Top 10 Most Patriotic Bollywood Films of all Time!

It's no secret that Bollywood gives more emphasis on making romantic films, but time and again it has produced some brilliant patriotic films which went on to attain iconic status over the years. Since its very beginning, it has been making biopics on legendary freedom fighters and also on wars which India fought with enemy countries. But patriotic films are not always about freedom fighters and wars; they could be about anything that fire up the feeling of patriotism within you. If you want to know which have been the top ten most patriotic Bollywood films of all time, read our comprehensive article here.


10CHAK DE! INDIA (2007)

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan has delivered many blockbusters in his movie career, which spans across close to three decades, but the one film that earned him the maximum amount of critical acclaim and is deeply satisfying is ‘Chak De! India’, which hit screens in 2007 to widespread acclaim and clocked innumerable awards at award functions held that year. A straightforward and deeply moving fictional story of an Indian Women’s Hockey coach with a highly sensitive and riveting drama tugged the right chord with the audience and attracted a huge number of moviegoers to theaters after its release. It is a film which earned everybody’s tears and is considered to be one of the best sports biopics produced by Indian cinema. The movie was high on national sentiments and full of patriotism.

Directed by Shimit Amin and produced by Yash Raj Films, ‘Chak De! India’, very beautifully depicts how a Muslim Hockey player hailed as villain becomes the national hero and earns back his lost respect and honor by coaching a bunch of girls of Indian Women’s Hockey team and help them win the Hockey World Cup. Superstar Shah Rukh Khan plays the lead character of Kabir Khan in the movie. Kabir is a former hockey player accused of match fixing when he lost against the rival team of Pakistan. He is branded as a traitor and anti-national post the defeat. But life gives him another chance to prove himself when he gets chosen to coach a team of girls who go on to win the World Cup. He brings together different girls from different walks of life and different cultures and mentalities and unites them to represent India at the Hockey World Cup tournament. The story of the well-intentioned film was sketched out brilliantly. In short, ‘Chak De! India’ is a heartfelt and touching movie featuring one of Shah Rukh Khan’s best performances.

TRIVIA: ‘Chak De! India’ sparked a national resurgence of interest in the sport of Hockey across the country. Within days of the film’s release, sales of hockey sticks shot up by 30% in the country.



  1. I agree it’s a patriotic movie… Bt losing against Pakistan in finals n playing any match against Pakistan in women’s world cup is not acceptable… As far as more than 70% of Indians consider that winning against Pakistan in equal to winning world cup, and also winning world cup after losing to Pakistan is not accepted… So, I think he is TRAITOR

  2. Seriously…..something wrong with the author…not even one movie of Manoj kumar (kranti,Shaheed) to name a few…..get ur facts right ….

  3. Top 10?????

    WTF? What are the criteria used to rank them? List all movies with a Khan and having at least one utterance of the word India. And if you fall short of 10, then do a find on IMDb with genre = patriotism?

    You are a laugh riot. Your knowledge of Hindi films runs only from the period that you were 15 years old. Yeah alright I saw Haqeeqat from 1964 in the list. Thank heavens for IMDb.

    At the minimum you should have spoken with a few elders in your neighborhood to find out what movies they still recollect as bastions of patriotism. And your Chak De and Rang De would have come in the last 10 patriotic films.

    Grow up buddy.

  4. No Manoj “Bharat” Kumar movie in the list? I think Purab aur Paschim, Kranti, Saheed and Upkar were patriotic blockbuster too


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