10 Bollywood Movies without songs that went on to become blockbusters

Songs and dance routines have been important staples of our Bollywood films ever since the Indian film industry came into being. Songs, dance and music help a film draw more audience to theates and hence majority of the filmmakers cannot do without them. But there are many films, though few and far between, who became blockbusters even without the presence of any songs in them. Here we list down 10 Bollywood movies without songs that went on to become blockbusters.


8Being Cyrus

Directed by debutant director Homi Adajania, ‘Being Cyrus’ stars Saif Ali Khan, Naseeruddin Shah, Dimple Kapadia, Boman Irani and Simone Singh in principal roles. The film defied many stereotypes existing at the time when it came out way back in 2005. Some found the story of the movie to be bizarre and incomprehensive, but the ones who understood the subtlety lying underneath still consider it a brilliant film.

‘Being Cyrus’ is an Indian black comedy thriller in English. It came at a time when Indian film industry was going through a massive overhaul because of the advent of multiplex culture in the country. The film had an offbeat theme and, much to the delight of the niche audience which appreciates this kind of cinema, there were no songs in it to create any obstruction in the narrative.

‘Being Cyrus’ revolves around a young and dynamic man Cyrus Mistry (Saif Ali Khan) who has been invited to work under the apprenticeship of once famed dope-smoking sculptor, Dinshaw Sethna (Naseeruddin Shah), struggling to make both ends meet. After accepting the invitation, Cyrus reaches Sethnas’ dilapidated Panchgini home. But soon, he finds himself in a very discomforting situation. Instead of learning the art of carving sculptors, most of his time is spent attending to the needs of Dinshaw’s aged yet voluptuous wife Katie (Dimple Kapadia). Soon, the complicated house and its complex inhabitants, including Dinshaw’s ageing father who lives in Mumbai at the mercy of Dinshaw’s burly brother Farrokh and his wife Tina changes Cyrus’ life forever.

Made at a controlled budget, the film attracted the audience with the force of its strong story and brilliant screenplay. Keeping an arm’s distance from done-to-death ingredients like vulgar songs and dance, the film put up an excellent show at the ticket window and emerged victorious.

TRIVIA: Editor Jon Harris, who edited Guy Richie’s cult classic ‘Snatch’, reedited the movie in a record time frame of 21 days.



  1. Can Kalyug be considered as a movie without songs? It has a song named ‘What’s your problem’ sung by Preeti Sagar and music by Vanraj Bhatia. Please note.


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