10 Indian Divas Who Never Got Married



Tabassum Fatima Hashmir, better known as Tabu, is a 45-year-old virtuoso actress who has a reputation of making her performance appear as though it was never a performance. She’s an effortless actor who’s known for signing movies that receive critical acclamation than the ones which are only concerned with numbers. In 1985, Tabu made her debut in a film called Hum Naujawan when she was just fourteen.

Since then, her career has had an uphill climb with countless hits such as Maachis, Virasat, Kandukondain Kandukondain, Chandni Bar, Astitva, Maqbool, Haider, and Drishyam. She has won many accolades including the National Film Award (Best Actress), Six Filmfare Awards and the honorable Padma Shri Award.

Unlike most celebrities, Tabu has barely ever been splashed over the news regarding her love life or link-ups. Having said that, two years ago, the media speculated that she was seeing a businessman based in Mumbai.

In an interview, Tabu said that she believes in the phrase “Que Sera Sera” and is open to the idea of marriage and having children but doesn’t let that thought consume her. She also expressed that she’d never settle abroad. This only added more fodder to the rumours. Nevertheless, there’s no evidence that suggests that she has or is planning to marry this mysterious man.

Despite all these conjectures, this talented woman has remained unruffled, and we love that about her!



  1. Marriage is good or bad cannot explain but it surely is a choice if you have the capability to fight the odds and decide whether you want to get married or be single. I personally feel both have their advantages and disadvantages, but being a Indian Woman as far as our mentality goes on a general note every woman wants to get married from within her heart but looking around in the society from her mind she goes with the idea of leading her life her own way and on her terms because usually it’s the case that a woman no matter what has to accept the other persons decision . So in today’s scenario if one decides no marriage that also should be welcomed by family and friends.

  2. Within the Indian culture women are not sufficiently respected or protected.
    Knowing that, why would an Indian woman choose such a step down???

  3. Marriage can be beautiful or ugly. It depends on two individuals.
    I’d say, a beautiful marriage is based on mutual respect, trust & honesty. Where as an ugly marriage lack all these important ingredients.

  4. Wow! You good totally skipped my favorite actress – Urmila Matondkar! Unless she secretly got married and didn’t tell me 🙁

  5. Shouldn’t this be Titled “10 Indian Divas Who Never Married” – instead of portraying these very respectable and graceful actresses, in control of their lives, as if they did not have a choice 🙂


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