10 Best knocks by Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh, one of the recent Iconic cricketers, has seen the highs and lows in both his personal life and his career as one of the top ranked Indian batsmen. He had seen it all and had it all snatched away by the hand of fate when he was diagnosed with Cancer. But he managed to beat all odds, overcame his rare germ cell cancer and got back to doing what he loved the best, which was returning back to the crease and taking the bat for the nation.


2Great Skills at ICC Knockout Trophy, Nairobi, 2000

This particular series came at a very trying time for the Indian cricket team who had come under enormous pressure due to match fixing allegations. But this allowed a valuable opportunity for young players who just made it the cut and were debuting in their first international innings by taking part in these series.

While young players are often stressed out at the thought of performing in front of other professional players, Yuvraj Singh exhibited none of the nervousness that’s quite common among new players. Instead, he ended up teaching the Aussies a thing or two. And keep in mind that this was his first match at the professional level, against another strong team.

Young Yuvraj managed to compose himself as he took on the Australian bowlers and played a steady game, with hard running between the wickets and a few boundaries.

His stroke play which he would refine later on down the road was impeccable and scored eighty-four runs resulting in India closing the first innings with a total of 282. His eighty-four runs saw Yuvraj nearly score a ton, but precise playing soon managed to motivate all the other players and outdid the Aussies in their home turf.

But apart from his batting efforts, his stint as a fielder during this match saw India dismissing Harvey and Michael Bevan.




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