Top 10 Most Expensive Bollywood Films of All time

Bollywood has been churning out films for over 100 years now. Some of the movies made here are moderately budgeted, while others are made at the most astronomical budget ever heard of. Whether these extravagant flicks make big fiscal returns or fell flat at the box office, incurring massive losses for producers, Indian filmmakers keep making costly films to translate their big vision on celluloid. Adjusted for inflation, here we list down for you top 10 most expensive Bollywood films till date.



I am sure many of you wouldn’t have even heard of this film, but believe it or not, once upon a time in history, Bollywood did produce an under-water thriller titled ‘Blue’. A major portion of this multi-starrer film was shot under water. But, unfortunately, nothing could stop the Anthony D’Souza directorial from sinking at the box office. Released on 16th October, 2009, ‘Blue’ was touted to be the costliest film of the year. Makers left no stone unturned in its marketing and promotions. But much to their dismay, their ambitious project failed to recover its heavy budget and turned out to be the biggest disaster of the year. ‘Blue’ was made on a lavish budget of Rs. 125 crores. But it could not recover even half of it, let alone making any profits.

Starring Sanjay Dutt, Akshay Kumar, Zayed Khan and Lara Dutta in important roles, the movie was expected to set the cash registers ringing, but it did otherwise and made the producers almost bankrupt. Though made on a humongous budget, the only thing a few people from the audience might remember about this film is its song ‘Chiggy Wiggy’. Sung by well-known Australian singer and songwriter Kylie Minogue, the song did grab some eyeballs.

Apparently, Minogue was paid a hefty amount of Rs. 1 crore to croon the song. Not just that, famous Hollywood action choreographer, James Bomalick, who has choreographed the high octane action sequences of films such as ‘Indiana Jones’ and the ‘Kingdom of Crystal Skull’, was taken on board to choreograph the action scenes of the film. He, too, was given a fat cheque to render his services. Services of famed Hollywood cinematographer, Pete Zuccarini, of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and ‘Deep Blue Sea’ fame were also taken to shoot the underwater sequence.

TRIVIA: Aarav, the name of Akshay’s character in the film, is also the name of his son. Akshay even has a tattoo of the name on his body!



  1. Is this for real? The collections are all fine. But what about the money spent? Where did the film makers spend all that money on? The stars? On what did the makers of Prem ratan dhan payo spend 180 crores on?


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