10 Indian Divas Who Never Got Married



Tabassum Fatima Hashmir, better known as Tabu, is a 45-year-old virtuoso actress who has a reputation of making her performance appear as though it was never a performance. She’s an effortless actor who’s known for signing movies that receive critical acclamation than the ones which are only concerned with numbers. In 1985, Tabu made her debut in a film called Hum Naujawan when she was just fourteen.

Since then, her career has had an uphill climb with countless hits such as Maachis, Virasat, Kandukondain Kandukondain, Chandni Bar, Astitva, Maqbool, Haider, and Drishyam. She has won many accolades including the National Film Award (Best Actress), Six Filmfare Awards and the honorable Padma Shri Award.

Unlike most celebrities, Tabu has barely ever been splashed over the news regarding her love life or link-ups. Having said that, two years ago, the media speculated that she was seeing a businessman based in Mumbai.

In an interview, Tabu said that she believes in the phrase “Que Sera Sera” and is open to the idea of marriage and having children but doesn’t let that thought consume her. She also expressed that she’d never settle abroad. This only added more fodder to the rumours. Nevertheless, there’s no evidence that suggests that she has or is planning to marry this mysterious man.

Despite all these conjectures, this talented woman has remained unruffled, and we love that about her!



  1. Marriage is beautiful between the two people which will make them to understand help and build strong family together. Have beautiful children and provides them better future. Unfortunately now days people look at marriage as a legal prostitution. Legal prostitution you marry her pay her till you live. Illegal prostitution your not obliged to her pick up the bitch use her pay her and walk away. No responsibility . But that’s not the way to live. r produce healthy society.

  2. marriage need not to discuss on this forum, it is personal problem of someone, social, medical and psychological problem come into its way. many incompatible marriages end into failure which further harm mental and social well-being. compatible marriages are extremely good for yours mental and spiritual well being., however it is you to decide, I am no one to force for this sacred responsibility.

  3. Marriage makes life complete
    Marriage makes two souls and two hearts one and it creates a beautiful family,
    Without marriage life is boring alone and stressed,
    Everyone needs a partner and everyone wants having partner and kids in the whole life, especially in old age you need care of your partner and kids with full of love ❤

  4. Cinema actress and actor never marry only they spend nights for money with different rich persons on bed like just changing dress!

  5. Mutaherbhai, you seem to be unnecessarily biased against women. There are rogue women and rapacious, barbarian men everywhere. Marriages work when both husband and wife are willing to understand each other and compromise in life. All religions teach us so.

  6. Anyone should not blame or hurt other. We all are looking thru our own prism (that’s our mind; I have one also), Nothing in the universe for life is pre-destined or fated. Everything is just happening by resultant of situation; those may time, environment, others influence, discipline, corruption, game of power and or related many or one. Mind is different like face or fingerprint; Its similarities is based on declaration of understanding & compromising silently.

  7. Suraiya looks lie Hollywood’s Ava Gardner.
    Marriage is not made for everyone; there is nothing wrong being single because .
    It’s better to be single and happy than married and miserable.

  8. Sorry to say who ever person who put down other person they should think twice before make judgement every body know what is right and what’s not it’s up to them because god give us freedom to choose

  9. She’s an actress of course with performance and presentation. There have been here entertaining visual performances and her audio video has emerged in the media market. I could view her last on Hindi Entertainment media portal http://hindi.media and found her performance as good as any top Hindi Movie actress. She is of course somewhat different than the typecasts. Regarding her personal life she might have chosen any lifestyle, but her professional performance is excellent.

    There is only one here referred to as never married. I thought there would be ten such personalities of media. Let’s count if there are more.


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