10 Best knocks by Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh, one of the recent Iconic cricketers, has seen the highs and lows in both his personal life and his career as one of the top ranked Indian batsmen. He had seen it all and had it all snatched away by the hand of fate when he was diagnosed with Cancer. But he managed to beat all odds, overcame his rare germ cell cancer and got back to doing what he loved the best, which was returning back to the crease and taking the bat for the nation.


1Glorious Shots at India vs. Pakistan (Ahmedabad, December 2012)

Three months after being inducted into the team again, Yuvraj Singh took the Pakistani bowlers head on and set up a blistering attack that resonates to this day. What awed the crowd that day was not so much that Yuvraj was back on the team, or that the cynics were still wondering why on earth he was included; but that he managed to exceed the expectations of many, despite being back only for a short while.

The Comeback Kid started off his blistering attack on the Pakistanis with impressive stroke play and hitting both Afridi and Ajmal to the corners. But what stood out was the way Yuvraj managed to hit three sixes off Ajmal taking his overall score to seventy-two. He managed to score this in under thirty-six balls which is remarkable in itself.

The fact that the Comeback Kid did this post treatment and a painful injury is all too telling that Yuvraj Singh is one determined player who will always overcome anything that life may throw at him. The fact that he handled some of the experienced bowlers with such ease only makes the case that the Indian team needed and still needs someone like Yuvraj Singh to guide them to a complete victory in the same way they overcame the Pakistanis.




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