10 Best knocks by Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh, one of the recent Iconic cricketers, has seen the highs and lows in both his personal life and his career as one of the top ranked Indian batsmen. He had seen it all and had it all snatched away by the hand of fate when he was diagnosed with Cancer. But he managed to beat all odds, overcame his rare germ cell cancer and got back to doing what he loved the best, which was returning back to the crease and taking the bat for the nation.


3Burning shots at India vs. England (NatWest final, Lord’s Cricket Ground, 2002)

With some below par bowling, India was unable to restrict England as a result of which they managed to post an impressive total in the first innings. With the score standing at 325, India knew that it had a tough job of even coming close to this number. With some of their top batsmen under-performing of late, it came as no surprise to anyone when the middle order just withered away under the onslaught of English bowlers.

But to the surprise of many, both Yuvraj and Kaif were still at the crease when others had just plain given up. These two youngsters started hitting the ball all over the ground, with quite a few boundaries between the two of them. What this match brought to the fore was the “never say die” spirit of Yuvraj that would stand him in good stead in the future when he underwent treatment for cancer.

And even though at this point, his batting still needed some polish, his strokes were as impeccable and as precise as ever, and these two went on to lead India to a massive win with Ganguly waving his shirt from the stands. It was a worthwhile match and the kind of which is enough to charm the shoes off anyone.


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