as PM
      The man must be exiled forthwith and asked to open his panipuri shop in Italy.

    58. You gave 8 instance to prove positive rahul
      Forgot the 56 instance where he indirectly boost opposite party by his speech
      Like machine where we can get gold out of potato

    59. Read somewhere that AirIndia was prospering in vagpayee govt then came 10 years of congress and it went into heavy debt as its peak time was givin to private aircrafts
      Also Doordarshan are again gaining center stage as previous govt actually belived in private companies and nit govt based companies this is new and rfreshing post BJP govt. Thanks Modiji

    60. Please hold back… No more blind following of any party or any leader. Whoever delivers up to our expectatations shall rule. Enough of this non sensual bhakti if leaders and parties. We need accountability and honesty hereafter. No more fooling around and selling dreams through elections.
      Anyone who aspires to rule need to be sincere enough to serve people. It could be anyone willing to standvtall in that front.

    61. What a load of bullshit. This guy is not even fit to be a kindergarten class leader. The only use of him is for a bunch of crooked parties across India to set him as a figurehead to loot the country and for chrislamists forces to buy land everywhere and set up their own activities.

    62. How many Doctors lawyers architects have given you receipts in last ,60 yrs Congress rule now they have been made accountable is not it good.Same with the hoteliers n others.Hats off to Modi

    63. The bhakts have nothing to say about scams in BJP ruled states, which shows their bias. Also, what action has the current govt. taken against corrupt politicians? has anyone been arrested? any fast track courts? nothing! only shouting and media hype, no action at all. This shows all politicians are the same. Rather we should blame the voters who vote for the same goons by turns. No party except AAP seem to be interested in the welfare of people. It speaks volumes about the mentality the people who do not value honest and sincere people.

    64. Modi speaks loud, could be a great orator, empty vessel makes maximum sound but no results, it’s proved, to rebuild again it will take decades.

    65. BJP should suitable reply to the issues raised by RaGa. For example, Vyapam case, Jayant Shah’s multiplication if his investment of Rs.50,000 becoming Rs.80 crore, BJP gave admission to the tainted people from the C.Party from Himachal Pradesh, Assam and other States. Let us not forget the then BJP President accepting the money. What about Rafael aircraft deal. They have deprived HAL manufacturing it and getting the technology transferred from France. At the same time, generating employment. Can you compare Anil Ambani’s aircraft factory with HAL Bengaluru? We have to remember all these things before criticising any other party. People join politics not for charity.

    66. Bjp and congress are corrupt. But congress tops the list of corruption . congress has done nothing to remove corruption but increased under congress rule. If not for British rule, india would be a Muslim nation congress should not rule India they are corrupt.

    67. Going through all this there are some points one recognizes

      1. Indians will always complain be it whichever party.
      2. They will complain about unemployment – when most of them want to sit and at home and do nothing but have money come in through any means. Indians do not want to work they want to complain about unemployment
      3. Rising prices – how many Indian families have thought of cultivating their own vegetables. There is terrace gardening and many other means – again indians want to sit on their asses and keep complaining about rising prices
      4. Water and electricity – how many Indians think of conserving it – they just want uninterrupted supply because they are paying for it
      5. Education and Job – Most Indian families want to continue the practice of quota system – why they want to get things free

      So where is the problem – not the political parties – they are the least of the problems – it is the Indian public the general mentality – they want things free and do not want to work for anything. With this mentality they get shit like this for governing them so unless the Indian public does not change its way of thinking they are bound to eat this shit for rest of their lives. So do not complain see what one can change within oneself

    68. All BJP and Congress bhkthas, I didn’t feel any change happening in politics. Its a wonderful magical game to cheat people in foolish scenario. We the people instinct to go election booth and compel to vote one of the cheater every five year and the process is continuing in future also. I hope the solution for corruption is avoid marriage people to participate in election from each constituency and their family botheration is instinct them to do corruption for their next generation. this should be try to apply from panchayath poll onward. Reduce their monthly remuneration to very reasonable level. The proposed minsters should pass the higher politician course conducted by government and the course standard should be the IAS academic level. Give a major strength decision power for public in high density bills by mobile sms or some other secure polling method. I expect there is lot of other more healthier suggestions from your end also, please put your comments on this matter is highly appreciable

    69. All politicians are in the same pool. No one his behind our system. We follow the British system. The only way is each and everyone in our country wants to know his own rights. We cannot depend on MC,MLAs and MPs.Now the rule of law otherwise system should change. Acadmeians and so called civil societies come forward to discuss and debate what is need presently to our country.lllllll

    70. All is well when you are in power. Whether congress or BJP….
      All loot money of poor man….BJP informed all their money holders well before demon and they saved it. It will get exposed if they do audit of bank transactions in Sep-Oct 16. Only a non-NDA next government will do that and expose them.
      Demon cost the country over 3 Lakhs crore loss due to the dip in GDP. The impact of this in GDP will be felt for years….The only good thing of Demo is UP win for BJP.

      GST is good for India and the teething troubles will go away in few months. But BJP needs to answer (Modi and Arun Jeitly) why they blocked it in 2011 for NO reasons….read the statements of these two guys during 2011 on GST and then comment…

      Bottom line, both the parties are bad when they are in power and good when they are outside…Poor Indians are fools….

    71. FD, PPF etc. interest rates are decreased. It is adversely affecting old, Non-pensioners, ladies & in general all common Man. Is it sabkaa saath sabkaa vikaas. There is no social security. Cost of treatment is exorbitant. Mediclaim premiums got increased exponentially. Inflation is in double digits. However, govt data’s fakely shows inflation 3.5 only. Cost of gas cylinder is doubled. Petrol & electricity is expensive. Vegetables are expensive.


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