10 People most affected by Modi’s Anti-Black Money campaign

    The country as a whole has been affected by the anti-black money campaign. As common citizens, we all had to face cash troubles and wait in long queues for ATMs, despite that, the move was supported largely. The targeted section of corrupt now face nightmares. A list of 10 most affected stakeholders is presented below.


    2Hawala Dealers

    The shadow economy created due to hawala dealings overburdens the honest, hardworking taxpayers who constitute mere one percent of the total population. Hawala trading is one of the major sources of black money. In hawala, the money is transferred from source to destination without actually moving it. It is a parallel illegal network where the money is given to an agent at the source and is collected from a network agent at the destination in exchange of a commission and government loses tax on such illegal transfers.

    In most of the cases this is black money and thus to evade tax authorities this parallel route is used to transfer money. Audits reports and IT raids have proved that a large part of Indian economy is black and that the dishonest politicians, industrialists, bureaucrats have stashed huge amounts of illegal wealth in foreign banks in tax heaven countries.

    Hawala trade has also received a punch as a result of demonetization. With demonetization rendering old currency notes invalid, the entire network is broken. Hawala traders are no longer accepting cash and transferring it to a destination because the currency is not a legal tender. Such money if deposited into banks would attract heavy penalties leaving that also as not a very good option.

    This random action will result in great losses to such transactions which were outside the tax net and they may not be able to recover from it for long.

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    1. This move by the present government is admirable. Education is the most important vehicle for change. Unfortunately the entire educational system has become so corrupt that it is regarded as a commodity which you can buy.
      A good education is the birth right of all citizens in any democratic country. Unfortunately in India it is only a few who are enjoying the so called good education.
      In brief, my opinion is that the current move to deal with the black money will go a long way to tackle the evil which is affecting all aspects of human life. Change will not happen in a short period of time but citizens will enjoy the fruits of this movement in the long term.
      I would have thought that all political parties,. organisations, social and educational institutions would have joined their hands with this social revolution by the government to deal this evil of society. I am amazed that many political parties are opposing the movement. Perhaps they have no idea as to what is the meaning of national identity and nationhood. Their only concern is ‘self’. Any change brought about by evolution is long lasting. Therefore evolution through the process of education is preferable than revolution.
      I urge the
      I urge the government, all the social, cultural and educational institutions, all political parties, like minded citizens of India to unite as one to fight against the evil of corruption in society which is affecting the progress of the nation.
      Let all the citizens unite and make sure that life chances of future generations are not affected because of a handful of priviledged corrupt.

      • Professor Gajendra Verma, University of Manchester,UK ! Could you please let IGNORANTS in India know ‘How Demonetization of Higher Currency Notes’ are going to stop or reduce Corruption? People are being affected by this foolish decision of Indian PM. Nobody, including the Opposition is ‘Opposing’ and Anti-Corruption measures. Specifically, could you please enlighten us about the following .. (1) What is the percentage value of the ‘Higher Denomination’ Currency that is in ‘Cash Boxes’ , which could be confiscated or destroyed – vis a vis ‘Total GDP’ in India? It is obvious that ONLY that money would be affected by this ‘Tughlaqi Farmaan’ of Modi. And what percentage of that money would actually be destroyed or made ineffective (Black money hoarders are still trying a lot of tricks to convert it into white)… (2) What would be the ‘Economic Loss’ to the country due to stoppage of all Small Scale businesses, industry and man power loss?
        Once, you provide ‘solid and correct’ answers to these two pertinent questions, then only public would be able to evaluate Wisdom/Folly of Modi.

        • to answer your question :

          (1) What is the percentage value of the ‘Higher Denomination’ Currency that is in ‘Cash Boxes’ , which could be confiscated or destroyed – vis a vis ‘Total GDP’ in India? It is obvious that ONLY that money would be affected by this ‘Tughlaqi Farmaan’ of Modi. And what percentage of that money would actually be destroyed or made ineffective (Black money hoarders are still trying a lot of tricks to convert it into white)…

          – Total 14.5 Lakh crore worth of 500/1000 notes are in circulation. So far 1.5 lakh crore deposited to account, wait till Dec 30th to know how much deposited and how much Black money destroyed.
          – He has clearly said he is targeting only the Black money which is in Cash. He yet to target Golds , real estates things and over seas money.

          – It took almost 3 years for the govt to plan from Day 1 to bring in this move. How ? Jan Yojana scheme which helped many people to create a Bank account, it would have been very Chaotic situation if no Jan Yojana. 2) He taught to use the Rupay card and Paytm to do cashless transactions 3) He brought in another scheme few months back to submit the Black money only 64000 cr was deposited. So what is the next step ? Hit at the right spot. He wants to reduce the cash transactions to bring down the corruption result is Digital India – another scheme which helps the common man to do things online where common man was reaching out the officials in person. Slowly it is happening, wait He cannot change things over night, even if he does we will say “Tughlaqi Farmaan”.

          (2) What would be the ‘Economic Loss’ to the country due to stoppage of all Small Scale businesses, industry and man power loss?

          You tell me the stats, there is little loss but manageable. He regretted for the inconvenience, as any move impacts 1.3 B people and requested to bear the pain for 50 days for betterment of the Country.

          Achievements on this so far :

          1) Maoist dumped 7000 cr worth of notes (500/1000), they were literally ready to wage a war, now all gone.
          2) 48 Cr Fake notes are in circulation as of 2010. 48 cr x 500 or ( 24 cr * 500 + 24 cr * 1000) that is 36000 cr rs of Fake notes are destroyed that is ~$6 B savings for the country.
          3) Money deposited into banks 1.5 Lakh crore in few days (I dnot know the Exchange amount) but Exchange and withdrawl only 22000 cr. 1.25 Lakh crore in deposits as of now.
          4) XXXX cr rs which was in Terrorists hands are destroyed.
          5) This move will bring in Crores of new IT payees.
          6) Banks will have KYC information of entire Bank account holders which was Himalayan task for many years.
          7) First time in Indian history, Honest tax payers can sleep well and Corrupt is upset.
          8) This move will reduce the inflation due to real estates price will fall, in turn Interest rate will be reduced and in turn it will spur economic Growth.

          Many more to list, but you cannot understand so leaving here.

          People is aware about Modi Ji, the answer is for you.

            • So what you want…? again same rahul gandhi type people . what makes you live in the country when you cannot support good.

            • Anybody who justifies with proper logic is a bhakt, else he is %^$@&*% like …………..that’s y u want to say

            • I see Amethi as a Very well developed City better than gurgaon or Bangalore in last 65 years. oops only if all election promises were kept 🙂

            • Naming someone who enlights the truth is the culture of Congress the party of bastards. Inglorious Bastards are nothing but those who naming others as “Bakt”. the wholesome Papputards.

            • If someone enlightens the right thing that is good for country then he is “bhakt”.Only some bloody bastard,religious monger,mentally distortion person think so..

            • u people are dumb. Can’t understand simple economics. use common sense. Do not make fool urself by calling people Bhagat.

            • Corruptions,black money cannot be stopped in India forever.It has become part of life to survive for all.Everybody were affected by demonitization and business people are suffering.Only hotels,fast foods always do very well all times.Nothing else.Life has come to stand still in reality.

            • I say it is wrong. You can demonitise properly but the states where the elctikns were held they did not suffer but other states suffered. Who is more corrupt who is more dictotorial? You will knoww soon. To pay for jandhan kahtas financed by volutary gas subsidies, now to maintain that banks charge all of us. Poor are great as they votebanks

            • Nothing is going to develop India.Corruptions are part of life.God is not going to bless him.Forget it.!

            • Mahesh is correct, Further i will say corruption started in India by 60 years ruled party (Black British) & it’s wide spread in the time of IG. Her once slogan is that “Hum bhi khayege tum bhi khao, hum sub milkar desh ko lutenge”. Corruption will defenately stop only a good Niyat people are required in the Gov. & in Administration.

          • Very well explained, Mahesh Ji. This had to be done, otherwise our economy would have collapsed totally in a few years. Since secrecy was of paramount importance, no preparation could be done in advance. Slowly, the situation is improving.

          • Very Good Article, I feel sorrow on this.
            In our country Honest tax payer’s percentage will not increase, this is because few small business community,Employees, actor’s only. middle class who have some part of money for their emergency needs kept in the homes only came front for exchange or deposits, Later course same amount of money still they will draw and keep current fashion all new currency.So time being might be people deposited currency in the banks will withdraw after 2 months or three months.So how you will say it is black money?????????

            Particularily , HOw you know Maosits dumped 7000Cr are you simpathiser?

            I will accept with you IT will collect Additional Taxes ,but since two weeks due to lossess occurred IT, Serious Business halt in the country more than 60%, honestly genuinely check with independent Auditing people , they will reveal.

            I will brief you here what are the Lossess occurred till date (Worest situation in our Indian History),
            1.Lossess due to Agriculture and commercial cropes ——18Lakh crores

            2.Lossess occurred in Textiles industry——–64Lakh crores

            3. Lossess occurred in Fertilizer industry—–122Lakh crores

            4. Lossess occurred in Real Estate industry—-180Lakh crores

            5. so many fields affected, if you have patiency means recollect all.

            Overall Lossess to the Business is more than 500Lakh croresf with in 2 weeks , so calculate how much loss occurred to IT in comparision with new Tax Amounts.

            Final Point: In my View NONE of the Black money Holder suffered this is because , he doesn’t keep the money in the form of currency. only in the form of Assets or gold or farms or business market. So my friends please do not follow blindly modies views, think before wrighting some thing.

            One more thing, Have you seen any Actor standing in the Ques for money no because they have millions in their accounts ,only poor and middle class are suffering, WHAT CAUSE MAKES THE DEATHS OF 70 PEOPLE???????? AT LEAST PRAY FOR THEM .

            • Please quote credible sources for the figures you have mentioned.

              What is more concerning is that if the demonetization exercise does not yield the dividend that was intended, the government would try more ingenious ways. (Like pestering existing tax payers to cough up more….. )

            • Time will tell us who is right. surely it is an evolutionary step which may have ups and downs but we should support it. Because myself and yourself and all Indians have gone thru corruption and now it is part of our way of life. Even for depositing money in the bank, there is a queue and you would like to jump the queue and now it is our nature to get our work done thru relationship, thru bosses, thru politicians and thru paying money. Demonetisation may be not the only solution but it is a bold step to curb fake money of terrorist and black money of heartless. Demonetisation will naturally bring fourth digitisation and India will lead the world in using cyber, cloud and internet. Using such facilities will train common people in using future Quantum computing which is the next evolutionary step of human race. Due to freedom in our culture to express yourself We are victim of pseudo intellectualism as opposing depicts egoistic skill.
              Even our dedicated PM Modi Ji should not think it is he who has taken this revolutionary step as it is the demand of time. And India is lucky to have vigilant PM who has acted upon the demand of the time.

            • You are correct. You know voluntary rejection of gas cylindersubsidy was diverted to open jandhan khatha. Now to keep them alive banks are punishing thecustomers, most of them are salaried and middleclass.Modi had not given a single pie from govt.further taxes and loans for big busniess giants were waived off. For the last four years there were no slab changes in incometax rates.congres even worst case used to raise the slabs. By bringing a person into ictax slab who pays 1000rs as tax what benefit does govet get out of it? To maintain his file and correspondance for both parties it would be more than 2000rs. Modi, Jetly, Swarj and naidu are fooling the people and they deserve

            • Where did you collect all these overstated data from? Thank God, these are manufactured by Rahul gang to malign a historical move. Indirapji hush hushed Simla agreement without using the leverage India had to reoccupy Ghulam Kashmir in lieu of Lahore under Indian occupation then. Perhaps you would look a bigger patriot by increasing your Loss numbers another 50%. Do it next time. There is no public control on that. Politicians cry more than the real public now. Bravo Modiji. Let the lost hearts cry for Achhe Din as they fail to see the good changes happening everyday. Are you sorry to read that Mulayam, a proclaimed Socialist Dictator owes Rs 4 lakhs on his electric bill alone on his palace and who is crying foul as he was ordered to pay by the end of this month? Please put out your definition of Achchhe din even if you ask for candies to experience it. How uneducated and misinformed someone can be. Look for what you can pitch in rather than crying foul all the time. Better yet, change your political affiliation, man.

            • real problem black money is parllal economy they will have to curb all contributions to charitable institutes and temples no donation without proper receipt and source of donated money
              will have to revamp whole education system to block so called donations for seat in medical and engineering schools
              also restrict tax free income o rich farmers to say onle 10 lacs or 20 lacs are free rest is taxable that will have effect on rich farmers mainly
              wish all good luck
              jai hind

            • Don’t be so naive. Depositing money in the bank account does not make the money white. The money is only deposited in the account and the source of the money the account holder has to reveal. Wait for few months – my dear, you will be shocked to see the letters of IT office reaching the letter boxes of those who believed they have converted black money into white. There is a huge data-mining under process and all these likes of RAHUL BABA’S will have to eat the dust. I am sure you are an intelligent guy and are watching the data post-demonitisation. 2.2 lakh shell co’s have been identified and accounts frozen, some 15 odd bank employees who assisted the illegal exchange of currency are suspended, some chartered accounts lost their ICA membership, and more are to happen.

            • What you are enumerating as losses in housing and other industries are not losses, these are the effects of bubbles due to the circulation of black money in the system – an inflated and unexplained extreme purchasing powers of probably less than 5 % of the population. The bubbles have now coalesced and the economy is brought to its real place and worth (some more stringency of course will confirm if there is no further bubble in the system) and therefore econmy would take some to take off from this ‘real base’.

          • Woderful answer, hopefully, the questioner is honest and has an open mind. If he is so, then he will have his queries answered. As an Indian, aware of our obligations to make the country of our birth a better, stronger, more prosperous nation on her way to secure her rightful place under the Sun. we are with this Government. What is good for India will always have our support, you bet!

          • Seems like these statistics were available before the Government statisticians. Those who can make up things can make any statistics they want. The followers of feku will always be feku and will always remain feku.

          • Sir- Can you please quote references for the Rs.7000 crore supposedly dumped by Maoists?
            Likewise, any references for other other figures/benefits quoted by you would be useful.
            What is the cost of printing and distributing the new notes? (I would expect the government to have worked out at least this, meticulously).
            Net-net, what is the profit-loss statement..let it be like a company’s financial result.

          • Well done Mahesh..!! I like the last statement:

            ” People is aware about Modi Ji, the answer is for you. ”

            Most foolish question of thr era is – ” How it Demonetisation helps”

            Those who do not know the answer are illeterates… Jai Modi…. Jai Hind..

            • I wonder what illeterates are. And I’d agree that the question you quoted would be the most foolish one, but only because of your English.

          • For your fake info you will get nobel prize. So far 12 Lakh crore has been deposited as per govt/RBI declaration. YOU liar you are saying 1.5 Lakh crore deposited. Typical RSS/BJP supporter they are basically cheat and liar like their NAMO

            • What about Vijay Mallya.More than Indian exchequer amount.Still BJP let him go free to England.He was already informed going to be arrested and let him leave.

          • How much money is wated in creating bank accounts? Even if oone budget money is given freely to 130 crore people it will not be more than 1000rs per head. Donot be in day dreams. If one person is killed there is law to punish the killer, today who is the killer and who is the victim?

            • Right you are.if you talk against modi you amy be classified as antinational as Indira Gandhi used to tell, who ever did not like her is anti indian. You will see in future more cruel steps by govt to punish middle class.

          • Professors who teach cannot do. Action is needed to be seen not go into a bureaucratic tizzy looking for evidence. Too much research and too many questions are good for class rooms and debating societies. Corruption in India is endemic. Plus we have the worst bureaucracy in the world. Sometimes we have to take action and believe me this is the first time someone has done it at this scale. Indians are standing by. We dont need complainers. Corruption MUST be removed from our society. Politicians MUST do something.

          • WE need more people like you. Like minded sharp people like you should come together to answer these so called intellectuals in mainstream Media { of English and Regional languages}. Please keep on doing this. Wishing you all the best for New Year. [The last sentence of your comment needs some correction]


            • These blind BHAGAT can’t see anything but Modi’s acche dinn…..corruption, robbery, Gunda gardi openly,targeting of other religion youth is this called acche dinn??????? tell me here all BHAGAT what is use for statue of Shiva GI IN Mumbai wasting a such huge amount & all it belongs to Public ???? is that you called development ??????? why don’t you build a school, or college, or hospital for poor citizen….???? entire country suffering just because of Modi & his chaddi dhaarii chamche…think 100 time while you people support BLINDLY to a corrupt governance …….ITS ONLY FOR GUNDA’S “ACCHE DINN”

          • This move is unprecedented. You can web theories around it now. It’s effectiveness good or bad can only be seen after a year or two. but nobody can deny there is corruption in India every nook and corner and common man is affected by it daily.

          • Very true. I am a salaried person. I pay my tax as per form 16. Why should I fear. And modi govt should take care of these auditor’s as well. Who plays a vital role for all financial culprits.

        • How would you evaluate wisdom/folly of Mr Modi when you have already evaluated Mr Modi by saying ‘People are being affected by this foolish decision of Indian PM.’ Keep an open mind.

          Good luck.

        • There are various regions of printing of Rs. 2000/- notes.

          I am not an expert but try to understand why they are printed.

          1) First reason is 85 percentage of notes are either 1000 or 500 Rs. so it will take a lot of time for exchange.
          2) The rich can exchange with old 1000 notes with new 1000 notes with some influence (Bankers support) & can convert black money to white money. This is the reason printing of new 1000/- notes are in pending will be available next year.
          3) There are some rumors that new 2000 notes has chip technology but there is no such used but it created panic in Fake currency industry (Pakistan supports it) and they used all their material.
          4) The new notes are very thin comparing old notes, i.e., its life is very less (Maximum 10 years) even if the notes are kept in locker there is no use. So keeping of Big notes is not good idea for black marketers.
          5) I saw that now poor people are not interested for higher denomination notes (In post office a person exchanged his old notes (Rs. Four Thousand) and got 2 notes of 2000 notes. He said what can I do with this? Whom will give change of the same? As already it is difficult of getting change of 1000 note how can I get change?
          6) So now every one practically understand the danger of Big notes!!!
          7) It will create awareness to use Banking system as already around 24 crore + Jandhan A/cs opened even some are fake it means almost 90 percent people had Bank A/c (Of course above age of 18 years).
          8) Temporary the 2000 Rs note will solve the present crisis.

          • “The new notes are very thin comparing old notes, i.e., its life is very less (Maximum 10 years)”How can one not agree? I remember long time ago if you gave some one any worn out or torn ruppes notes they would through it back to you as if it was contaminated by some evil spirit. Even in banks it was not that easy to exchange unless you knew someone over there.People working in such and all government sectors should be trained to cooperate working honestly, paid well to stop them expecting any thing from customers in return, except Thanks.

          • Your assumption is partly correct. For infrastructural reasons Govt was forced to introduce higher denomination currency like 2000 notes. When suddenly 1000 and 500 with drawn there is big vacuum and unless a higher one is issued it would be difficult to fill. In my guess this 2000 denomination would be a very limited quantity . Once the system stabilizes Govt may think of restricting this denomination to avoid accumulations.
            In my perception big think tanks worked and decided this denominations before with drawing old 500 and 1000 notes.
            It is unfortunate many leaders questioned this move as if a big blunder has been done by Mr Modi.

          • Mr. varma, Are you talking aboutr reality? Do you want a Padma award? Did you hear how IT department is issuing new directions every day? To withdraw my own money I am left to the mercy of banks. Any thing should be properly planned and executed that too of such national importance. There is no country in the world without corruption only the level is different. See the corrupt countries list we
            stand at 60 what about above that? Further there are no number of
            ATMS OR EVEN BANKS TO scater the needs of public. Even the
            officials donot know one ATM DESIGNED FOR ONE dimension will
            not work for other dimension. Any time half ATMS will not work, half
            will not have cash by Sunday morning. You are telling about the educational system, there are good institutions and bad institutions
            in India (par with MIT) Government in the name of cast and religion
            provides free education that may be some what diluting but surely
            givng education to poor. Even in USA tell me how many universities arer standard?
            prof. B K BHaskararao, Retired professor, IIT, KGP

            SCATER THE NEEDS OF PUBLIC.They could have circulated new currency one month
            a head and suddenly declared the demonitisation, no time for exchange , loss is a
            loss to individual. But now blackees have become whites and farmers, poor and
            middle income are suffering. And I think you need not teach how much ignorance is

            • Everybody knows that extremists in J& K and Jharkhand lost the edge Mamta and samajwadi party have lost more than hundred thousand crores, if you need more information try to contact Dawud and ISI they have more than these political parties they were pumping more than 100 crores a month these all forged money is out from system. you should know by now why these political parties are crying. People or RBI can not make reports while this exercise is going. the loss is temp phase every thing will be normal by june. they way you have written it looks you follow chor congress party closely. Atleast after Modi people of other country start showing respect to Indian and think that we can be honest people and have some character.

          • The question of this decision must be debated in Lok Sabha. But why PM is shunning to debate this present issue rather BJP IS STALLING BY BRINGING TYGI ISSUE AN EPISODE OF 10YEAR OLD. obviously they are afraid of debating the most important issue where already 100 people died and poor lost jobs and food. But the new currency is floating in most of the states of BJP.

            • I think you forget that BJP was elected not put into Power by Military like in Pakistan. Why should Modiji given time?Too many Politicians and corrupt people would have time to make their Black money white had he given any time.
              I was on vacation in India from 19th October till 8th of January,2017 and got affected but bore the brunt. I bought an Apartment on 1st November,2016 and had to buy Furniture and all of them wanted cash which I did not have.These furnitre dealers are all corrupt.They all said choose all the furniture you like and pay us in cash when ever you have cash.It will take time for people to understand the bold decision taken by Modiji.It is always the lower class people who bear the brunt.
              Well done Modiji ! Jai Ho!

        • Only a fool hardy con’t see or feel it. simple the vultures with too much caricature has all but their food is worthless now no matter how you want to look at.

        • Mitraji…Modi has recalibrated the entire financial system by one stroke. Corruption is inherent to human nature and no country is spared…but comes the time when steps need to be taken to reset the clock. The mechanisms of corruption, terrorism had become very efficient in blocking the growth of the country. I am not as qualified as Professor Verma but someone rooted to the ground ,analyzing day to day operations…one thing is for sure , this is only step 1 by Modi…much more is going to come. His intent is clear. Admire him because he has the guts to put his political career at stake for something he believes is correct( so does majority of the country). As alleged by Mr Kejriwal he has done it to help his friends monetarily…is not even worth commenting upon. He could have just maintained status quo and gone about pretending to doing his job and finish his term, He has the guts to shake up the system… a step based on belief, conviction, capability, confidence, vision…true qualities of a statesman. Perhaps above will help you look at the situation from a different and more positive perspective than a narrative being read out by the corrupt of the country….Jai Hind


        • Mr. V…., You mentioned here already ” (Black money hoarders are still trying a lot of tricks to convert it into white)” It seem a brilliant move by India PM. Mr. Modi. In India common men well known what is right and what is wrong for them, the result they like to stand in a Que in front of a Bank/ATM for hours but not fighting in the street for money.

        • If still you consider one of the bhaktha answered this question,then it is upto you…BTW, you raised this question to Professor,and asking proofs without thinking common economics..

        • May you are a congress or left party, think positively .. what the PM has done good for our country, congress made a huge amount of money by corruption as well other parties.

          • Modi is giving lot of tacit support to corrupt EPS/OPS government in TN for survival shows his double standards on fighting corruption. He and FM visited late JJ at her residence after conviction by trial court. Generally all Indian politicians corrupt and nobody is angel as on date.

        • When government knows well the list of the black money holders, politicians, money launders kept in foreign bank then why can’t has potent to raid such hoarders rather demonetization which is affecting a lot to poor, peasants, middle class rather to such black money holders. These black money holders have and is many plan, tricks, tactics to get it white but the real sufferer are the poor masses, daily wages, peasants and middle class section of the society. This adoption of demonetization has done with any eye in norther state elections as a last resort to survive the ruling government. What has made the government to do the demonetization after the election? The government has taken a good decision but not in right time. Rather, the government would have printed the new currency sufficiently reaches to the masses then would have demonetization would be more effective and hassle free.

        • At least they’re on the run! For the first time in Indian history someone has tried to do this. This is a movement. A war. It’s an attempt to CHANGE. Cultural change. Black money had become part of our culture.

          • Exactly. This is a war. To answer questions on ‘why us leaving ambanis and so on’ -> In a war, the first attack is made on the foot soldiers, followed by different layers until they reach the ministers and kings. One cannot directly kill the king. Even so, it’s not that only the king needs to be attacked. Every soldier supporting the king should be annihilated. There is no point killing the King alone leaving all others intact, for this will pave way for a different king (If not Ambani, some one else). Corruption is a well organised hierarchy that starts from low level goes all the way to Ministers and well orchestrated by Business Goons. Change should happen at all level. If the army is destroyed, even if the king survives, he is considered ‘dead’. In my view, only the dogmatic opposers and ‘pseudo sufferers’, who lost their ‘hard-grabbed’ money are crying fowl. Yes, there are some practical difficulties (in implementing) due to obvious reasons , but we (true people) are ready to co-operate and support the the global good. And, appreciate the Man who dared his own position,identity,power etc., for the sake of global good.Even if this is a total failure, atleast he tried something. Will you even move an inch if your job is in stake?
            – Sathyam Eva Jayathe!

        • Seriously vmitra…what on earth is wrong with you? If you continue to plan or seek for an answer for the questions above, there would never be a starting point. You must be from a generation that has been spoon-fed very well, because any inconvenience that happens in your daily life, it would be deemed as someone’s fault. It has to be always someone else, isn’t it.
          I do not know what impact would Modi’s decision would have on India, that would only be determined by time. But with due respect it was a bold move. So please grow up, seriously.
          And you know what, I am not even an Indian national but I have high respect for Modi, just like the respect that I have for Barrack.

        • vmitraji, stop worrying about the country’s lose. Because as a wise citizen you should focus in to both loss & profit of the business. Then you can realize the size of benefit which India is going to get. If compare to those benefits which is going to accumulate in India’s future, the present loss is nothing. So please don’t worry yourself and make others.

        • In the name of black money demonitisation slapped on innocents. The govt asked people to deposit money in tyeir accounts now ICRaids on those deposits who actually earned the money due to certwin reasons people could not believe banks kept money withthem for marriages, houses needs etc. That is all lost. The banks now looting public in the name of sas fees, atm fees mm minimum balance etc. Even if you mortgage house documents, salary certificates you cannot get even 59% of the cost of property as loan. This guarentte is not sufficient for banks. But how did they give loans to fictitious persons, fake nameplate companies? If the banks recovered the amount it would be 50lakh crores where aw demonitisation effect has not gone beyond 10lakh crores. Petroleum prices world wide crumble but in India they roar. The real corrupt is politician, police, judiciary then municipalities and electrical departments. Bettings through black money is rare as if wins return will be huge more black money? But small amounts by large no. Of people do betting. GOVT WHOULD ENCOURAGE SOME CASINOS OR PUBLIC LOTTERIES SO THAT HIS CHEATING CAN B E AVOIDED.

        • The people who are crying loud and try to resist this systematic cleansing of the corruption and black money in the system are the most corrupt. They are from the same league who has siphoned off triillions of rupees over the last 60 plus years. If SME’s are affected for a short term, does this LEAGUE OF CORRUPT’ mean to say that the malaise of corruption and black money be allowed to continue? What the hell are they trying to communicate? These ‘mind sets’ will always cry when the stick of honest people is wielded against them. The people of this nation, particularly the younger generation should rise now and put this LEAGUE OF CORRUPT in the right place.

      • I personally appreciate your comments, because this is a historical decision in the Indian History and I think 80 to 90% corruption will be controlled. But at present the percentage of corrupted persons are all the levels including BPL (below poverty line). So Indians are unable to digest this decision. But results of this decision will change the future of our country. I urge Indian people to think and come out from congress mentality.

      • People in India are always looking for short cut immediate gratification of power money for themselves not for as a society verse looking for quality of life as whole.
        Competition and corruption is in their blood for ages it will be big challenge but least inevitable
        Were people were imagining change will come with out paying the price get real i guess people never phantom in this will come like tsunami.
        I am so glad this is happening and very optimistic we will get our India back like in Ashoka Time .

      • Verma Ji,
        Your comment was posted on Nov 13, 2016 and is very illuminating. You must be keeping abreast of all the developments and the EVENTS that have happened since then. What is your learned opinion now?

      • Mr. Mahesh,

        Untill Human attitude will never change till date there is no Question of Eradicating the corruption is not possible. Secondly, Your and my Position’s are healthier(sound with money) and we don’t have any issues. Please carefully analyse by visiting india carefully present situation, without depending on the media coverage. Only 4% Population in India are rich, 1% are Political lines and more over 5% other’s(Film producers, actor’s, CEO ‘s and high income category people),
        what about 90% People. think about 30% daily income people( no business, lively hood gone, Please message them if you people alives upto 50 days means daily you can eat biriyani.
        and at the same time ask the patients be patient till 50 days later you will get high class medical attentions?. So, please don’t try to support any one blindly.

      • Complete Nonsense in this article. No one effected except poor indians, and governament is failed if 75% of banned money is deposited into bank in 30 days. it means that 75% money become black to white then what is the achievment in next 20 days rest of the 25% will also become white. Poor indians will remain on same place where they were before 8th of NOV. Stupid failed plan for whole nation only bhagats can’t realize this.

      • Verma ji, Good reply to ignorant people but i bat some will still argue …..and blame you as bhakta….but its better to be called bhakta than corrupte or chamcha.


        Bhakts are found even in UK. I think it is a fake comment. Like the news that ouir PM has been declared as the best PM by UNESCO , HAHAHA

      • Sir India is a huge country of 125 crs people and with stronge agriculture instead of concentrating on system and management this note ban infact has damaged crores of on going jobs who will repay it its very huge? We dont have that kind of advanced infrastructures which this kind of note ban demands today even developed countries didnt do such move. Do you know when USA changed its bills how many years ago? USA still has highest bill of 100 only? Indian currency was not the issue this is proved even after note ban today that RBI has told that there is only 1% of black money in india than why was this move important which killed about 150 ppl without bullet? Daily wages ppl hv suffered the most in this past 2 to 3 months . Today the common commodities like dal & rice prices have doubled in a agriculture country is surprising instead that addressing the main issue this move is just for UP election and surgical strikes , beef ban all related to UP election . Dont you endorese what the UN said about Surgical strikes they said there was not activities as such and even by BJP claims do you know what many attacks hv happened cross border which still didnt stop so what was the purpose was the purpose achieved its a Big NO that why its all bec the PM is a habitual lier

      • I think spelling is emeritus. no extra i. Corruption is two way. Both the taker and the giver should practice the virtue of not being corrupt. In my view the person who gives is also corrupt.

      • Education is important but if a money problem has persisted for a long time due to several reasons then we have a serious problem of students fees for the education being held up and faculty unable to get their wages for months together. In the marine world the fees now runs into hundreds of thousands of rupees and many students who have an interest to stabilize agricultural operations try to make the marine wages. Land sale is required and due to prices being indeterminate due to location,water and access they do not prefer to record actual values as stamp paper as duties will be high.These are technical problems which is solved by giving an adjusted price in cash and not really recordable on stamp paper as the whole part has to be immediately handed over to a premium college.No more explanation required on this.

      • What we need is social cohesion, with such divisive politics, how can this country grow, Modi presided over the 2 weeks of slaughter, rape and Murder during the gujrat riots, and people are prepared to forget Modis criminal negligence. History should not be forgotten, and we need to learn from history.

        • I am not an economist but definitely realistic. Atleast this man tried to bring some change. He was more in risk for taking this step than being popularised. I am sure he and his team would’ve foreseen these bashing/criticsm even some (industrialist) vote share fall but even then they took chance. I was just scrolling through these replies (not reading) and by glimse of it, noticed that most of the positive comments are once for all but on the other side negative folks are coming again and again with their negative comments. It shows who all are trying hard to prove everone is victimized/destructed/oppressed/attacked by this move. Just want to see one suggestion from any of them but no, there are only cries and this sensible article depicts who all are crying :). I expect one suggestion from these guys though – “Dont try to bring any change and just let us live in same way what we are from ages”.
          One more thing to those guys who call names and try to offend others calling bhakt.. trust me folks, nowadays people have stopped getting offended being called as bhakt or bhagat .. 🙂

      • Modi has crushed and deteriorated education system in Gujarat and India and involved too much corruption for his benefits only. Whole India hate Modi for his uneducated type attitude and 3rd class nature – lowest category nature.

      • Do u see the the positive of demonetisation now??? How can anyone be so foolish… look at the money transaction of fuel, health and telecom sector per month… Isn’t that alone more that 15 lakh crores…. add to it currency from religious places, political parties etc… there were n number of places government got it wrong… looking at the corruption in Gujarat everyone doubted the intention of demonetisation… unfortunately the worst came true….

      • Prof. Verma, there may many theoretical constructs to support demonetization and GST implementation steps of the current government, but the current situation in India is rather disappointing and is in fact worse than what it was. People are being caught with crores worth of illegally collected money (in new notes) but there absolutely no information on how they could amass this wealth. RBI claims that 99% of the cash is now in the banking system, how has it benefited. There has been a minor hit to the real estate system, but that has affected very insignificantly the real culprits and has caused huge hit to the job market. Similarly, demonetization hit the unorganized manufacturing (and in fact all the production sectors) very badly. Caused huge job loss and caused huge pain the common citizen. Similarly there is no tangible proof to suggest that fake notes racket, terrorism funding etc have been affected even an iota by this more We will really be more obliged, if something more tangible is suggested to support demonetization, these theoretical essays do not really help the situation.

    2. But here one could find no mention of industrialists who stacked billions in foreign banks !
      what a strategic omission ???????

    3. health care requires immediate attention. unless, the corruption at its height in the health care, is tackled immediately, the whole nation with be crippled.

      • Fully agree, also other govern departments requires attention,specially where transaction of money is involved. Modiji rightly said this has been going on since independence.Those who used to work under the ruling government knew very well to how to transfer all the wealth to other countries.
        This has happened and still happening in all the countries who were given independence in last century.Sooner or later some will follow Modiji’s footsteps for country’s shake.Good luck to them in advance.

        • As long as people keep electing and giving power to rich people like contractors, industrialists it is difficult to control corruption. Those who do not have business connections only should elected for parliament and assemblies for better administration.
          Partly public are also responsible for the current scenario. What to talk about highly qualified guys like Aravind Kejariwal criticize out rightly the step taken by PM. If any lapse he can very well guide the govt. to ameliorate the present mess. Instead he is giving dead line to with draw the order , which is impossible .
          The solution is in the hands of public now. It is high time to GO FOR DHARMA SAMSTAPANAM FOR BETTER FUTURE.

      • Modi , Amit Shah , All BJP Leaders and all Modi Bhakt is the highest corrupted person of India….
        And due to their highest fraud activities all Poor Indians is back by 10 Years.
        BJP Bhagao and Desh Bachaooooooooooo

    4. This step by our PM Modiji is admirable because without stopping corruption in India ,all the development in India can not be achieved.Think that only 3 % of population pays taxes while almost everyone must pay taxes.To take care of poors,roads and bridges ,rivers condition,provide electricity,jobs to millions,healthcare,good hospital and staff,sewer system,factories,security,army needs ,farmers and Dalit help ,police and trains,buses ,schools ,colleges etc ,govt needs to spend in millions ,that comes from taxes .People,buisnesses not paying taxes,keeping black money for themselves and their children.
      Also we have to stop printing of fake notes by terrorists.
      Also black money was helping disqualified politicians win elections ,corruption at almost every office .
      Seperatists giving money to children for stone throwing on our army and police in kashmir.
      Pakistani terrorists give money to militants to enter in India and attack us.

    5. Doctors’ tonics are always bitter, some patients have thrown into toilets also – go with diseases rather be cured – such is the mentality of our opposition, because, they failed to do so.

    6. For once we have a PM with a backbone. Tremendous vision and execution! Imagine this – common man’s vote made the most powerful black money hoarders and counterfeiters (who make common man’s hard earned money undervalued by inflating real estate and other prices) to the knees. Power of democracy at its best showing since independence!

    7. Sad people who claim to be intelligent, are well read, don’t understand basics. They are talking about why big business people are not targeted. Are business Giants away from it? If they have black money or politicians have black money, will they not be effected? Yes they will be. Anyone who does not have any explanation for depositing huge amounts would be questioned and that is where100% effociency in scrutiny is required. The step of demobilisation has already brought results in Srinagar valley, where there is no more pelting of stones. Separatists are completely broken. Pakistan is crying. Many generals supervising fake currency production are ruined. Dawood’s properties have lost sheen. We must look to the bigger benefits that are going to be achieved. For the first time after independence we see a ray of hope for a bright tomorrow. Let us be calm and respect the decision of the PM.

    8. As against the Govt’s fantastic move, all our media and opposition are just after blaming and showing the fightings in ATM queue and accusing that common people are effected. But the fact is that common people are not effected. Common man is getting every day 2500 from ATM and 24000 per week from bank which is more than suffecient and if he needs more he can make the payment through Cards/online/cheque.

      But the FACT is that. since 3 days there are no MAIDS are coming in our complex. you know why ?? they all busy in standing in the ATM/Bank queue in making black money into white of others so that they get appropriate commission. For this work, ladies especially minorities are preferred, so that 2.5 lakh can be deposited. This how ATM and Bank is jammed. But opposition are not leaving anything to blame.

    9. Best thing that happened to mother India in a generation and is transformational. Bottomline is thieves realized that all their loot is nothing more than not even toilet paper at best. All the vultures in the industry of terror network, currency fake & underground, hawala, corruption real estate will have an internal war and kill each other. Some poor too will get back some in their (marginal player) desperate move to monetize some tainted money. Nothing but all good. the only ones doomed are really bad with too much unaccounted and no guarantee of future even if they start it all over again and in anycase will take decades to build it again only to see disappear overnight.

    10. The comments made above are admirable !
      At last India can be proud to be lucky to have a PM who works tirelessly to make the” elephant” move more fast! This had not happened in the last 70 years after independence!

      • Common men can use Rs 10, 100 , 5 currency notes. They do not have Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 notes. Black money usually are kept in 500 and 1000 notes – Then, these people use it for their inept children to go to higher education… bribe professors to get FAKE Degrees and get HIGH POSTINGS in Govt. jobs to dominate COMMON PEOPLE… Sab Chalta Hay attitude in India…. Due to these people.
        NO COMPARISON Between Indira ji and present MODI JI ??? One was born rich, other poor. Indira Hatao —Indriya BACHAO slogan and lost election. Emergency rule…. and for so many years, NO PROGRESS in India under congress rule. All sins could not be washed in a few years… by NaMo.
        Even, Ram Teri Ganga Ho Gayeli Maily Papiyoke Pap Dhote dhote….Now, Ganga ji is being cleaned little by little by BJP and NaMo. No coparison….indeed. 2G , Coal schemes, huge LGVG and Swiss banks full of Indian Black Money….Even, Narmada River big dam project was delayed…delayed for years…. WHY? No comparison.

    11. The most notable omission is the poor man without a bank account but with 2 or 3 1000 or 500 rupee notes . He is being driven from post to pillar to have a fair exchange of new notes

    12. So, what will stop enemies to print fake rs. 2000 notes and introduce it back to the system. What is the guarantee that this will not happen when the dust has settled? What makes us think that the enemies cannot use dollars to pay for their evil actions? What makes is think that corrupt people in India will stop being corrupt? What makes us think that those accepting bribes will stop taking Rs. 2000 notes in bribes? Can you change the nature/ habit/ behaviour of people in a society that loves and worship money like anything? Can someone provide an estimate of the sales lost by all the medium and small businesses within the first month and all the satellite industries around India’s mainstream economy? Add to that the daily decline of Indian rupee and stocks. Come to value and then compare the merits of this action. Was it worth creating this mess or was it to claim being a hero who put his seat on the line? Wasn’t it to direct attention away from all the fronts this government has failed at? And then bask in the glory of being a hero? Nice move Mr. Modi. No wonder he knows how to fool people. If you don’t believe this, just watch next few months for a steady economic decline and choas everywhere. He has wiped out the economic success that the country had painfully accumulated through hard work in all these years – in a single stroke. You cannot force values or a foreign setup for which your people and system are not ready yet. This is all a whitewash! Aankho main dhool jhonkdi isne!!!

      • Over a Trillion Man hours has been “WASTED” without any PROGRESSIVE BENEFIT so far. Surely, damaging ECONOMY. Hard earned name for 70 years, National Savings, good will and Rs. Crores worth of Stock Value has gone just over the night. A developing country can not take risks such as Dividing people based on Social Status, Religious sentiments. Count on up to the point of “REALIZATION”.

    13. Ex CMD of NHPC & UJVNL Yogendra Prasad has billions dollars investment in India and abroad. He has so many farm houses in Dehradun, Delhi, Noida, gurugram and in many more cities across India. Recently he sold out so many farm houses and big chunks of land in Gurgaon and other cities and sending the funds to his kids in USA through illigal means. He already diverted millions of dollars to his kids (Archana Kumari & Ashwini Kumar) in USA through hawala and bought millions dollars houses in USA for kids who they never earn a single penny honestly. He has lots of real estate properties in the name of his wife’s relatives and thier kids. My question is that how come a engineer amassed huge chunks of money & property.? Now he has Sugar factory, cold storage, Austintech and there are so many other businesses by stealing billions of dollars while serving government sector like NHPC & UJVNL. I request to the government of India to investigate him thoroughly so that black money goes to government treasury. He also went to jail in Uttarakhand for fraud in millions dollars scam but he came out of jail due to his powerful connections. I request the government of India to take immediate action towards him and put this biggest thief of the nation in jail so that justice can prevail for common people. Thanks to Indian government for taking strict action for corrupted people. I am confident that Indian government approach to fighting corruption through value re-orientation, improved internal processes and systems and the rule of law, as well as enhancing the capacity of the various anti-corruption agencies and institutions will prove more enduring in addressing this evil.

    14. The poor people who suffered should be compensated from the stolen money recovered from these kind of campaigns starting from Politicians and their cohorts, then Industrialists followed by mafias of all kind starting from Real Estate followed by Hawalas and others not exposed as yet.
      Kudos to Modi’s government for teaching lessons especially those politician cheats. There is an adage in Bengal that “Corer mayer golaa borhow gola” meaning roughly in Hindi “Chor-ki mayee mochati mast sore” and many politicians exposed their part doing just that and meeting the President right now. JUST A SHAMELESS bunch.

    15. Strong Opposition is always a good sign of a Great Democracy…..
      But unfortunately our Opposition & Medias are keen to point out negative impact instead appreciating the good deeds of current Government by Modiji or discuss +ves and -ves, they are really trying to confuse & panic the public. But those days are gone….. now public is well aware of all these tricks. Opposing all action taken by BJP government is the ‘sadhana’ of current opposition (led by Cong. With ~40+MPs!!!)

      PLEASE Be a Proud Indian instead of a citizen influenced by dirty politics, religion and region… I salute Modiji for his action, which shows now we have a real Prime Minister… Like Seshanji (Ex-Chief Election Commissioner) Jai HIND

    16. i completely agree with non-bakht, economy, confidence of investor, motivation for making money comes downs. Real estate falls, ripple effect in all spheres, jobs come down. Why Mr Modi? there are better ways to to do surgical effects, this insane totally. Only time will make you’ll understand. good luck

    17. All the mentioned issues are true and some have been addressed to most part some marginally. It will take time ordinary and bureaucrats adjust to this fact that no hoeding is going to save them at the end of the day as it can be done again even if they have to start all over again and find it not worth risk. . .

    18. what ever you can say all this and all that its not done write so many people have died and so many will die he had been distracted the life of many not done the right way p m is full of ego and his team wait for the events that are going to happen in the future at present lot of disruption Indian have only one thing for poor people to stand out side banks all day to change 2000 old rupees to new to feed their children now i am sure there must be lot off corruption in bank for Indian to change their money if after all this if the corruption and black money still find new way then ??????????????

    19. All the people who are criticizing Modi’s big bang move of demonetization are either agents of all opposition parties like Congress, Aap, TMC,SP, BSP,RJD and others who were having billions of rupees stacked in sacks for influencing elections or for inciting violence or for terrorism related activities across border by fake currency notes or who have been evading tax by running parallel economy or Hawala dealers, smugglers or real estate tycoons or indulging in illegal activities. By blaming Modi for long lines or misery or ill arrangements for this huge change are shedding crocodile tears in the name of poor people but real tears for themselves. A tenth class student is also aware of the positive effects of demonetization on the economy of the country. Modi ji wants to bring the country to the forefront of the world. All international financial institutions western media including Forbes etc. is praising Modi ji’ s brave action towards cashless economy. In 60 years of Congress rule we have seen long queues for ration, sugar, wheat, rice kerosene and for all sorts of govt controlled items but then never these prophets of doom day criticized it.
      For congressies and their other corrupt allies if the God comes on earth, still they would criticize him except when they come back to power which is impossible now.

    20. The Government Should Have Done More To Address The Common MAN’S Need First.
      They Should Have Done Something First To Minimize The Corruption By Adding Another Currency First And Then Taken Away The 1000 and 500 Rupees. Because Of This The Common Man Is The One Who IS Being Affected MORE. HOPEFULLY THE GOVERNMENT WILL DO SOMETHING SOON TO ADDRESS THIS SITUATION.

      • At least after stocking enough new currency the old ones could have been with drawn. That way the pressure would have been little less. In any case now the problem is smaller denominations which probably Govt did not address well. It has become a set back for small vendors and low income group.
        Hope this mistakes would not happen in future actions .

    21. Reading all the negative comments I wonder why these economists are not working with the government to provide solutions instead of wasting time on comments. Or are they paid chamchas who earn daily wages by commenting?



    23. One other aim of PM Modi’s demonetization is being overlooked and scarcely talked about is to cleanup the corrupt politicians and their politics. These guys have been accumulating black money from bribes and other illicit means like no tomorrow. They have been hit with a vicious blow so hard that they could not tell for a first few days what had hit them.

      These dudes are in such a severe pain that they are fuming, protesting and gyrating incoherently about the demonetization. They had never even dreamed that it could be coming. These guys are pretending to suggest that there was a better way to do it and have become pro-poor suddenly. Indian public is smart enough to know if these criminals knew a better way then why in the world they didn’t act for 60+ years. Perhaps they were so busy in looting the nation’s wealth that they did not get time to implement their “better” plans. Yet they demand to be acknowledged by the people that for having “thought of it first” in their time (before Mr. Modi, just like everything else that Modi is doing).

      I laud PM Modi for all he is doing. If you just take a step back and think about all the plans, ideas, and projects that he is trying to implement against all the odds, then you cannot but think that this man is at least trying to make an effort to clean up the mess accumulated in the system for so long. He is trying to strengthen the nation genuinely. It is not going to be easy and he may not succeeded in every thing that he takes up for various reasons, but accomplishing even a subset of those things will be a big achievement in a country like India. Indian nation should be thankful that someone like PM Modi has emerged in Indian politics after such a long long existence of deeply corrupt politicians in the very fabric of the country.

      I hope the people of India will at least give it a try for some time. Indian citizens rather should be asking this questions of themselves — Hey! we have seen the other side of the coin through more than one generation for over 60 years, why then be impatient in only 2 or 3 years? After all it takes a long time to get rid of a cancer as it does for it to grow.

    24. When the news initially came of demonetization, I was ecstatic reading about all the pros of it. All that about counterfeit notes, black money being stashed in mattresses etc. But as the days are passing and the number of people in line are increasing, I am starting to wonder whether this was a planned move it just a spur of the moment move. I stood in line for 10 hours on day 2 then again for 8 hours on day 4, to withdraw a measly amount of 4000/- and to witness people dying in queues infront o ..

      Read more at:

      Why Modi is not raiding the big politicians like the BJP MLA”s daughter Bangalore, spending 500 crores on wedding. Its not from his ancestral property, its our money, Modi cannot do anythimng to these people, as Modi is the chief guest in all those places. Farmers who do not have a bank account, should suffer…. Only crazy idiots can think that Modi is doing a good job… He shld be thrown out of the seat before his term is over…. this is what will happen when BJP comes… they will attack ..

      Read more at:

      • IDS has brought about Rs.65000 crores. Money deposited in banks after demonitisation is Rs. 8 lakh crores as of now. It is phenomenal. No IDS would have brought this much money. Government has to decide on suitable taxation measures for the money being deposited till 30th December, 2016. It should be used for infrastructure development. No freebies for any. Employment should be the goal.

    25. The government in power has done their job in a most planned manner to change the democratic set up of the day.What ever they had been aspiring,has been done and the result would be as per their requirement.It will take some time when people get tired of blaming,saving themselves efforts,saving what they have.Modi sahib Bhadur has played his trick which over and above ,making the country of what they had been saying in one way or the other.
      Captain Mohinder Singh

    26. Mere demonetization alone cannot uproot the evils in economy both at micro and macro levels of any country. This is proved beyond any doubt in the history world over and we are not an exception….
      Demonetization need to be simultaneously followed up with supplementary actions to curtail black money , which is now being taken care of -viz:
      – Attachment of benami properties
      – Keeping track on “heavy” transactions”
      – Closing the “other doors and avenues” for diversion of unaccounted wealth
      – Bringing more unaccounted wealth/money into the main stream
      – Curtailment of money power in elections (a powerful breeding source of black money and corruption)
      – Terrorist activities
      – Activities of anti social elements
      – Keep a check to enemy country/ies from economic invasion on the country etc….

      To quote a few…..
      “although it is regarded as an attempt to eradicate black money, “clever people find ways around it.” One of the ways they do this is by dividing their hoard into smaller pieces, thus making it easier to exchange. Another is by converting it into gold, making it much harder to catch.”
      -Raghuram Rajan –Ex.RBI Governor

      “To fight corruption in elections this is the most brilliant move anyone could have made,” said Quraishi, referring to the government’s sudden decision to demonetise Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 currencies. When he took over as CEC in June 2010, he mentioned money power in elections, along with voter apathy, as the biggest challenge. “Our theory is that abuse of money power in elections is the source of all corruption in the country. To spend money that is not accounted for, they collect by means fair and foul, and there is a quid pro quo. And anecdotally we know they spend up to 100 times the ceiling,” –S Y Quraishi: Ex.Chief Election Commissioner

      Hailing the Indian government’s decision to ban Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes, former RBI Governor Duvvuri Subbarao has said it would be a positive move for investment and will result in disinflation. “Given the scenario, my own view is that it is going to be good,” Subbarao, said. It would be positive for investment and result in disinflation among other benefits, he said, while commenting on the government’s decision to demonetise high value currencies on November 8. Importantly, it would be good for bankers to encourage people to move from hard cash to electronic transactions. It would move from a cash-intensive economy to a less cash-intensive, he said, while speaking at MintAsia’s Global Banking Conclave 2016 held in Singapore on Tuesday.

      “This revolutionary step will curb black money, corruption and terrorism (funding) to a large extent,” Anna Hazare told PTI.

      “The previous governments never showed the will to crackdown on black money. The present dispensation has taken a bold step and this will strengthen the democracy,” he said.Pointing out “discrepencies” in funding of political parties, the veteran social activist said the next course of action for the government should be to “clean up” the election process.”Anna Hazare ”


      I, as a person of average prudence, found only two prime ministers whom I come across as the better among others-viz:
      After Lalbahadur Shastriji – a very long gap of about 50 long years, our country has seen a statesman as in Narendra Modi. Both of them had kept the priorities of the Nation at High esteem. Our enemy country Pakistan has always been afraid of both. Both of them have lot of similarities in administrative functioning as also in maintaining self-discipline even in their day-to-day personal lives too…….
      both will be remembered by their slogans……
      “jai Jawan – Jai kisan” “swatch Bharat”
      I feel, that the exercise is not that an easy task to flush out over 60-long -year “sedimented filth” at one go. “Rome is not built in one day” It’s a perennial exercise which need to be allowed to function in long run…..

    27. To quote a few…..
      “although it is regarded as an attempt to eradicate black money, “clever people find ways around it.” One of the ways they do this is by dividing their hoard into smaller pieces, thus making it easier to exchange. Another is by converting it into gold, making it much harder to catch.”
      -Raghuram Rajan –Ex.RBI Governor

      “To fight corruption in elections this is the most brilliant move anyone could have made,” said Quraishi, referring to the government’s sudden decision to demonetise Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 currencies. When he took over as CEC in June 2010, he mentioned money power in elections, along with voter apathy, as the biggest challenge. “Our theory is that abuse of money power in elections is the source of all corruption in the country. To spend money that is not accounted for, they collect by means fair and foul, and there is a quid pro quo. And anecdotally we know they spend up to 100 times the ceiling,” –S Y Quraishi: Ex.Chief Election Commissioner

      Hailing the Indian government’s decision to ban Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes, former RBI Governor Duvvuri Subbarao has said it would be a positive move for investment and will result in disinflation. “Given the scenario, my own view is that it is going to be good,” Subbarao, said. It would be positive for investment and result in disinflation among other benefits, he said, while commenting on the government’s decision to demonetise high value currencies on November 8. Importantly, it would be good for bankers to encourage people to move from hard cash to electronic transactions. It would move from a cash-intensive economy to a less cash-intensive, he said, while speaking at MintAsia’s Global Banking Conclave 2016 held in Singapore on Tuesday.

      “This revolutionary step will curb black money, corruption and terrorism (funding) to a large extent,” Anna Hazare told PTI.

      “The previous governments never showed the will to crackdown on black money. The present dispensation has taken a bold step and this will strengthen the democracy,” he said.Pointing out “discrepencies” in funding of political parties, the veteran social activist said the next course of action for the government should be to “clean up” the election process.”Anna Hazare ”


    28. On several occasions, I have asked knowledgeable people in Chandigarh about their expectation corruption ever coming down. Their answer was “we are used to it”.

    29. It is very difficult to stop corruption. The India is used to corruption as they want THEIR job is fulfilled at any cost to their favour. We Indians can go down to pay bribe and enjoy the effects. By not paying bribe the job may not be done and we will not get the benefit of the process. So the corruption will be there. The reason for corruption is the salary difference and greed. The black money due to recent process can be reduced to some extent but can not be eliminated.

    30. I was not a fan of Indian Politics or any politician-TILL THE DEMONITISATION “MASTER STROKE” by our PM. This is an absolutely brilliant move and will hit the bulls eye if the implementation is well undertaken. I can’t understand why few people here who call themselves highly qualified and “know it all” cant understand the logic behind this decision. Like somebody mentioned before, this is a gutsy move and Mr. PM has risked his PM Chair for this move. Come on guys. lets support this for a BETTER LIVING, for a BETTER FUTURE and for a BETTER COUNTRY.

      • Descent idea in the short term – although it is unlikely that the people on top of the black money food chain are affected, at the very least, it’ll deal a strong blow to terrorists, Maoists, drug rackets other anti social rackets, etc.

        Bad idea in the long term unless followed up by further similarly drastic policy changes.

        Very badly executed – the so called temporary hardship which indeed is temporary for anyone who has the means to read this article in a computer or a smart phone, is in many instances a killer blow to the unprivileged.

        Now I’ll go hide behind a rock.

        • IDS has brought about Rs.65000 crores. Money deposited in banks after demonitisation is Rs. 8 lakh crores as of now. It is phenomenal. No IDS would have brought this much money. Government has to decide on suitable taxation measures for the money being deposited till 30th December, 2016. It should be used for infrastructure development. No freebies for any. Employment should be the goal.

          • Have you seen the Hindu? One 2000 rs note issued by a bank immediately crumbled into pieces and left the poor Indian high and dry! A new currency. THIs IS INDIA. These are vanishing notes.

          • Do you all this is black? People exchange for new currency. And you know all foreign going Indians carry with them some Indian currency for their return trips. Five lakhs people just with minimum 1000rs currency going out , is it all black?

    31. its dictator ship , Bermuda triangle politics only PM,jetly and spoksman ruling this country , all said and done without a simple flow chart also , death of common man is not the concern of these so called lawmakers, the real well wisher should have switched it to later date when its proved to be damaging to the country and its smooth life , farmers, small business people ,did any one of the tycoons and politicians affected , NO. its a mass torture for the 125 crore common people . restricting our own money to be used is a forced rule not a democracy ,what is the diff between Hitler and ….all character resembles


    33. PM’s move is Hitlerism type decision. PM should have prepared and organized himself confidentially before he banning the 500/1000 notes. I do not oppose the idea of banning such high value notes in order to combat black money and fake notes. I think PM should have taken this decision in planned, prepared and organized manner. If it was prepared and organized decision …. imagine how the result was fruitful. Don’t you leaders/Ministers/beauracrates people see commoners’ tears at ATM and bank queues. Remember you leaders/politicians, India represents majority of the percentage of populations are like me daily earners commoners. In my place, where I am living rural village area, the banking network, ATM, post office are miles long far. no digital payment system, no service bus network, no proper road network, 90% inhabitants on this rural village area are daily earners and relying on cash. PM should develop such rural villages first.

      Ex PM MM Singh rightly mentioned all this in the parliament. I salute MM Singh.

      There are other lots of channels to combat black money without making starving commoners. If the situation continue as is and without any relaxation to the policy soon you can expect disaster days and citizens will occupy the streets all over India.

      Finally, the suffers are daily earners – particularly labors, small and medium type business people, farmers, house wives, pensioned citizens, aged citizens so on….

      I did not seen any politicians, beaurocrates, industrialists, MLAs, MPs, Minsters seen on the queue at ATMs or banks… which means they do not have such notes in cash? where is their money gone? yes. their money have in binami name or assets or in jewels…. to hide tax.

      If PM was taken this kind of decision with preparing and organizing, PM could have save 70+ peoples lives. Now only PM and his ruling party is responsible for their death and PM should compensate their family 1 million rupees as demanded in the parliament by the LS/RS.

      Now you see, the market is suddenly fallen…. Market falling out is within a day or two but recovery takes years lone….. which affects country’s economy badly. Off course, real estate, gold, manufacturing industries etc. will fall and over all GDP will decrees.

      I assume, the apex court should intervene and soon shall do so…. the apex court only commoners protection.


      • IDS has brought about Rs.65000 crores. Money deposited in banks after demonitisation is Rs. 8 lakh crores as of now. It is phenomenal. No IDS would have brought this much money. Government has to decide on suitable taxation measures for the money being deposited till 30th December, 2016. It should be used for infrastructure development. No freebies for any. Employment should be the goal.

      • The ‘valued’ Bill will not remain in ‘BLACK’ or ‘WHITE’, it changes its ‘WORTH’ while people EXCHANGE for ‘Goods/Services’. So ‘Curb’ is just a myth.

    34. yes it is positive move towards reducing black money in India. Before that, the government should have taken some steps to control the present panic conditions. 1. All major payments and recurring payment ie., purchase of petrol and diesel, all government payments ie., electricity bills , RTC tickets (both advance and current tickets), telephone bills (BSNL) payments may be taken into oneline (debit card etc) much ahead of the present step. However, the payments should be a limit ie., below some amount can be paid through cash.2. It is to ensure that the knowledge of using various electronic payments shall be enriched. 3. before taking the step there must some mobile banking for rural areas and the post offices should have been strengthened and there must a ATM linked to rural Post offices and other government departments to ensure that atleast one ATM/electronic transfer mechanism to each of the rural village.4. The CG also well aware the total circulation of cash in the country and a six months before the ATM could have been issue RS.100 notes and Rs,50 notes while withdraw the amounts by the public, to the extent of RS 4 Lakhs crores this will reduce some sacristy of cash in the country and by that time (ie.,Novemeber 8th, 2016) 4 Lakhs crores will be backed to RBI stores.

    35. What a BS !!!!

      The demonetization would impact the terror financing, particularly in Jammu and Kashmir. Terrorist outfits like Hizb-ul-Mujahideen collect donations in Pakistan

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    37. If somebody is sleeping, we can wake him up. But somebody is pretending to sleep, how can we wake them?
      This is happening in India, as if we support any good moves done by Modi, we are Andh-Bhagat.
      But what about all others?? whose Gods did not do anything for last so many years.

    38. Modi is himself corrupt had spent 23000-25000 crs for his election in order to show that he is honest has
      directed to show account from 8th Nov., till 31st Dec., 2016 is laughable he make people fool his action is
      well informed to his friends and party he should ask Bank statements 6 months prior to 8th November then
      it will make sense.
      Rs.2000/= is introduced without any additional circulation of Rs.500/= and smaller denominations so that
      common man should not affected.

      For everything there should be proper planning so that the honest should not have hardship

      • Sri Kanth, please complain to the election commission if you Modi is corrupt. What is stopping you??
        I’m sure you may have some kind of proof and you are not just blabbering.

    39. surprising the most affected are politicians, yesterdays news shows a BJP mla worker carrying 20 lacks in new notes with and more and more new notes flooding the market, we will remove corruption i think what he means is we will remove congress corruption and replace it with BJP corruption.

      here comes the new shit same as the old shit..

    40. We can accept this move if the PM can assure the public as bullet points —concrete changes that are going to happen in the economy with facts and figures.He will not do this because he himself has no proof in hand and would want us to wait for 2 years and by the time he would have finished his tenure and said bye bye to the voters never to return again.So please show to the public what exactly you have in mind for the benefit of the Aam Aadmi.

    41. This whole idea is ill conceived, rather amateurish, even childish. The execution has been even worse, practically incompetent. Andher nagri chaupt raja take ser bhaji take ser khaja. This single event proves how monumentally incompetent, morally and intellectually bankrupt Dr. Moorkendra Gurgobardas Lodi is. Andhon mein kana raja. That does mean one can single him out though; just one out of the whole large rogues’ club of Indian politics. Rawfool, MoolahM, LaLoot, MayaPETI and all others are the same things in a different looking package. Some, however, are comparatively better, almost acceptable, such as Chandrababu Naidu, Naveen Patnaik, Nitin Gadkari, Sushma Swaraj, Manmohan Singh (without CONgress) etc. All parties and all politician are of the same quality and character, though running their “businesses” of dirty / unprincipled politics in their own individual ways.
      Indeed this demon exercise will make a temporary impact. But he must ask why did it become really necessary here to undertake such a hasty and mismanaged “operation” whilst the rest of the developed world with far better transparency and honesty standards are able to control things far far more effectively without any of this melodrama, pomp and show (with a lot of song and dance thown in by the main character / hero Lodi for electoral impact). It is quite apparent, rather obvious, that the choice of the operation is dictated by electoral and power play considerations. The devil may quote from the scriptures to serve his own purposes.

      Moreover, will he start repeating the process every 3 months or 6 months? Because after a lull in all these criminal activities, these will resume with renewed vigour. This has already started as evidenced. What is really required for correctionis the following (if Guruji really means to do anything worthwhile and not just self-gratification / self-promotion; if even 1% of good governance has to become areality): 1. Learn and emulate good governance from the developed and evolved systems from all over the world. We are not the world beaters in good governance. The entire world is not a utopian place either. However, there are umpteen good examples to learn from. We do not have to start from scatch nor do we have to start reinventing the wheel at the common people’ and Bharatmata’s expense. 2. Expeditious and genuine / real reforms in policing, not just cosmetic: because a lot of crimes of all kinds happen / continue happening as the criminals know that there is simply no chance of getting caught or of getting into any trouble even if caught “accidentally”. These reforms have to be about ensuring minimizing police corruption, ensuring effective / sustained action by police etc. etc. 3. Ensuring expeditious legal redress. This has been one big problem in the country. No matter what the seriousness of the crime is, no matter even if the culprit is caught, the legal process is too ineffective for trial and even more ineffective in sentencing. Unless fair but effective justice system is in place no melodrama of the ongoing kind can do anything good at all in any way; will not even scratch the surface. 4. Population explosion control: as long as we think that population has no link to anything, we shall remain in the same state of physical and mental squalor. China’s is similar to our population in a land area of much larger size. As long as we shall be such a huge population and growing at such a pace (adding 1 Australian population or almost 1 Canadian population every single year, year after year, ad infinitum) we should not fool ourselves so blatantly into believing that we shall have any significantly less chaotic life than existing; personal, professional, social or political / national. Bad demographic distortions and educational / cultural / moral decline and decadence do not help the situation either. Exception here or there may exist (perhaps not of comparable scale), but exceptions do not prove anything to the contrary. 5. Other: many other things need to be done, all in a phased / measured / gradual / calibrated / controlled manner. Sudden, melodramatic, fake revolutionary measures may look impressive to unsuspecting minds but do not yield the desired results, never did. Gone are the days ov revolutions. The complexities of the society and the world allows us only 1 option: evolution in a collaborative fashion. We do not need a Tarzan Lodi, we need a Lal Bahadur Shastri or an Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Stop the tamasha for the heavens sake.

    42. Wonder what is the tone of people who boasted, bragged , flaunted money and wealth six months ago ? Feel sorry for the anti-demonetization people – Nervous ? You have 1000 reasons to complain about demonetization because you dont have a single sensible reason to justify your black money. TOO BAD SO SAD 🙁

    43. What about his own party Mps and Mals who have freely whitewashed their black money some of them were arrested while carrying 20 thousand crores. If he had not protected his elections financers in this black money crap

    44. All you folks who are talking against demonetisation move, just wondering how tiny your brains can be and how small minded and selfish you folks are.
      You guys may have some more vested interest. You are same guys who hate just for the sake of it.
      You Modi haters are just same set of haters who just hate M.S.Dhoni as well. You forget about the will-full and ability to change or do things around, show it in a proven statistics, still being stone hearted and just hate.

      God bless you folks!

    45. Demonetization move is good, planned over two or more years but its implementation in India with 80% people living in rural areas and most of them live on daily wages who suffered and still suffering (more than 100 people died) is horrendously wrong and that is what is inviting tremendous criticism of this government. Another approach to keep the opposition and similar mind-set most traders-*in-transparent*-Unaware* who suffered most as well but all money of his own all supporters including more than 100 parties and sainiks funds were changed into whites money either pumping into banks through rubbish schemes is one of the shameful strategies. This move has cheated a large portion of Indian population, and this move has invited rather more black money transactions (usually by party supporters including big corporates and “high fi”people). This move has and will have many underlying scams (none of you focused on it , like buying plastic paper from UK, and swap machines, bank ATM cards etc from other sources need to be explored especially commission [rishwut] involved). I wish our Indian people and let allow hon.PM to take all bad consequences on his shoulder as he said…………………what he and his supporters did to grieved of 100 people who died and half billion people without job in villages……what a pheku joke

    46. Maharishi Narendra Damodardas Modi ji ki jai!
      Had he not, most reluctantly, consented to be crowned the Emperor of India, in this 139th incarnation of bhagwan Ram; Bharatvarsh would have gone down the drain like Venezuela or Haiti or Liberia.
      He is the truest saviour of motherland a.k.a. Bharatvarsh.
      Until now, he was sitting behind the scenes and directing space research, industrialization, Bollywood, IPL, and everything good that has ever happened in this land. It was only the greatest desh-bhagats like Amit Shah, Arun Jaitley, Mohan Bhagwat, Nitin Gadkari, Thackerays, Adanis, Ambanis et-all, who, through their prayers and dedication to help the poorest of Bharat-vasees, were able to get Swami Modi ji to personally lead the campaigns like ‘Ghar Wapsee’ to bring the lost tribes to the right Brahmanical path for their own salvation.
      Now, everyone agrees, that money is the root of all evil. So, once again Maharishi ji has undertaken the cleansing operation, also known as ‘demonetization’; in order to rescue the millions who were getting sucked into the swamp of wealth, luxury and material decadence.
      I don’t believe, people of Bharatvarsh can ever repay the gratitude showered upon them by the greatest saviour of them all – Maharishi Narendra Damodardas Modi.
      Maharishi Narendra Damodardas Modi ji ki Jai !!!

    47. What is not covered? Inequality in all sectors,caste,profession and religion created black money. Impractical laws created black money. And the worst is nation created immoral dishonest Indian citizens and the nos are reaching 100 %. The last honest person named Mr. Modi is also considered dishonest and corrupt by congress,may not defend himself if it is true. No wonder if you compare Japan and India after 1947 India at worst. The same morals in Bangla desh ,Pakistan and Sri Lanka, guilt by association.

    48. what are you doing in UK. Instead serving your countrymen and training them with your knowledge you are dwelling fairly well in UK.Do you have an idea how the poor people are suffering and standing ques for little money. No politician is in que.

    49. All this demonetizing is good. It is also expensive and painful. If I were Pakistan, I would do it again to get Indians standing in line in pain in another four years. India should take very stringent action to counter fake money by Pakistan or any country because it is an act of war. Here is what I would do.
      1) Flood that country with fake money. And start with a small denomination. Baluchi’s would love the fake currency.
      2) Warn the CEOs and traders who help in the process that they are equally responsible and shall be treated as “terrorists. This includes those in the manufacture of paper, printing and trading and transporting. Shoot them between the head like terrorists deserve and bomb them homes. As the saying goes: It takes iron to cut iron.

      For a country to live in peace it must show that it can dish back too.

      As for the black money handlers and non-tax payers. Create new courts where justice is served swiftly. Send them to jail for life and take all their money away. Put them back on the streets. Verify the assets of their families and friends and prosecute them too if irregularities are found. This way no one would want to be a friend of the non-tax payer. It is tough justice but that is the only way to clean up.

      Start with the oldest political families and the millionaires and billionaires.

    50. Fernandes

    51. Demonetization is a complete disaster:
      -It has crippled every aspect of India’s economy. One of the worst hit is the agricultural area where 60% of India’s workforce is. farmers cannot sell their produce as prices have crashed and transporting produce cannot be done due to Trucks refusing to move produce.
      -No guarantee it will end the black economy or Corruption. only 6% to 10% of the black economy is in cash. the rest is in assets.
      -Cannot switch to a cashless economy when 950 million Indians have no access to the internet, there are black outs and brown outs regularly and by replacing old with new currency notes the need to switch to electronic transactions is reduced.
      -Only 30 million Indian pay income Tax. Only 50 Families control most of India’s economy.
      -At current rate of printing it will take up to 6 months to replace old currency with new.
      -black economy and regular economy are intertwined. Hit one and the other suffers.


      It doesn’t stop terrorism
      It doesn’t stop black money generation. (Its a flow not a stock)
      It doesn’t stop betting is going to happen in IPL 2017
      It doesn’t stop the politicians being corrupted. ( even BJP party men were caught red handed with new notes hahahahaha…. ! The entire india ROFL…)

      Stop writing such stupid praising, polarising articles…

      It looks like BJP has created so many joseph goebbels (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Goebbels) as their spokes person as hitlers nazi germany produced only one joseph goebbels ha hahaha


    54. Out break of operations undertaken to siphon out the new currency in the immediate aftermath of demonetization gives rise the doubt that the forces involved in hoarding and laundering of money were fully prepared for the event beforehand.

    55. Under last UPA government most Ministers, High/Low level OFFICIALS to get the POST had to pay crores of Rupees to the Party HIGH COMMANDEERS, which allowed them to recover by any means/source. CM – MAHARASHTRA PRICE TAG OF RS. 1 LACS CRORES ONLY, leading to recovery of the amount Paid + PROFITS in few months ONLY. IS IT CONTINUING IN THE NDA ???? at PRESENT !!!!!

    56. Demonetization and remonitization is excessive money pulled out from the outside the Perview of banking,The economist normally recommend this sort of exercise to streamline the economy healthy.you would have observed the more lower denomination currency was on circulation till 2000 but after 2000 you would have observed that 500 and 1000 rupee note was five times higher than lower denomination that made the government to take this step

    57. I am asking to all intellectuals . As per the data by RBI NOT BY ME . The total notes in indian economy printed by RBI are approx 16 lakh crore. AFTER DEMONETISATION MORE THAN 14.5 LAKH CRORE IS BACK IN BANKING SYSTEM, THEN WHICH MONEY IS WITH DAWOOD..
      Why are we promoting something which is not even existing. Demonetization was done only to hide MODI Failure as nothing was done since last 2.5 years after winning clear majority.
      So something has to be done. So this drama was done which actually lead economy to go backward by 10 years.
      The media is paid well to prepare fake news. Present fake data on economy etc.
      Tell me a single new project that is being launched in last 2.5 years .
      Just making mockery of democracy what they are going to achieve by hiding the failures behind PATRIOTIC TAG. We all are patriotic . We do not need certificate from any political party.

    58. People who are criticizing the anti black money drives including demonetization may be doing this due to one or more than one reasons. They might have been directly or indirectly affected, being followers of Rahul Congress, Mamta, Lalu, Maya, Kezri or anti Hindu mind set etc. But it has left a hammer effect on many ones. Whether terrorists, or politicians or hawala operators, or corrupt officials, these are finding the going a tough on and by the time they device something new, they will get new blows. All honest people should support the positive change for the future.

    59. you shoulde be really optamistic and niave to think this would actually work , it failed in other countries in the past and has failed again .. because of the selfish nature of the human which is normal for surviving .
      the only benfit of this is that the banks have money they can give loans with ..

    60. To all Modi haters specially Mutaher Ali : I am from Ahmedabad and have seen mostly Muslim community and opposition parties criticizing Modi for spending 18000 Crores in river front project and some of where my close friends

      Today when I am seeing most part of the river front is overcrowded by the same Muslim and other community people.During night they enjoy freeze air with family and friends and having late night talks.

      These are the same people who criticize riverfront project and many of those would be seen sitting in bullet train in future.

    61. What ever happening in India are due to Gujarati Politics.To win in Elections how our Country’s Prime Minister has sourced from that everybody knows and talking on Block Money for Elections because RBI Governor is again a Gujarati.

    62. Building the Nation in proper way requires more time as the previous Governments has not put up strong foundation.we can have a confidence as till date corruption charges. not there.

    63. I support whole-heartedly the move by Modiji. If this government has the will power, i suggest the following:
      1.Impose a minimum of 10% tax on so called Educational trusts, all Religious trusts, all political parties funds.
      2. After 2 years, bring back all Rs. 2000.00 notes to banks and stop printing this high value currency.

    64. Nobody actually knows the real impact of this move. Not even the PMO office. Only after 4 or 4 years one will get to know the real effect

    65. Demonetization a disaster for common man…… not at all, they have welcome this step and think themselves proud as a part of this process as they have no black money and truly they are the honest peoples of INDIA…….. Jai Hind.

    66. Please check the recent report of World Bank ; economic growth rate of India has fallen due to these childish initiatives: GST and Demonetisation. Narendra Modi is one of the most energetic premiers in the world right now and maybe his intentions are right; but, such initiatives cause more damage than good.

    67. First of all what is the background of all those people who have responded…? They must be the supporters of Congress and communists. Congress party not only look but they allow their supporters also to loot. Communists pretend to be honest………and do not increase their allowance also for years. But look at the palatial buildings of Kerala communist leaders. Their children studied abroad…look at CM Kerala and Kodiyeri’s sons. From where they get money?

      For a management quota for medical seat (MBBS) the management is demanding 25 lakhs. There were people who had this type of money which blocked the chances of brilliant middle class or lower middle class people. But these people have no chance as they cannot raise their voice.

      If people are telling that because of black money so many jobs were lost…so be it. It only demonstrates that demonetization was the right thing to do.

      Politicians like BSP/TMC Chiefs were the ones to cry foul of the demonetization. This is because they had the maximum black money.

      There is a tendency to say that dalits and down trodden would get justice only their leaders come into power. Just check how many down trodden and dalits benefitted because of Mayawati becoming CM. The only one to benefit is her BROTHER! No body likes honest and straight forward people. Every one likes sycophants who clap and applaud them. See what is the status of KERALA, the most literate state with lots of foreign exchange earnings from people employed abroad. Since the birth of Kerala Communists and Congress are ruling alternately but who has benefitted? The state should have stood out as No.1 state in India, but alas now this state is known for every day murder, compulsory conversion to other religions and also terrorism. We need people like Modi. He will rule India.


    68. This Article is titled “10 People most affected by Modi’s Anti-Black Money campaign”
      Those complaining definitely got affected and those praising cleanly got their money deposited.
      Most affected are Congi Bastards praying to Italian Eunachs and lost BM and are braying herein about spilt milk.

    69. Modiji is doing for country but some people are intentionally becoming blind. Now image of country in world is improved we have to accept it.

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    71. I am late to the party but following are my views: (You are free to comment / oppose)
      1. Corruption cannot be stopped by making high denomination bills invalid. This was opposed by Rajan, our x RBI Governor. Why? Because, 90% of black money in the country is with politicians. Even a kid knows that.
      And I don’t think they will stash it in their attic or in their garden. They put them in BANKS. Either in India or abroad, it is already digital. Rest 10% black money, you get by troubling 120 Crore Indians.
      2. Who got the ultimate benefit from Demonetization – BJP. All the politicians came and under scanner because, they CHANGED their currency in crores and government is well aware of this thing. But show me, how many got arrested? But I can show you lakhs of daily labour who lose jobs and 100s who died of hunger. If i drive a car and hit someone and kill them, i am responsible, but why is law sleeping when 100s died due to foolish (i term it like that because innocent people died) BJP?
      3. GST is a failure – This an ultimate concept which if implemented correctly, would help lakhs of businesses, but I don’t know what made them to push the change over night without any system (computers) supporting it. You need a plan to implement something on a massive scale, can’t do things overnight. This is just foolishness thinking it is as easy as making a cup of tea.
      4. Coming to corruption – As far as i see, nothing has changed. People from Road side constable till higher government officials, everyone is taking money. NOTHING has changed.
      5. Farmers – more numbers died than in congress government.
      6. Industrial production is at all time low. GDP projected is on the higher side but the current economy is screwed up. Then why is the stock market is at very high levels today? People don’t know where to invest money and pushing it into mutual funds and those companies don’t know what to do with surplus money they got and investing in stupid economy. If world markets start falling, Indian indices will bleed.
      7. No point in saving your money in banks. Interest rates are at all time low, lower than wholesale inflation (leave alone the retail inflation), and you pay tax for the interest earned.
      8. Fuel prices- needless to say.. train fares, flight fares – every bloody thing went up.

      I am not a bhakt or a pappu tard.. i am just comparing one idiot to the other. Who is ultimately affected by these idiotic policies of BJP? You, I and our children. Remember that. You invest in any savings scheme today, the returns that you get tomorrow are NOTHING and won’t even help our children in getting admission in a good college.

      Just don’t say rahul was good or modi is bad – be open, THINK and ACT. To me, as long as the poor people’s lives are not getting better, the government will be useless. Because, I and you are having 3 meals a day and it hardly matters, which bugger rules the PM throne but for poor.. it matters for their every meal.

      • This article is only BJP propaganda. The ulterior motives of the party are now very well known by the common man as evidenced by the social media. This party is likely to go down as a blot in the history of our country. The common man knows all about demonetization in simple language even though articles like this try to distort reality. The economic disaster/fiasco in this country at present is unprecedented in history. We all know that.

    72. Is it possible the government collected a lot of unaccountable notes and did not want to publish lest it will show that Indian finance system all these years is a joke and will affect the economy? When IG did demonetization plenty have burnt notes rather than submitted as it will invite government investigations.


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