Top 10 Shots Invented since IPL


8The Paddle Sweep

The paddle sweep is one of those shots that have been known to be extremely effective against low bouncers. It usually requires the batsman bending down on one knee and holding the bat horizontally as the ball comes close and directing the same towards fine leg.
While the batsman cannot exercise much control over this shot as he should, say with a sweep, nevertheless this shot has a higher success rate than most others. In fact, both Sachin and Sehwag have been known to be quite good at using the sweep, even at the IPL games.

The trick is in getting on top of the ball and directing the same to the fine leg, but placing it accurately with this sweep is a tad difficult. The batsman can control the general direction, but that’s about it. Moreover, the shot is generally preferred when faced with spins, as it allows the batsman to deflect the spin away and score some valuable runs in the process.
The paddle sweep is one that’s popular among most batsmen today and of course, the player needs to get it right otherwise, a wrong placing of the bat would lead to the batsman being caught easily as it happened during the last world cup.

Even though Sachin may have retired, this shot can still be seen in action today, and various players use the same quite regularly. In fact, you are bound to catch this shot in action real soon as the new IPL season rolls around come April.
But there might be a slight delay since the BCCI is getting restructured but either way, expect the IPL, to take place soon. In fact, this particular paddle sweep is popular among all the IPL players, but only a talented few can pull it off correctly.


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  1. Boss, you got it all wrong. None of the shots you mentioned were since IPL. Dilscoop was found much before IPL and it is played in ODIs and T20s by Dilshan. All the rest of the shots, they were played through ages. Ranjith singh ji was credited with Leg glance, Azhar and Tendulkar played paddle sweep regularly even in Tests, late cut was there for ever. I don’t know what prompted you to write this piece, but apparently there is no truth to it.
    Hook, man, it was played time immemorial in Tests, Kapil Dev and Srikkanth were compulsive hookers.


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