11 Bollywood Celebs Who Were Slapped With Criminal Charges

At times, the real life image of our favorite Bollywood stars could be totally different from their reel life image. Like all of us, they too fall prey to some vicious circumstances and end up doing something which leaves a scar on their character and damage their reputation. Some of their mistakes go out of proportion and are labeled as crimes. Here we bring you those 11 Bollywood celebs who were slapped with criminal charges.


10Sanjay Dutt

The whole city of Bombay (Mumbai) was shaken by the serial bombings in 1993, which took the lives of 257 people while injuring 713. Actor Sanjay Dutt was one of those people who were accused of the involvement in the bomb blast. It was claimed that an AK-56 rifle, a 9 mm pistol and ammunition found with Dutt were a part of a large consignment of arms connected to the terrorist act. In April 1993, Dutt was arrested from Mumbai airport by the Crime Branch under the provisions of the Terrorist and Disruptive Activities Act (TADA). He was granted interim bail by the Supreme Court of India in May 1993, but was re-arrested in July 1994 as his bail was cancelled by trial court.

Sanjay wrote a letter to the Chief Justice in 1995, following which SC granted him bail. The actor came out of jail after 15 months. In November 2006, after years and many trials, Dutt was convicted under Arms Act and acquitted under TADA. In 2007, the court discounted the charges and while pronouncing him guilty, TADA special court judge told the actor he was not a terrorist. The same year, the actor moved to Supreme Court which granted him bail.

In November 2011, Supreme Court started hearing based on appeals filed by the actor and 100 other convicts. In March 2013, Sanjay was sentenced five year jail term for illegal weapons possession. The actor walked free on 25th February 2016 after completing his five-year prison sentence and is all set to make a comeback to films with Omung Kumar’s ‘Bhoomi’.



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