10 Times Sushma Swaraj Rescued Indians Living abroad


    10Bringing Geeta back

    It is just not another story of an NRI working abroad. It is a story of girl who mistakenly had reached Pakistan when she was young. Deaf and mute, the young girl was raised by people in the other country. This case definitely sounds like coming from a film but it is true beyond words. As a child, Geeta accidentally crossed the borders fifteen years ago. It is said that she was seven or eight years old when she crossed and ever since, she was putting up in the country. Sushma Swaraj took an active take on this and helped her without wasting anytime. Before bringing her to the country, her DNA test was done and that was matched with the respective family. Vikas Swarup, who is the external affairs ministry spokesperson shared that the girl would come with her five members from Edhi Foundation. This foundation took care of her when she was lost. She has stayed with several shelter homes before she started living with Edhi.

    Considering the fact that she cannot speak or hear, her original name remains unknown. Her name Geeta was given by Bilquis Edhi who is the founder of Edhi Foundation. This is a highly recognized social welfare organization (Pakistan). And out of love, she is also addressed as Guddi. Such names are not common in Pakistan but since she is a devout Hindu, she was given this. As seen from her room, one can see colorful posters of Hindu gods and goddesses and also, an earthen lamp. There is a temple in her place where she was putting up.  It is said that the shelter in Pakistan is very accommodating.

    As a matter of fact, one of the workers called as Faisal Edhi got a Ganesh idol from Kathmandu. As per Edhi, She even reads Namaaz and observes fasts during Ramzan but no one in the shelter asked her to convert. It is said that she eats vegetarian food and loves to pray. When she was lost, it is said in the reports that she was found by Pakistani Rangers in Lahore. She strayed across the border when she was seven or eight but now, she is twenty two. Though she cannot speak or hear anything but she can write. She even mentioned in her journal that she missed her parents very much.  While questioning her, she mentioned 193 in several places that gave a sign of either her address or her location. She even pointed out to the states like Jharkhand and Telengana as her home. She mentioned that she has four brothers and sisters in her family. At one point of time, she was suggested starting a new life in Pakistan itself and marrying a Hindu boy but she refused. She had clearly mentioned that she will only marry once she gets back to her family.


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    1. Just for her own publicity Sushma Swaraj rescued Indians living abroad.But did nothing to women living in India.BJP leaders are experts publicity masters.PM Modi just enjoying “Acche Din” touring foreign countries repeatedly has become biggest feature.Just religious beliefs being enforced on people.Cows have become more important than human lives.

    2. Beef has become biggest issue than anything else since BJP came to power.All they want is to enforce religious beliefs on others.Building Ayodhya temple has become more important than anything else.Prices of all commodities have become out or reach for everyone.Nothing positive has been done by BJP government.

      • Poor mind set as expected from you! We cannot change the forced sleeping mindset of the people of your thinking. Let the good sense prevail.

    3. Cows,cattle lives have become more important than human lives since BJP came to power.Millions suffering with poverty.High cost of living has made life miserable to all.

      • We live in such a cynical world with cynical people like you. Even when someone is doing good things, you can only see some imaginary ulterior motive.

    4. Mr. Ali,

      Cows were most useful domesticated animal in India. Because the Cow’s milk is light, and with a lot less cream, it was found fit for children. The Cow gave birth to Oxen that were used to laugh field and grow food,. Even when they die, they offer skin for shoes. With this kind of benefit derived from this domesticated animal for a long time, they did become very much protected.

      As for starving population is concerned, I am sure there are no starving people in Pakistan, right? In a country of ever growing population taking care is a huge challenge. I am very happy to notice, Pakistan do not have anyone hungry and poor. I have heard anyone who is poor and hungry there chooses to become Taliban or Al Quaeda member. Rest join up with ISIS.

      I am sure Rich population of Pakistan is an item of envy for the world. I find many Europeans and Americans are seeking migration to Pakistan. I have lived in the USA for the last 50 years and people here ask me why do I not immigrate to Pakistan? I can not come up with any answer except that there were at least 25% non Muslims when Pakistan was created but they all disappeared and I am afraid I may not survive in Pakistan as a non-Muslim.

      Take care of your Rich country.


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