Top 10 Dhoni Captain Cool Moments

When it comes to being a captain, and the job is never an easy one – the person chosen must be capable of leading the team and bringing them together, motivating them to try harder and above all, being able to connect with the whole team. This is what made Mahendra Singh Dhoni stand out as one of the best Indian cricket captains in recent history.


2World Cup Win

When it comes to cricket, it does not get bigger than the World Cup, and with many nations entering the pool, from the US to Netherlands, it was going to be an interesting group playoffs, and it did turn out to be exactly that. It would be an understatement to say that all the teams faced enormous pressure to perform better than others and India was no exception.

The win against Australia went some way to silencing the critics, but it was that remarkable win over Pakistan in the semis that made it apparent to one and all that Dhoni was indeed outstanding. But it was the World Cup win which would be one of the top Dhoni captain cool moments, that would see India go ahead to claim the cup.

When it comes to teams, it is important to lead the team and to be able to connect with the whole team without losing one’s cool. Dhoni certainly excelled in keeping his emotions under check and was well known for his icy demeanor. This was all the more apparent during the World Cup series held in India in 2011. Finally, it all came down to the front when Dhoni and the rest of the boys had to take on the Sri Lankans and won the match with six wickets in hand.

Moreover, Dhoni was named as the man of the match and with good reason. This World Cup win is certainly one of those cool Dhoni captain moments when all of India cheered the boys in blue as they held the World Cup high above their heads.


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