Top 10 Most Expensive Bollywood Films of All time

Bollywood has been churning out films for over 100 years now. Some of the movies made here are moderately budgeted, while others are made at the most astronomical budget ever heard of. Whether these extravagant flicks make big fiscal returns or fell flat at the box office, incurring massive losses for producers, Indian filmmakers keep making costly films to translate their big vision on celluloid. Adjusted for inflation, here we list down for you top 10 most expensive Bollywood films till date.



‘Ra.One’ (2011) is said to be one of the most expensive films of Shah Rukh Khan’s movie career. Directed by Anubhav Sinha and produced by Gauri Khan, the science fiction film also starred Kareena Kapoor Khan and Arjun Rampal in important roles. It boasted of amazing VFX and spectacular special effects which were never seen before on Indian screens. Along with outstanding VFX and special effects, the film had vocals of Akon for the chartbusting song ‘Chammak Challo’. SRK spared no expense to make the most extravagant film of its time. ‘Ra.One’ was reportedly produced at a sky-high budget of Rs. 135 crores. Upon its release, it did not only do well at the box office, but also received the National Award for best special effects.

Revolving around a Tamilian character, Shekhar Subramanium, ‘Ra.One’ was about gaming and its consequences, if something goes wrong. Shah Rukh plays a game designer in the movie, who once designs a motion sensor-based game having an antagonist, Ra.One, more powerful and potent that the protagonist, G.One. One day, Ra.One breaks out of the virtual world only to enter the real world and wreak havoc on innocent people in the process of finding Lucifer, the game ID of Shekhar’s son and the only player to have challenged Ra.One’s power. How G.One knocks G.One to the ground is what forms the crux of the story.

Released across more than 4,000 screens worldwide, the film was liked by majority of critics and audiences. Critics praised its spectacular CGI work. Action sequences of the movie were also said to be at par with Hollywood. The film pioneered animation technology in respect of Indian films. Made at the budget of Rs. 135 crores, the film went on to do good business at the box office and recovered more than what was spent on its making. It made a box office earning of Rs. 280 crores worldwide.

TRIVIA: More than 5,000 members from India, Italy and the US, were employed to work on the film’s digital after-effects. The entire film was pieced together by more than 1,000 people, working in shifts, in around 15 studios across the world.



  1. Is this for real? The collections are all fine. But what about the money spent? Where did the film makers spend all that money on? The stars? On what did the makers of Prem ratan dhan payo spend 180 crores on?


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