Top 10 Incidents That Told Kohli was Captaincy Material


1Great Instincts shown at India England Matches

When it comes to cricket, your reflexes count as much as your instincts. There are various ways that you can use to hook the ball and decide whether to place it and get a few runs. Or better yet, to knock it for a four or a six.

This was more evident during the last India – England encounter, where Kohli instead of just opting for the big strokes, opted to play the slog overs and got India her win. In fact, it all centered on his performance, and if he had chosen to use the big strokes for each and every ball, the game would have been over long before the umpire blew his whistle.

Instead, he slogged through two hundred and sixty-eight balls, targeted the third man and scored his fifteenth century while his performance was impeccable. In short, he has great instincts and has employed them at each and every turn.

Overall, Kohli had shown himself to be of the right caliber to lead the team just when it needed someone to infuse new ways of strategizing effectively. Moreover, under his capable leadership, he has shown himself to be up to the task and has led the team to many a victory in both the ODI’s and Test matches, both here and overseas.



  1. Hey,
    This is a great post! Kohli is an incredibly talented player, and it is so great to see him get some recognition! I think you definitely captured what it means to be a captain and a leader as well!


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