Top 10 Incidents That Told Kohli was Captaincy Material


2The Midas Touch at IPL 9

While there are many, who may argue that Kohli does not deserve the captaincy on account of his young age and that he needs more exposure, that particular argument falls flat. With over twelve wins, and no defeat in test matches, it is evident to all that Kohli has both the experience and expertise to handle captaincy and his last century made that point poignantly to all the naysayers.

His Midas touch comes alive in the case of the IPL 9 which saw an unbelievable performance from Kohli. He made a total of 973 runs in the 16 innings which almost seems impossible. He maintained a great strike rate of 152 and an average of over 81. In the tournament, he tackled 640 balls and hit 38 sixes and 83 boundaries. He became the highest six hitter and scored 7 fifties and 4 tons. What a performance!

It is none other than Kohli who can be said to translate any match into a favorable one for India. He had done it several times over the period of his career, and we hope to see more of his touches to win India the matches under his captaincy in the future.

While it remains to be seen if he would be as good a captain as Ganguly or Dhoni for they had really set the bar high, but he has definitely performed extremely well in these initial few months as India’s cricket captain. What remains to be seen is how he motivates his team, whether he is able to take everyone on and is able to strategize with them effectively.



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    This is a great post! Kohli is an incredibly talented player, and it is so great to see him get some recognition! I think you definitely captured what it means to be a captain and a leader as well!


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