10 Indian Divas Who Never Got Married



Tabassum Fatima Hashmir, better known as Tabu, is a 45-year-old virtuoso actress who has a reputation of making her performance appear as though it was never a performance. She’s an effortless actor who’s known for signing movies that receive critical acclamation than the ones which are only concerned with numbers. In 1985, Tabu made her debut in a film called Hum Naujawan when she was just fourteen.

Since then, her career has had an uphill climb with countless hits such as Maachis, Virasat, Kandukondain Kandukondain, Chandni Bar, Astitva, Maqbool, Haider, and Drishyam. She has won many accolades including the National Film Award (Best Actress), Six Filmfare Awards and the honorable Padma Shri Award.

Unlike most celebrities, Tabu has barely ever been splashed over the news regarding her love life or link-ups. Having said that, two years ago, the media speculated that she was seeing a businessman based in Mumbai.

In an interview, Tabu said that she believes in the phrase “Que Sera Sera” and is open to the idea of marriage and having children but doesn’t let that thought consume her. She also expressed that she’d never settle abroad. This only added more fodder to the rumours. Nevertheless, there’s no evidence that suggests that she has or is planning to marry this mysterious man.

Despite all these conjectures, this talented woman has remained unruffled, and we love that about her!

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    • An idiot like you ,who cannot even spell, should not be criticising other people’s use of language. “Close-mouthed” is fine.

      • Yes, you moron… I wasn’t writing for the Times of India, with a copyeditor and a salary… I was making a point about the language used, doing so over a cellphone. And no, ‘close mouthed’ is not fine… that is a direct translation of ‘muh bandh karke’ from Indian languages. In English, the right term is ‘tight lipped’.

        • It is just a variation of “closemouthed” which is a valid word in both British and American English. According to Merriam Webster the definition of closemouthed is “cautious in speaking : uncommunicative; also : secretive” and the first known use was in 1881. Even the NY Times uses the word in their opinion pieces.

  1. Many are destined to remain single in this world and not get married.Destiny plays vital part in everyone’s life.Many don’t get married for their medical personal problems which they don’t intend to disclose.Marriage is not for everyone even though you need companion in life for many reasons.Once you get older it becomes horrible for being single in life.During sickness and surgeries you need someone in life.Many are very unfortunate.Pity seeing many singles suffering in silence with no help from anyone.It is misery to remain single in life.

  2. marriage is for life, both for one one for both. you talk you fight you suffer and then you are happy ever after.

    • Fantastic.The Benefits and Happiness of Marriage will be felt by both Partners when they share the happyness and Sorrow of Happenings of Married Life is Equally Shared by Husband,Wife and Children.

    • Sorry my dear, it’s the other way round, men sit on their asses living of their wives, the women and any families that I have come across are all working feeding their lazy husbands providing them with money and fulfilling their needs, the day the woman gets I’ll or refuses to provide for him, the man starts looking elsewhere for a younger woman ofcourse. In other words men prostitute themselves for money to their wives.

  3. Marriage is not successful for everyone.In western life marriage has no meaning after having children.Still they claim as single.Looking for some rich fool to marry them.

  4. You are atypical Muslim who only think Thru Islamic prism.What has any religion to do with marriage.No religion makes it as a compulsory to marry.
    Please come out of islamic prism.

    • Sir/Madam,
      I’m afraid I do not understand your comment here.
      Agreed that Mister Mutaher wasn’t right by dragging in a community and writing against the western civilization. However, your own comment totally contradicts itself. You mentioned, ” What has any religion to do with marriage.” yet you bring in Islam by indicating that Muslims and Islam are as a repulsive subject.
      For your kind knowledge, kindly be informed that Islam doesn’t force marriage on any Muslim. Marriage is important in Islam but it isn’t mandatory to get married. Fate plays a huge role when it comes to marriage and not everyone is destined to get married. In fact, those who don’t have the fate to get married in their lifetime are promised a partner in the paradise.
      Kindly get your facts right before jumping your guns and degrading a religion or a community.

      Sincere regards,
      A Muslimah
      (P.S. I’m very well educated and am quite successful in my own career and no one can force me to get married if I don’t want to. Islam gives me the right to reject marriage proposals if I don’t like them. If that’s what you meant by being in a “prism” I’m happy to be confined in one.)

  5. Marriage is choice not force…
    Women all over the world are making it and probably don’t want to be controlled at all…then they might choose to remain unmarried… do their stuff their own way and move on with life…
    some ain’t got time for husband bullshits..

  6. Dear mutaher
    Pl leave india an go to Pakistan or bangladesh
    Or better Dubai may be. Unless u r leaning towards

  7. Guys stop your comments of marriage as experts , not all married people are happy and unmarried are in misery it’s every individuals personal choice , let’s keep ourself away from her personal life ,

  8. It is indeed funny to watch how a simple subject like marriage takes queer turns from religious attitude to social hatred . It is like seven blind men describing an elephant ! — — As regards to the correctness of English , I am with ” tight lips”. — — Enjoy Bro, life is not for fretting and fuming over petty things !!!

  9. Marriage is good for company in older age. In these day an age children go all over the world for different reason. When you get into older age ,some one is next to you to share your good or bad time before you leave this beautiful world . I am not religious. To me religion invented by human , mostly by man. Unfortunately , in any debate muslim always bring religion . Fortunately I met so many muslims in life, does not matter so called Doctor, Enginier, or any academic , you can not talk to them progresive way of thinking. Always ,due to inferiority complex, bring back religion. I would like to tell them all muslim are converted from one or another society of belief. Generally people are changed from mostly less IQ,,uneducated or mostly by force. If you read Koran , which was invented 570 AD. you will get your answer. It is writen in Arabic, but real and true translation , please buy “Mohammed Koran” by Timmy Robinson from Amazon. That will give all answer. Muslims are very nice people if you do mention religion.

    • Buddha said that this world is temporary and miserable. Nana said everyone in this world is suffering. Krishna said that from the top most planet to earth to hell this universe if full of sufferings. Shankaracharaya said everyone in this world is consumed by grief. This world is called mrtyu lok or the world of death where birth, disease old age and inevitable death exists. Beautiful world indeed !

  10. Marriage is a beautiful thing, Men and women can make their live wonderful and peaceful if they learn to respect each other, and care and compromise with time and circumstances instead of abusing, satisfaction and contention with a will and determination to progress in life, and I believe when u have a will you will find some way to make life and relationships remarkable and beautiful, Trust me trust compromise will make ur love life pleasant and long lasting, God has created humans so beautiful form have no words to explain,if human become honest and sincere with himself and cultivate a feeling of love in the family then they prosper and live a meaningful life, love matures after marriage and after some time it becomes a way of life, to love and be loved,

  11. Nowadays girls and women are being treated like sheeps on the name of marriage.u marry a girl and make her Ur Slave for the rest of Ur life.and not only urs but Ur complete khandaan and if she disagrees with the man at any point u simply leave her…divorce her and seperate her from her children.this is what marriage truly is the best described. But yes I have seen such men also who r truly good and love their wife but they r just 1 in 100.so it’s a big risk.so it’s better not to take the risk.once u r entrapped it’s becomes very difficult to get out of it.and even if u get out the society makes hell for u.its another thing that u don’t care.😁

  12. Y d concept of marriages are made in heaven ..ever said (all religions) n to be simple it’s a choice of marriage for every individual ……married life is sharing all ur due respect n tc of each other in every walk of life.
    Some people need complete freedom but while ages go by they feel alone
    Some people feel controlled by each other or distracted by each other
    Some feel blessed to have each other …..dats the life.
    Let destiny plays it’s role n let people have a choice of freedom …all d best for life journey

  13. God has made two opposite sex….which are attracted towards each other naturally…….and we human beings have created a word ….. marriage… For completing this task socially….so don’t fight on this…..and enjoy life with or without marriage….it’s totally personal choice….I am happy with married life.it has many advantages ….release year stress…..you r not alone at any stage…..nice kids …… healthy environment …and many..


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