Bollywood Star Kids Who Could Turn into Great Heroines

Bollywood has always been blamed for being nepotistic. But paying almost no attention to such charges, producers, directors and actors have been launching their children in the film industry since the very beginning of Indian cinema. Fans of these stars keep a close eye on their children to analyze who does better than their parents and who goes completely unnoticed. Today, we bring you a list featuring those Bollywood star kids who could turn into great heroines.


10Alia Imrahim

Actress, columnist and talk show host Pooja Bedi was a sensation in her heydays. She still makes many heads turn. So, it should not at all come as a surprise when we say that her daughter, Alia Furniturewalla, is following her hot and sexy mother’s footsteps. Aged 19, Aalia is a fashionista and does not shy away from sharing her unmanageably hot pictures on her Instagram account. We are not sure whether or not Aalia wants to become an actress in future, but in case she decides to be the one, she can give a tough competition to all other divas in the business. Take a close look at her pictures on Instagram and then decide if I am wrong.

Aalia was born on 28th November 1997 to Pooja Bedi and Guetta Ebrahim Furniturewalla whom her mother divorced in 2003. After doing her IGCSE and IB at Jamnabai Narsee International School, Mumbai, Aalia went on to study Film and Television at New York University but dropped out of it to study Acting at New York Film Academy. She caught media attention last year when she started uploading hot and sensuous pictures of hers back to back, raising the temperature several notches higher. Her torrid hot pictures are proof that her style game is up and at par with any other stylish diva in the industry.

It will not be a surprise if we soon hear the news that Aalia is all set to make her grand acting debut in a Bollywood film. She is surely one of the star kids we would like to see on the silver screen.


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  1. बिल्कुल सही कहा आपने !!! ये सभी आने वाले समय की बेहतरीन अदाकारा हो सकती है इनकी अदा और खुबसूरती कमाल की है पर ये पर्दे पर कब आएगी कब अपने जलवे दिखाएगी अब हिन्दी फिल्मों के फेन तो बस इन्तज़ार ही कर सकते हैं! !!

  2. It is sickening to see the pics and read news of these less than average looks kids and their doting parents who shamelessly bare all and dare all for filthy lucre and act righteous abt their offsprings and sit on the high horse of culture and family values.
    Stupid Indians! Why waste time and give so much mental space to these fake moneybags!


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