10 Times Shah Rukh Khan Experimented With His Looks

There is no denying the fact that Shah Rukh Khan has worked tirelessly to reach where he is today in his life. He is called the King of Bollywood because he takes up each and every character of his as his first role and puts his heart and soul to translate it in the most beautiful and convincing manner on the silver screen. SRK has done a dozen of films where he experimented a lot to get into the skin of his characters. Here, we list down those top ten films where Shah Rukh Khan experimented with his looks.


9FAN (2016)

We all know that Shah Rukh Khan’s one of the most ambitious projects ‘Fan’ did not meet the desired fate at the ticket window, but we also cannot negate the fact that the movie will be remembered for the longish time for the incredibly unbelievable dual look SRK sported to portray two diametrically different characters on screen with élan. The film, which tells the story of an infatuatedly obsessive fan of a superstar who looks exactly like the superstar, saw SRK in a never-seen-before avatar. For the character of his fan, Khan needed to look like a young, some 25 years old guy. For an actor, who was running in his 50s at the time of shooting the film, it was certainly not a cakewalk for him to look like half his age. But he and his team did not give up. Shah Rukh went to USA for his digital 3D face scanning for the movie.

After some time, a couple of tremendously talented makeup artists were flown in from abroad to conceive and create Gaurav’s look. The pressure on the team was to create a lookalike of a megastar whom the people have loved for 20-25 years now. Brad Pitt’s cheek and jaw structure, a nose that was shrunk down to size, lots of face tape and layers of makeup coupled with the touch of VFX were part of the process to get the look. SRK used to sit for hours to get his makeup done. And again, he needed hours to remove it. It was indeed an uphill task for the actor. But he never complained and did his best. In a special 15-minute video released by YRF, the production house which bankrolled the film, the entire team working on the film provided an in-depth look at how Gaurav’s look was achieved.

TRIVIA: Oscar-winning make-up artiste Greg Cannon developed the Shah Rukh Khan’s 25-year old look in the movie.




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