7 Bollywood Celebrities Who Hail From Royal Families

Bollywood abounds a number of celebrities who are not less than royalty in any manner. But if you are truly one of the biggest Hindi film enthusiasts, then you must be familiar with the names of those Bollywood celebs that are really related to some royal family in some way or the other. In case, you don’t know much about the connection of our stars to royal families, then you should not miss our list on 12 Bollywood Celebrities who hail from Royal Families!


2Aditi Rao Hydari

Actress Aditi Rao Hydari, without an ounce of doubt, looks like the type of woman who would be some royal connections. Hydari is considered one of the most beautiful actresses of Indian cinema. She has wowed the audience with her charm in Malayalam, Tamil and Hindi films. But do you know that the gorgeous actress belongs to not one but two royal families from both her maternal and paternal sides. Aditi was born on 28 October into two royal families of Muhammad Saleh Akbar Hydari and J. Rameshwar Rao of erstwhile Raja of Wanaparthy family. She is the great granddaughter of Akbar Hydari and the grand niece of Muhammad Saleh Akbar Hydari, former Governor of Assam. After graduating from Lady Shri Ram College, University of Delhi, Hydari decided to venture into films.

Known for her petite looks and graceful performances in a number of movies made in different Indian languages, Aditi first appeared on screen in the Malayalam movie ‘Prajapathi’ (2006). In her debut movie, she was paired opposite well-known actor Mammootty. After garnering praises for her first film, the actress went on to sign a Tamil period drama film called ‘Sringaram’ (2007), directed by debutante Sharada Ramanathan. The film did well at the box office. Buoyed by the success of her first two films, Aditi decided to explore opportunities in other film industries also and subsequently landed an important role in the Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra directorial ‘Delhi 6’ (2009).

Aditi rose to fame after starring in Sudhir Mishra’s 2011 romantic thriller film ‘Yeh Saali Zindagi’. She played a character called Shanti in the movie. Her performance was widely appreciated and earned her the Screen Award in the Best Supporting Actress category. After the success of the movie, the actress, who is also a classical Bharatanatyam dancer and trained under Leela Samson, was approached by many filmmakers for varied characters. She appeared in various films like ‘Rockstar’ (2011), ‘Murder 3’ (2013), ‘Khoobsurat’ (2014), ‘Wazir’ (2016) and ‘Fitoor’ (2016). The actress will next be seen in ‘Aur Devdas’, ‘Kaatru Veliyidai’, ‘Bhoomi, and ‘Padmavati’.

TRIVIA: Aditi Rao Hydari got married at the age of 21 to Satyadeep Mishra. Satyadeep worked as a civil servant and lawyer before becoming an actor.

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  1. May be because of their Royal background only people are made to believe that they are popular
    Media playing their cards too
    Rich and naturally made famous??

    • Agree. In Indian many people when first meet, ask your surname, and where do you belong etc. It is hardly rare a chance that they do not mention their royal descent and the other person do not get impressed by them.

  2. This is utter nonsense, dangerous and regressive contribution of media in promoting elitism in India. This is a nation that suffers socially and economically from having exceptionally divisive societally due almost entire society being obsessed with familial rights that transcends merit. This particular man by any yardstick is an academic failure, who despite being given access to the best schools in the United Kingdom failed to get even a degree. A nation that promotes losers becomes loser.

    • Agreed but academic excellence is one facet of life. After all, arts are at the bottom of the schooling system anyways. And to be able to be successful in Bollywood, one needs to be good at Bhaandgiri and be good at gratifying the egos of front bencher rickshawallahs.

  3. I suppose no one can blame who born into one family being something or something not. Further damage for that soul is that world expect so much out of this person which is also wrong. Good luck all the success to all of those who’s ancestors once were something.

  4. Why Do you have only negative remarks about some ones birth wrtghts.we only talks about and heare about some wealthy people’s grandchildren become poor and unsuccessful .these seven people,s story gives good feeling No matter what happens If you done (good)with your karma your generations will be successful

    • It is indeed the bad karma of Saif that his great grandfather was Timur the beast who murdered millions of people & his mother a bengali lady from Tagore family married his one eyed father just for name & fame in the name of Love Jihad.h

  5. Royalty always or for generations had a lineage of pure beauty for the simple reason rich & famous can get the best spouce for sure. The film personalities mentioned except one or two are great eye catchers. We want more such blue bloods have to enter the field to feast viewers.


      • She cancelled royal titles of previous rulers, but themselves became no less than a royal family.It was only during the days of Rajas and Badshahs that sons automatically inherited the crown from their father or mother. But it happens in Congress, Samajwadi party and National Conference even today.

      • Still prince of Arcot Nawab Mohammed Ali holds title given by her permanently being prominent member of Congress, who please all political parties who come to power, by inviting for grand parties at his palatial house Amir Mahal.

        • That’s because these servitude royals from Arcot fell at the feet of Victoria when the doctrine of lapse was invoked. After independence fell again at the feet of king george to continue the treatment. They were technically nawabs without kingdoms.

  7. Caste system is the single biggest cause of social and national disunity which has divided the nation for centuries. The basis of democracy is equality which has to be achieved and enforced by legal means, if necessary.

    • “Surnames”.. the concept is only to show your identity and thus caste, creed, religion etc. Every one in this world is biased. Notice that all are ‘white skins”.. no “black Skin” Royal family great grand son or daughter in Film History? Why?

  8. Royalty my foot. The entire family makes a living as entertainers. down to the new entrant Sara. Stop glossing over this hypocrite Pataudi family who are first class fanatics and wear their petty Nawabi on their sleeves. Shame on this reporting.

  9. I believe our constitution has article which abolishes title, like prince, king nawab. Only honarary title are allowed like padma shri

  10. Namesake royal families of immoral characters selling their religions,womanizing,infidelity,adultery,frauds,etc.

  11. In 1950, India adopted the Constitution which declares the nation as a democratic republic… In India, we hv no Kings and no Queens except in Playing Cards….No titles too… In 1971, Privy Purses that were being given to the members of earstwhile Royal Families also came to be abolished by amending the Constitution.. The challenge to said abolition came to be negatived by the Supreme Court …

  12. where were those kings during British ruled India . Did they fight any war . Those days people who illegally occur enormous wealth are called kings .

  13. This really feel embarrassing that we Indians not got rid off caste hiearchy system it’s going nd going
    And it’s impact is damaging india internally
    One who take birth in any family or any society is just by chance it is not god have intentionally send anybody for any particular reason
    It is we human made it as important so we can feel superior nd special to other
    This thing have been practicing for thousands of years so we have been feeling in our blood whatever it is either who had slaved or being slaved
    We r not able to come out of it
    Nd some deliberately don’t want bcse in this way they can feel special but one thing i must say that nobody is special here bcse everybody is special here
    So there is no any right by nature that ny creature would dictate nd slave other
    If anybody is doing to you and your community then have dare to fight against it and show them their limit
    Be intrepid
    Nobody was warrior and is warrior by playing with emotions of innocent people
    Nd by doing this if anybody is /were pretending then they are/were simply coward
    It is public mistake that they use to give their control in other hand nd this had been reason in the past that few people dominated majority
    So come out of it
    Make your own fortune not other

  14. Dila I don’t like in Indra Ghandi did destroying the title and heritage of the king and queen. At least let the coming generation know the lived.

  15. Royal linkage is a way of identifying an individual by their adherence to traditions and values. By gracing their royalty, at least we can count a few good Indians. Why miss that opportunity?

  16. 🙂 After the red revolution there where plenty of dukes, duchesses, Prince and Princesses serving at the restaurants in Paris.

  17. Royal persons never show their identity. They are just know by their character, values and not music / acting etc. Good royaltyies are abolished in India by late Mrs. Indira Gandhi.


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