10 Highest Tax Payers in Bollywood



Kareena Kapoor, who recently became a proud mother to a baby boy, is one of the busiest Bollywood actresses. Her films and endorsement assignments just don’t keep her busy round the clock but also yield profits in crores. Known world over for essaying a wide spectrum of characters in her career, the beautiful actress paid around Rs. 2.20 crores as advance tax in 2016 and came at the tenth position in the list of top ten highest tax payers in Bollywood.

Kareena has been entertaining the audience since she debuted with JP Dutta’s war film ‘Refugee’ in 2000 and then starred in a number of successful movies, some of the most prominent ones being ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham…’, ‘Chameli’, ‘Jab We Met’, ‘Omkara’, ‘3 Idiots’, ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ and many more. Over the period of time, her market value as an entertainer has increased manifold. Many renowned companies from all over the world die to sign her up as the face of their consumer brands.

In 2016, apart from featuring in several big brands, Kareena appeared in two films, ‘Ki & Ka’ and ‘Udta Punjab’. Both the films were starkly different from each other in almost every sphere. One dealt with the theme of quashing gender stereotypes whereas the second one talked about the substance issue in the state of Punjab. Both the movies were received well by the critics as well the audience and went on to do excellent business.

Currently, Kareena is enjoying the bliss of motherhood. She will next be seen in ‘Veere Di Wedding’. But no matter whether or not she is doing a film, the actress remains much in demand and news throughout the year.

TRIVIA: In the year 2007 Kareena Kapoor became the only actress to be featured among “The Highest Tax Payers of 2006–07



  1. This clearly shows none of them report their income completely. At least they are better than our politicians who do not pay any tax at all on their income.

  2. Most top Bollywood stars are paid under table cash in black money.Later pay tax on money given to them.To pretend as sincere tax payers. (Boston Globe)

  3. Most top Bollywood movie stars,directors,financiers,have cash in black money by buying houses in foreign nations.And kept in safe haven banks for interest.This is only way to hoodwink tax authorities.Even India’s top business people,politicians,officials,smugglers,etc, have billions of dollars in black money in several foreign countries on benami names to evade taxes.Whatever currency is banned nothing matters to them.Only poor and working class suffer standing in long Queues to change currency.Black money,corruptions,cannot be eradicated in India forever by anyone.(Boston Globe)

  4. Birla and Tata family got donation for school, university, temple and others. All these black money do not show donations. Same with cricket players and Mayavati, Lalu and others. May bhagvan take care of their donation.

  5. PEANUTS, In comparison to developed countries these film stars have paid very little income tax considering their massive earnings from multiple sources and assets .In UK, comparatively a low taxation country they will pay at least 40% + 13% NICS on ALL earnings besides dozens of other taxes like every one else, nor do these people pay inheritance tax like every one else.

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  7. Money is always available in two forms black and white. Tax is only payable for the income shown in white. They have ample money in black.


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