Top 10 Bollywood Actors Who Have Successful Side Business!

A career in films is not always very long. You cannot play a long inning here unless you are extremely talented and lucky. Every day new faces join the industry and the competition here becomes ever higher. You don't know if the superstar of today will command the same power and popularity tomorrow or vanish into oblivion. So, for a regular income throughout their lives, our stars invest the money earned from films into some other businesses and make huge profits. Here, we list down top ten Bollywood actors who have successful side business also.



Well, if you are a true Shah Rukh Khan fan, you know that he is not just the biggest superstar in the world, he is an entrepreneur also. The actor, who started his journey from television in the late 80s and then forayed into films with the super hit movie ‘Deewana’ in 1992 before delivering innumerable successful films at the box office, has seen a meteoric rise in his career as an entertainer. With his hard work and peerless dedication, he has established himself as one of the most successful and highest paid actors in the world. His brand value is worth billions. He is the world’s second richest entertainer. So, does Shah Rukh make all his money through films only? No, SRK has a diversified business which yields him profits in millions every year.

Khan is co-chairman of the motion picture production company Red Chillies Entertainment and its subsidiaries. His production company produces films and its VFX division offers VFX and animation services to other production houses and filmmakers. Besides owning Red Chillies Entertainment and its bouquet of subsidiaries, SRK is also the co-owner of the Indian Premier League cricket team Kolkata Knight Riders. Khan acquired ownership rights for the franchise in 2008 in partnership with Juhi Chawla, who has been her costar in many successful films like ‘Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman’ (1992) and ‘Darr’ (1993), and her husband Jay Mehta for US$75.09 million.  The team gained immense popularity due to its association with celebrity owners, but it could not do much on the field in the initial years. However, its performance improved drastically over the time and the team won IPL champions for the first time in 2012. KKR is one of the richest teams in the IPL, with a brand value of several million. Shah Rukh Khan is an award show host and television presenter. He endorses a number of brands from where he makes a hell lot of money.

TRIVIA: Shah Rukh Khan has played negative roles in seven films, namely ‘Darr’ (1993), ‘Baazigar’ (1993), ‘Anjaam’ (1994), ‘Duplicate’ (1998), ‘Don’ (2006), ‘Don 2’ (2011) and ‘Raees’ (2017).



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  2. People who are rich think how to become richer,inspite everyone know they require for Roti Kapada, makan to live .
    It is a question how much money require for an individual?
    If we spend 10% of our income to help needy, that is service , get more happy and get self satisfaction
    It is better everyone develop the habit of service to the needy

    • Hi! Businesses generate employment, which is the best social service. There’s no NGO scanner here!!! What is to be remembered here is that these successful businesses pave way for more interdependent business!!! If successful people sit down with Roti kapda aur makaan, where will the economy go???

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  4. generally, it is observed whenever the richest person donates to needy, the needy becomes lazier. instead of donates their money they have to invest the money in such a way that some needy person get the job.

  5. Actor Shah Rukh Khan has worked hard to achieve whatever he had achieved. Now as an entrepreneur he is generating employment. Award he received along with Cate Blanchet andSirElton John at Davos spoke volumes about his charity work , that hardly I knew . Respect for him has just grown….

  6. It is flawed to define rich and poor on the basis of money in the bank. Therefore any debate based on the wrong premise always to be wrong. Rich are those who are having richness in their mind. They are always having big heart. Huge life energy always flows through them.

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  8. Shahrukh is great example for those who want to earn by smart hard work. It shows everything is possible everywhere. He has crossed the same roads where someone thinks that it’s difficult. Salute to him.


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