10 People most affected by Modi’s Anti-Black Money campaign

    The country as a whole has been affected by the anti-black money campaign. As common citizens, we all had to face cash troubles and wait in long queues for ATMs, despite that, the move was supported largely. The targeted section of corrupt now face nightmares. A list of 10 most affected stakeholders is presented below.


    3Real Estate Mafia

    In towns, cities and metros, real estate is a big source of black money. In India, a large percentage of land deals are underreported. Whenever you go to a builder to see a flat, you always have to pay from 20 up to 40 percent of the cost in cash. No builder takes 100% cash and they are able to hide a significant part of their income from tax authorities. With demonetization, they will not be able to provide the sources of their illegally acquired money or face heavy penalties.

    Also, with the increased use of technology in land records keeping it would make land deals more transparent. Also cases like Adarsh society scam will not happen with all government lands recorded in the system making it difficult for land hoarders to illegally make constructions on them. All these steps would break the builder politician nexus as well resulting in cheaper homes for home buyers. This will bring down the amount of black money in elections as well making it more possible for honest citizens to fight elections.

    Benami properties transactions and illicit land dealings have created a stockpile of black money. Real estate goons project lands as agricultural lands and then transfer them as residential and make hefty profits. This whole game of power and political connections has virtually made it impossible for common man to afford house at otherwise affordable rates. But promises of action against benami properties has shocked real estate mafia and caught them unguarded. A considerable decline in real estate pieces proves the effectiveness of the policies enacted by Modi government.



    1. No no Vishwasji! This is Vishwaas-Ghaath! I totally disagree with you. He is the Raakshas along with Amit Shah his twin-Raakshas both together statshed almost FIFTEEN LAKH KAROD RUPAYE all over globe in his (Modi’s) endless globe-trotting!

    2. Why many of you are against the Muslims and Christians. You talk about defamation if we speak the truth. What kind of democracy Indian can you call yourself when you speak against other religions. This shows the true hate against us. Yet you guys wants foreign funds for other things that this country needs. Why can you guys stop criticizing other religions and live in peace. I defy anybody to put a case on me if I’m saying lies. What if the Muslim countries stop giving us oil. What if Christian countries stop giving us technology and weapons. What if we are also banned with sanctions for religious violence. If you people want to talk about Congress or BJP don’t involve religion. Remember no country can destroy another religion. for a country to grow and develop we need to be united and then growth will follow. BTW ….The congress kept all religions together whrn times were hard or else our country would have been destroyed 70 yrs ago after Mahatma Gandhiji was killed by the Hindu Fundamentalist. Those were the days when it was very hard to make people think sensible. People who hate any party must be the same psychopaths ,who were taught to instigate violence. Don’t make or create another civil war.

    3. Economic measures taken by Modo have some definite long term interests ;it canot work like a balm for headache.
      Allow some time and see the magic.


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