10 Movies You Won’t Believe Hrithik Roshan Rejected!



I know that now one cannot imagine somebody else in the iconic character of Mohan Bhargava which superstar Shah Rukh Khan played with so much conviction and subtlety in the film ‘Swades’ (2004), but you will be surprised to know that before Shah Rukh came onboard, filmmaker Ashutosh Gowarikar had approached Hrithik Roshan to play the male protagonist in the movie. After working with Mr. Perfectionist in the sports period drama ‘Lagaan’ (2001), which even went to Oscars, Ashutosh was keen on working with Hrithik Roshan as he thought he suited the character of Mohan Bhargava very well. But unfortunately, his dream could not come true back then as the new superstar declined to sign the film. Several media reports also stated that Ashutosh made several changes in the script, but even then he could not convince the actor and finally had to give up on roping in Hrithik Roshan in the movie. Since the film demanded a big star, Ashutosh decided to talk to Shah Rukh Khan. SRK liked the script very much and agreed to be a part of the movie.

Upon its release, ‘Swades’, which was originally titled ‘Desh’, got unprecedented critical response from various quarters. Everyone praised Shah Rukh’s performance and he took home a Filmfare Award and a Global Indian Film Awards under the same Best Actor category. The film is considered one of the best movies from SRK’s filmography.  Ashutosh’s direction in the movie was also praised widely. Talking about the box office performance, ‘Swades’ scored well at the ticket window worldwide. Just from the domestic box office, it raked in 152.5 million which is approx. US$2.3 million.

Over the years, ‘Swades’ has attained a cult status among Indian and other South Asian audiences around the world. It is really sad that Hrithik rejected such a brilliant film. We are sure he must have regretted his decision later.

TRIVIA: ‘Swades’ is partially inspired by the life story of Ravikuchimanchi and Aravinda, a couple who returned to India and built a mini reservoir and Pedal power in the village of Bilagaon, Maharashtra.



  1. i hate this post because it mostly mentioned figures of his rejected movies . Paise kamane wali movies ki kumi nahi he content ki kumi hai , specially the one which hrithik chose , i guess he chose only 2 good movies in his career till now which were content driven n took his acting to the next level , ie Guzaarish n Koi Mil Gaya. Rest were just ok .

  2. where are the actors who worked with aamir in RDB and DCH if hrithik would have done that he would be always playing second fiddle to hero like abhisheeth bachchan, it is his choice if he feels he does not want to play the character and want be able to do justice to it he does not do it.we have so many non actors like sidharth, fawaz, abhisheekh, tiger etc let them do these kinda films

    • R madhavan starred in saala khadoos, and Vikram Vedha one of the roles he has done lot better than any Bollywood actor. Madhavan is doing good in South you should see his movies.

  3. Anyways, he is all looks but no acting skills. The guy plays the same character in all the movies. you dont get to see any variation in his acting. Its like you are watching the same character in different movies.

  4. If I had not seen shahrukh in Swades, i would have never imagined him do a movie like that. He is not a good actor, a very good star-yes, but not an actor. But he did amazing job in Swades. I would have thought he might not be a fit choice for films like swades

  5. Every actor has his own style in performing in a movie, and he/she cannot play every role. Hrithik (like many actors) knows where he stands; therefore, he may nat have succeeded if he played the roles he rejected. Can you really imagine Hrithik in Swades????????

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  7. The last two shouldn’t be in this tired list anyway…… He wasn’t offered a role in Fast and Furious but he ride tried to get himself one but was rejected outright by the director. Regarding the adaptation of Hamlet, the movie never materialised, so there is no question of Hritik rejecting the film. Anyway, like someone has already pointed out, this man cannot act. He’s just the pretty boy, there is nothing noteworthy about his acting.

  8. Sorry to upset everybody’s comment , but one should see HRITIK as Indian James Bond . Herein , he bears all the qualities the character demands / requires …..


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