Top 10 Kohli Run Chases to Prove He Is the Ultimate Run Machine


8Australia in India ODI Series

India took on the giants Australia in their ODI in Vishakhapatnam, and while this particular match and the innings were played more than six years ago, it is still a remarkable feat by Kohli. Before this match, Kohli had to face a few health related issues, and as a result, his performance was not that great, but this match and the resulting run chase by him single-handedly saw his fortunes turn for the better.

Kohli came in second or third to bat at the crease, chasing down a target of 292 set by the Aussies. While Michael Clarke managed to set up this impressive target with his century and a score of 111 runs, it was Kohli’s performance in chasing down this target that saw them bag the batch with wickets to spare.

The Australians performed well with both Clarke and White setting up impressive runs, but once Kohli got going and started hitting the ball all over the park, the match was as good as won. And he did just that, he chased down the target and won the match with wickets in hand. While this match was one that made Kohli overcome his lean patch and he managed to get his head back into the game, it was also this run chase that enabled him to fine-tune his stroke play which he would put to greater use in many other matches.


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  1. While touring abroad run-machine will break down.Then India will come back to their original rankings.Just matter of time things going well for Virat and India.Nothing else.History of Indian cricket has already seen everything that Indians are only good on home grounds.That also they failed in T20 world cup which WI proved themselves superior.Thanks to IPL matches to know Indian players weaknesses.

  2. 8 out of 10 innings in Asia and one outside Asia is against Zimbabwe.In short only one innings in Hobart against Srilanka of worth.nkt even comparable to the likes of Tendulkar


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