10 People most affected by Modi’s Anti-Black Money campaign

    The country as a whole has been affected by the anti-black money campaign. As common citizens, we all had to face cash troubles and wait in long queues for ATMs, despite that, the move was supported largely. The targeted section of corrupt now face nightmares. A list of 10 most affected stakeholders is presented below.



    In Indian elections till about a decade ago booth capturing was the biggest problem. With time and efforts of election commission booth capturing was almost eliminated but electoral funding still remains a looming threat to our democratic system. Fighting elections is a costly affair and the expenditure limits set up by election commission are unrealistic and barring a few almost all parties take anonymous donations from affluent business class and which is mostly tax evaded money. Obviously, donations from businessmen are paid back in terms of skewed policies and biased decisions in their favour. Demonetisation along with the budgetary announcements by FM is a crucial step to reduce the amount of anonymous donations to parties from twenty thousand to two thousand rupees to curtail black money into politics.

    Dravidian political parties are known to win elections on money power; one of them hardly conducts public meetings and only distributes money as evident in R K Nagar by poll caused by Jayalalithaa’s death. Parties in Maharashtra are famous for giving tickets to real estate businessmen and mint their money. Similarly, UP is also known for regional parties using black money to fund elections by selling tickets. Measures like demonetisation are set to deliver a big jolt to many of them as was evident in UP elections where some parties had less money to spend. Use of tax evaded money for donation to political parties to get undue favours in return is set to reduce in the times to come.

    Demonetization will cause a cash crunch for political parties as most of them depended on black money. This would in turn open the debate for much needed electoral reforms that’s been pending for long and ultimately may be a step towards the cleansing of the system.

    If the politics don’t require black money from corrupt people they may legislate and govern better and not hesitate from taking stern actions against corrupt businessmen, which would formalise the economy to a greater extent leaving the exchequer richer.

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    1. Modi is a best thing to happen to India when Congress had looted the nation, Rahul, half muslim and half Christian having no love for this country calling himself a janeoodhari. If India has not developed it is the Bad policies of Congress. Congress is like a family party and all the minister’s lived like kings in lavish lifestyle. Mr. Vadra, who is just 10th pass could become millionaire only under Congress rule as Sonia and Rahul both are corrupt to core and are criminals put on bail. Chidambaram helped his son to make money through shell companies. Singhavi, Signal are ordinary advocates but they Congress contacts they became leading lawyers in SC, the fact was proved in their attempt to impeach the CJI.
      1. Modi made Indians proud indian abroad. Whole world looks upto India.
      2. Modi is simple and lives a lifestyle of a Sanyasi. He has not promoted his brothers or any other relative in politics like Gandhi family.
      3. During Modi’s rule 18000 electricity deprived villages were given electricity.
      4. During Modi’s rule, due to demonitisation, dubious NGOs were required to close down. The figure runs into lakhs. All these NGOs were involved in anti national activities. This has stopped supply of funds to churches and madrasas to carry on anti India activities and indulge in conversion. No wonder so many father’s and mills and Archbishop’s are issuing fatwas.
      4. Due to Demonitisation 2.5 crore taxpayers were added and 2 lakh shell companies were closed down.
      5. It was Modi who made LPG free of cost available to 3 crore families of below poverty line.
      6 During UPA rule scales of crores of thousand rupees took place. No scam has taken place under Modi’s rule.
      7. Because of Modi’s development policies Moody has increased India’s rating, which never happened during last 15 years.
      8. While whole world is reeling under depression, India is the only country which is growing at a GDP of 7.5 percent.
      9. Only during Modi’s time Pak was given before Ng reply.
      10. Christian’s and Muslims in India are converted and now they feel that their loyalty shall be to Vatican and Muslim countries. India is for Hindus and only during Modi’s rule Hindus feel that their interest is safe.

      As of now there is no clean leader in India who can compete with Modi. Others are all chors and corrupt and hence they are coming together to safeguard their interest.

      • No no Vishwasji! This is Vishwaas-Ghaath! I totally disagree with you. He is the Raakshas along with Amit Shah his twin-Raakshas both together statshed almost FIFTEEN LAKH KAROD RUPAYE all over globe in his (Modi’s) endless globe-trotting!

        • dear ashutosh have you got any proof please give it to me i will put a pil in supreme court if you have not any proof i will put defamation case against you . please don’t put fake news . are you one of them who lost your black money during demonetisation .???

          asutosh have you any proof of what you have written ?? if not i will put a defamation against you . are you one of them who lost your black money during demonetisation ??
          please give proof for your allegation against modiji

        • Mr. Ashutosh please tell which party has given 15 lakh to every citizen in last 72 years. BJP promised to give same provided black money trnsferred from this country is brought back. We are UNO member but international laws are fashioned in such a way that same cannot be brought back easily.India will have to struggle for it and if succeded economy of country will further strengthened.Intention of Mr.Modi cannot be doubted. Commenting inthis way is wrong. Think yourself in Modi’s position than only you will realise true situation.

    2. All members of Mahagadhbabdhan are most corrupt including congress and they together wants to drafet Modi which will not happen rather there will no alliance

    3. Modi stashed Fifteen Lakh Crore-Karod in Black Money Havens across the globe in his four-year-long GLOBE-TROTTING. This every NRI knows – particularly in USA. Modi is not all alone in corruption – he has a nice SAHELI in Amit Shah.

    4. No no Vishwasji! This is Vishwaas-Ghaath! I totally disagree with you. He is the Raakshas along with Amit Shah his twin-Raakshas both together statshed almost FIFTEEN LAKH KAROD RUPAYE all over globe in his (Modi’s) endless globe-trotting!

    5. Why many of you are against the Muslims and Christians. You talk about defamation if we speak the truth. What kind of democracy Indian can you call yourself when you speak against other religions. This shows the true hate against us. Yet you guys wants foreign funds for other things that this country needs. Why can you guys stop criticizing other religions and live in peace. I defy anybody to put a case on me if I’m saying lies. What if the Muslim countries stop giving us oil. What if Christian countries stop giving us technology and weapons. What if we are also banned with sanctions for religious violence. If you people want to talk about Congress or BJP don’t involve religion. Remember no country can destroy another religion. for a country to grow and develop we need to be united and then growth will follow. BTW ….The congress kept all religions together whrn times were hard or else our country would have been destroyed 70 yrs ago after Mahatma Gandhiji was killed by the Hindu Fundamentalist. Those were the days when it was very hard to make people think sensible. People who hate any party must be the same psychopaths ,who were taught to instigate violence. Don’t make or create another civil war.

    6. Economic measures taken by Modo have some definite long term interests ;it canot work like a balm for headache.
      Allow some time and see the magic.


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