Top 10 Most Superstitious Celebrities In Bollywood!

They say that hard work is the key to success, but when some people feel that their hard work is not paying them any rewards, they blame it on their stars and bad luck. And to improve their luck, what not they try! From wearing special bracelets to expensive rings, they do everything to ward off negative energies and attract good luck. Hardly anyone realizes when they become superstitious in the process. If you thought that only common people fall prey to all this, then think again and read about top ten most superstitious celebrities in Bollywood.



It might surprise you no end, but it is true. The biggest superstar of the world, too, is superstitious. So, you don’t need to lose your temper when someone teasingly calls you superstitious, because you know that even your favorite superstar falls in the same category. Yes, Shah Rukh Khan holds on to a certain number for luck. We don’t know exactly when King Khan got fixated on this special number, but he considers it to be supremely lucky. No one knows whether his obsession has got anything to do with numerology but it is evident that the superstar takes it seriously. Don’t you want to know which number is that? Well, Shah Rukh Khan has a fleet of vehicles and all of them bear the same number 555 and so does the bike that was shown in the poster of his blockbuster movie ‘Chennai Express.’ Wow, cool. Isn’t it? He also loves watching films alone in the darkness of his BMW car.

555 is the number which is very close to the actor. So, now you know one thing very clearly that Shah Rukh Khan is not going to drive a car that does not bear a number plate having 555 etched on it. If any of his fans in any corner of the world is planning to gift his favorite movie star a vehicle, be it a car or bike, then he knows what he needs to do – book a vehicle that has 555 written on its number plate, else his gift is not going to be accepted. What did you say? It’s difficult! Well, being an SRK fan is not an easy task.

TRIVIA: Shah Rukh Khan’s personal bodyguard is Yasmin Khan. When his bodyguard got married, the big-hearted actor gifted him a flat beside his multi-crore residence Mannat in Mumbai.



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