Top 10 Shots Invented since IPL


10The Dilscoop

While every cricket game sees a certain amount of creativity on the part of the players, the speed by which the game has evolved in the last few years since the advent of IPL is remarkable.
This particular shot was carried out by Tillakaratne Dilshan during the 2009’s ICC T20 world cup. And as Dilshan explained back home in the narrow streets of Sri Lanka, there was not much room on either side of the wicket to swing the bat, so he always opted to scoop and hit it behind the head of the wicketkeeper.

As a shot, it was and remains one of the most creative ones in recent times, for this shot apart from striking the ball into a part of the field that’s always empty, has the added advantage of being unexpected.

The shot had readily been adopted by other players including Dhoni, the ex-Captain of Indian cricket team. Overall, the shot has definite merit, especially if the batsman was under extreme pressure to score some immediate runs to end the tie.
This particular shot can help the talented batsmen to sneak in valuable runs past the wicket keeper. The catch is in getting it right, just as the ball curves, scooping it and hitting it over the wicket keeper’s head.



  1. Boss, you got it all wrong. None of the shots you mentioned were since IPL. Dilscoop was found much before IPL and it is played in ODIs and T20s by Dilshan. All the rest of the shots, they were played through ages. Ranjith singh ji was credited with Leg glance, Azhar and Tendulkar played paddle sweep regularly even in Tests, late cut was there for ever. I don’t know what prompted you to write this piece, but apparently there is no truth to it.
    Hook, man, it was played time immemorial in Tests, Kapil Dev and Srikkanth were compulsive hookers.


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