10 Indian Divas Who Never Got Married



Tabassum Fatima Hashmir, better known as Tabu, is a 45-year-old virtuoso actress who has a reputation of making her performance appear as though it was never a performance. She’s an effortless actor who’s known for signing movies that receive critical acclamation than the ones which are only concerned with numbers. In 1985, Tabu made her debut in a film called Hum Naujawan when she was just fourteen.

Since then, her career has had an uphill climb with countless hits such as Maachis, Virasat, Kandukondain Kandukondain, Chandni Bar, Astitva, Maqbool, Haider, and Drishyam. She has won many accolades including the National Film Award (Best Actress), Six Filmfare Awards and the honorable Padma Shri Award.

Unlike most celebrities, Tabu has barely ever been splashed over the news regarding her love life or link-ups. Having said that, two years ago, the media speculated that she was seeing a businessman based in Mumbai.

In an interview, Tabu said that she believes in the phrase “Que Sera Sera” and is open to the idea of marriage and having children but doesn’t let that thought consume her. She also expressed that she’d never settle abroad. This only added more fodder to the rumours. Nevertheless, there’s no evidence that suggests that she has or is planning to marry this mysterious man.

Despite all these conjectures, this talented woman has remained unruffled, and we love that about her!



  1. God has made two opposite sex….which are attracted towards each other naturally…….and we human beings have created a word ….. marriage… For completing this task socially….so don’t fight on this…..and enjoy life with or without marriage….it’s totally personal choice….I am happy with married life.it has many advantages ….release year stress…..you r not alone at any stage…..nice kids …… healthy environment …and many..

    • Time is most precious..
      Space comes second..
      Reality is when both merges..
      Luck is when both merges right..
      to which Destiny is made..
      Fortune is all about expectations..
      Afterall ..at end life is all about..how would you feel about it..happiness or regrets..in which marriage contains all the victories and in which without shall contains all victories.,unmatched..

      victories are not meant for loners..you will need someone to celebrate it with..to to bottom of your heart while time and space still allow.
      in my humble opinion through my ever refining angle of perception for the thoughts ..and trust.

  2. Friends do not fight over marriage affairs,it is totally depends on individuals choice religion doesn’t matter.to live with one’s spouse is just not for making physical love or grow generation,it is a responsibility to live and manage with someone loves you .As per hindu philosophy great dedication and sacrifice is required for keep a relationship long lasting.if you want freedom at the name of refusing from responsibility or you are selfishly putting your own intrest above your spouse, then nobody force to get married.

  3. As I have read most of the comments above I must admit I feel a little sad and I am wondering what Class are You All in ? Please remember in future that it is far far better to remain silent and be thought a Fool, than it is to speak and remove all doubt.

  4. Marriage is not everything ….you can have a soul mate in your best friend….and why get martied if you love your life as it is…noooo….to be free ..wow the best feeling in life

  5. Hello, it is a choice. That is what that makes human beings special compared to other creation. We are given a choice to choose how we want to live our life. So why bring religion, race or misguided knowledge into the picture. Nobody has the right to force someone to marry or nobody has the right to tell someone to remain single. It is all about choosing how you want to live your life. You can be happily married or miserably single and no one has a right to force you! So stop commenting about what you think will make other people happy.

  6. Many women do their own work. They don’t respect their father and mother in law. By the way women also torture the men by types of dilema like they mentally harassment and physically too. And even now women are very intelligent and sharp talented because they have one own husband after that they are trying to do more they wants more they never satisfied from one person. Now a day many women who they had children and they ran away with their boyfriend. What will do for the men. My grammar is too weak


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