Top 10 Most Patriotic Bollywood Films of all Time!

It's no secret that Bollywood gives more emphasis on making romantic films, but time and again it has produced some brilliant patriotic films which went on to attain iconic status over the years. Since its very beginning, it has been making biopics on legendary freedom fighters and also on wars which India fought with enemy countries. But patriotic films are not always about freedom fighters and wars; they could be about anything that fire up the feeling of patriotism within you. If you want to know which have been the top ten most patriotic Bollywood films of all time, read our comprehensive article here.



Directed by distinguished filmmaker Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra, ‘Rang De Basanti’ (2006) is one of the most popular patriotic films in India, which released globally on 26th January 2006. Starring an ensemble star cast of Aamir Khan, Siddharth Narayan, Atul Kulkarni, Kunal Kapoor, Sharman Joshi, Alice Patten, Soha Ali Khan, R. Madhavan and Waheeda Rehman in important roles, the movie was made on a budget of Rs. 25 crores and, by the time, it wrapped up its theatrical run at the box office it had made a whopping collection of Rs. 92 crores and was declared a blockbuster.

‘Rang De Basanti’ was the highest-grossing film in its opening weekend in India and had the highest opening day collections for a Bollywood film. An entertaining mix of romance, history and social commentary, the movie is still popular among the audience, especially youngsters, for its taut screenplay and engaging dialogues. The story of the movie revolved around a British documentary filmmaker who visits India to make a film on Indian freedom fighters based on diary entries by her grandfather, a former British officer. When she arrives in India, she chooses five young men to play the characters of Chandrasekhar Azad, Bhagat Singh, Shivaram Rajguru, Ashfaqulla Khan and Ram Prasad Bismil.

When ‘Rang De Basanti’ hit screens in India, it received an overwhelming response from all critics. Everyone unanimously praised the film, in particular, performance of all the actors and credibility of the storyline. The film had a huge impact on Indian society after its release. At the 53rd National Awards, ‘Rang De Basanti’ won four awards, including Best Popular Film Providing Wholesome Entertainment. In addition to that, it also won five Filmfare Awards. Rang De Basanti was chosen as India’s official entry for the Golden Globe Awards and the Academy Awards in the Best Foreign Language Film category, though it did not ultimately yield a nomination for either award.

TRIVIA: The film was to be made both in Hindi and English versions. The English version was to be titled “Paint It Yellow”. The plans for the English version were dropped subsequently.


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  1. I agree it’s a patriotic movie… Bt losing against Pakistan in finals n playing any match against Pakistan in women’s world cup is not acceptable… As far as more than 70% of Indians consider that winning against Pakistan in equal to winning world cup, and also winning world cup after losing to Pakistan is not accepted… So, I think he is TRAITOR

  2. Seriously…..something wrong with the author…not even one movie of Manoj kumar (kranti,Shaheed) to name a few…..get ur facts right ….

  3. Top 10?????

    WTF? What are the criteria used to rank them? List all movies with a Khan and having at least one utterance of the word India. And if you fall short of 10, then do a find on IMDb with genre = patriotism?

    You are a laugh riot. Your knowledge of Hindi films runs only from the period that you were 15 years old. Yeah alright I saw Haqeeqat from 1964 in the list. Thank heavens for IMDb.

    At the minimum you should have spoken with a few elders in your neighborhood to find out what movies they still recollect as bastions of patriotism. And your Chak De and Rang De would have come in the last 10 patriotic films.

    Grow up buddy.

  4. No Manoj “Bharat” Kumar movie in the list? I think Purab aur Paschim, Kranti, Saheed and Upkar were patriotic blockbuster too


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