10 People most affected by Modi’s Anti-Black Money campaign

    The country as a whole has been affected by the anti-black money campaign. As common citizens, we all had to face cash troubles and wait in long queues for ATMs, despite that, the move was supported largely. The targeted section of corrupt now face nightmares. A list of 10 most affected stakeholders is presented below.




    In Indian elections till about a decade ago booth capturing was the biggest problem. With time and efforts of election commission booth capturing was almost eliminated but electoral funding still remains a looming threat to our democratic system. Fighting elections is a costly affair and the expenditure limits set up by election commission are unrealistic and barring a few almost all parties take anonymous donations from affluent business class and which is mostly tax evaded money. Obviously, donations from businessmen are paid back in terms of skewed policies and biased decisions in their favour. Demonetisation along with the budgetary announcements by FM is a crucial step to reduce the amount of anonymous donations to parties from twenty thousand to two thousand rupees to curtail black money into politics.

    Dravidian political parties are known to win elections on money power; one of them hardly conducts public meetings and only distributes money as evident in R K Nagar by poll caused by Jayalalithaa’s death. Parties in Maharashtra are famous for giving tickets to real estate businessmen and mint their money. Similarly, UP is also known for regional parties using black money to fund elections by selling tickets. Measures like demonetisation are set to deliver a big jolt to many of them as was evident in UP elections where some parties had less money to spend. Use of tax evaded money for donation to political parties to get undue favours in return is set to reduce in the times to come.

    Demonetization will cause a cash crunch for political parties as most of them depended on black money. This would in turn open the debate for much needed electoral reforms that’s been pending for long and ultimately may be a step towards the cleansing of the system.

    If the politics don’t require black money from corrupt people they may legislate and govern better and not hesitate from taking stern actions against corrupt businessmen, which would formalise the economy to a greater extent leaving the exchequer richer.

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    1. Modi is dooing far better then any other PM who’s rules for years… in his 1st tenure he is outstanding, if continue for 2nd term then that would be the game changer for india….

    2. Bullshit artical, Tell how many got killed because of Modi, how much racism got in limelight because of modi, how many rapist in BJP …..

    3. Fake website. Fake news. All lies. Demo was a political tool. People paid heavy price. We will not forgive you in 2019. #Byebyemodi

    4. Why you are not focussing sensational news in all over world. Do you know one thing two days before in india most famous state of tamilnadu has been 15 people murdered by police. Why you guys are don’t cover these type of news. Please focus all.


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