Top 10 Most Expensive Bollywood Films of All time

Bollywood has been churning out films for over 100 years now. Some of the movies made here are moderately budgeted, while others are made at the most astronomical budget ever heard of. Whether these extravagant flicks make big fiscal returns or fell flat at the box office, incurring massive losses for producers, Indian filmmakers keep making costly films to translate their big vision on celluloid. Adjusted for inflation, here we list down for you top 10 most expensive Bollywood films till date.



Though ‘Robot’ (2010) was a Tamil-language science fiction film which released down south as ‘Enthiran’, it is included in the list because its Hindi version did stupendous business in the Hindi speaking belt. Featuring Rajnikant and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who were sharing the screen space for the first time, the movie was so big and splendid in its scale that it did not only get the attention of Indian audience but also the international audience and media. Completed over a period of two years, the entire film was shot at an eye popping budget of Rs. 200 crores. Rajinikanth alone charged Rs. 45 crores, while Aish took home a fat cheque of Rs. 6 crores. Another Rs. 50 crore was spent on the promotional activities of the film. Thanks to the excellent performances of Rajini and Aishwarya Rai and competent direction of S. Shankar, the film managed to recover its cost within no time.

The main reason behind the incredible success of ‘Robot’ was its visual effects and, of course, cinematography. A team of more than hundred people were hired to work on the special effects only. Cinematographer R. Rathnavelu captured the beautiful locations of Austria, Brazil and the United States in his camera and made the film look even more exotic. Released worldwide on 1 October 2010 in three languages –Tamil, Hindi and Telugu – the film did fabulous business in all languages. It made Rs. 300 crores in first two weeks itself.

After the rousing success of the film, director Shankar announced a sequel to it. And after years of hard work, he is finally set to release the next installment titled ‘2.0’ in October this year. Alongside Rajinikanth, Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar will also be seen in the film. He is playing an antagonist in the movie while Rajini will continue playing his character from the first part. The second installment of the film is being made at a whooping Rs. 450 crores, which is more than double of what was spent on ‘Robot’. The sequel is definitely going to get bigger and better.

TRIVIA: According to director S. Shankar, he had originally written the film for Kamal Haasan, and they even did a photo shoot for the promotion of the movie. The film was originally planned in 2001, and was to star Kamal Haasan and Preity Zinta.



  1. Is this for real? The collections are all fine. But what about the money spent? Where did the film makers spend all that money on? The stars? On what did the makers of Prem ratan dhan payo spend 180 crores on?


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