11 Bollywood Celebs Who Were Slapped With Criminal Charges

At times, the real life image of our favorite Bollywood stars could be totally different from their reel life image. Like all of us, they too fall prey to some vicious circumstances and end up doing something which leaves a scar on their character and damage their reputation. Some of their mistakes go out of proportion and are labeled as crimes. Here we bring you those 11 Bollywood celebs who were slapped with criminal charges.


9Shakti Kapoor

Way back in 2005, sting cameras had become the latest tool to expose the hidden truth behind everything suspicious and dubious. The real identity of several high profile people with slimy characters came to the fore with the help of these special cameras. Another big reason why various media outlets, especially the broadcast media, started using sting cameras in an unprecedented way was that the number of news channels had suddenly risen up from five to fifteen and everyone was trying to break through the clutter in a crowded media environment. So, grabbing the fickle attention of Indian audience was important for every electronic media house to make a cut. And what better way to get started with Bollywood celebs? In initial years of its usage in the media, the actor who was stung first by a sting camera was none other than the bad boy of Bollywood, Shakti Kapoor, the father of one of country’s rising star Shraddha Kapoor.

In 2005, a sting operation caught him asking an undercover reporter from India TV sexual favours in exchange of a movie career in Bollywood. The actor exposed many clandestine things about the Hindi film industry. According to him, everyone has to sleep with the big guys once. When caught on the camera, the actor, who has featured in more than 700 films, claimed to have been trapped by the female journalist. But no one listened to his bullshit.

Shakti had to face unanticipated consequences of his act almost immediately when the Film and TV Producers’ Guild asked its members not to work with him. The case made national news with a lot of casting couch victims coming forward and sharing their unpleasantly horrid experiences, but was forgotten after the initial weeks of publicity and hype.



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