Top 10 Shots Invented since IPL


9The Hook Shot

While it is debatable whether the hook shot made its first appearance in the IPL or did its debut much earlier, it certainly came into prominence during the IPL. The hook shot works like this, where the bowler bowls a bouncer aimed at the batsman’s head.
A bouncer is always a difficult shot to fend off; even Bradman could not handle the same. But ever since the IPL, more and more batsmen have taken to taking the bouncers head on by adopting the hook shot.

It usually involves hooking the ball right over the bowler’s head or to the leg and the boundary. The batsman must time it right, otherwise he would be caught at the fine leg. While the hook did make its appearance at earlier games, it is in the IPL that it attained some notoriety which is why it features in the list here.
In fact, bouncers were prohibited as cricket was considered a gentleman’s game but since then, the game has evolved to the point of attacking your targets with the ball in any way possible, and it’s all allowed, as per the modified rules of engagement.

The hook shot is definitely a creative way to how a batsman can get out of a tight corner and even take the bouncers head on. The only catch remains in timing the bouncer correctly and hitting it in the right direction.
The ball, if hit right, would usually make the boundary given the force applied here, from the pace of the ball to the hook by the batsman. This should result in the ball soaring away to the boundary, at breakneck speed. The hook shot sure features on the list of creative cricket shots since IPL here In India.



  1. Boss, you got it all wrong. None of the shots you mentioned were since IPL. Dilscoop was found much before IPL and it is played in ODIs and T20s by Dilshan. All the rest of the shots, they were played through ages. Ranjith singh ji was credited with Leg glance, Azhar and Tendulkar played paddle sweep regularly even in Tests, late cut was there for ever. I don’t know what prompted you to write this piece, but apparently there is no truth to it.
    Hook, man, it was played time immemorial in Tests, Kapil Dev and Srikkanth were compulsive hookers.


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