9 Bollywood Star Kids Who Could Turn into Great Heroines

Bollywood has always been blamed for being nepotistic. But paying almost no attention to such charges, producers, directors and actors have been launching their children in the film industry since the very beginning of Indian cinema. Fans of these stars keep a close eye on their children to analyze who does better than their parents and who goes completely unnoticed. Today, we bring you a list featuring those Bollywood star kids who could turn into great heroines.


11Aaliya Kashyap

Aaliya Kashyap, who is the daughter of one of most unconventional filmmakers of Bollywood, Mr. Anurag Kashyap, generally prefers to keep herself away from media glare. She is not the one who is often spotted at any Bollywood bash or event. But she does keep sharing oodles of photographs of her vacationing with friends and, sometimes, with her dear dad, Anurag, on various social media networks. Take a look at her photographs on her Instagram account and even you will have the same opinion that Aaliya has got everything that it takes to rule over Bollywood. She certainly looks stunning and a perfect star material who could very soon enter filmdom to reign over it.

Aaliya was born 9th January 2001 to Anurag Kashyap and his first wife Aarti Bajaj. Both, Anurag and Aarti, had been in a courtship for nine long years before getting married in 2003. However, their marriage could not stand the test of time as the couple decided to call it quits in the year 2009. Both have a daughter together who they love a lot. In fact, Aaliya seems closer to his dad than her mother. They make for an adorable father-daughter duo. At least, their photographs suggest so. Aaliya’s Instagram account is flooded with innumerable adorable pictures that unfailingly bear out her immeasurable love for travelling, dressing up and clicking herself with her father.

In her pictures, she definitely looks ready to dive into Bollywood. When or with whom she will make her acting debut in future is something we cannot predict, but one thing we can say for sure is that Aaliya is already a sensation in the social media.

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  1. They all will need good acting talents and intelligence to succeed in Bollywood. They are just average in the looks department. I am not impressed at all.

  2. Without grooming them in the budding stage it may not be a possibility
    But with the power of money the families must be doing right action

  3. It is hard to understand why all the parents who are/have been actors deny about their kids entering Bollywood when they very well know that besides Bollywood they will not fit anywhere. They can never succeed in any office jobs or jobs that require high qualification. None of them complete their education. All of them have money so all we hear is they went abroad to study but in actual fact none of them have actually graduated. They are forever partying and traveling and posting their pics on instagram which shows they are not into studies at all and know they have an easy way out in life.

  4. What is their qualifications?
    I am sure they are high school dropouts..
    If they are kids of a normal Indian citizen..
    Will they deserve to be an actor or actress???
    These kids should ask themselves..
    What’s their AUKAAT…

  5. Its not the fault of these strkids or their parents.
    We Indians are the most idiots on this planet.
    Who gives so much importance to these useless guys.
    I don’t think we have as many fans of Dr, kalam. as much we have for Shakti Kapoor/salman/ rakhi/janvi/suhana etc. the list is endless..
    Unfortunately, in our india the stars and their kids are more important than dr. engineers, lawyers Ca, architects and all highly qualified professionals.
    India ..Jay ho.

  6. Indian Bollywood stars and their kids r god for Indians..
    Please …please please..
    Indians leave everything.and just worship them.

  7. True. This Bollywood Dynasty should stop . Its only Money power , influence and Baap ka Jamidari .
    I wish there was a platform like Sa Re Ga Ma , in acting qualities to prove their worth . Bollywood has become like Disgusting dirty political hierarchy

    • very true .. todays generation kids have picked up dressing sense from these movies they make. All short clothes.. From kids to Adults….how can such stars be any ones role model … All Indians are bloody dumb… All these Bollywood movies have led to the worst of Indian, Y has rape started so enormously … coz of these movies where the actress show their flesh so much… this is y the Indian women and Young girls have to suffer…

  8. they all r average looking girls. can’t say whether they have any acting skills. time will tell. i don’t know why media give so much of importance to these star kids.let them first prove themselves.

  9. Take away their money, their fashionable shoes, clothes, they are zero. No education, no culture, no value, they are empty vessels…

  10. Among all ,Sara is total filmi material. She has a bright future ahead but to remain here and sustain, important ingredient is good performance.That’s only time will tell.


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